Benign breast pain post menopause

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Avatar m tn I am 63 years old. Before reaching menopause every time I ovulated, I had terrible pain on left ovary. I am experiencing that pain again which I find strange since I am not ovulating. I have recently moved and so I don't have a doctor but I am thinking I need to see a gynecologist !My health is really good even though I am hypertensive and diabetic with a history of Breast CA.
Avatar n tn Did you know that the nerves that run from your sacral area of your spine (lower back) can cause pain to wrap around to the front to create that kind of menstrual like pain? It can! Since you've gone the gynecology route, why not try a chiropractor for one or two sessions to see if there's anything going on with your back and referred pain from it? What have you got to lose? :) If that doesn't help and the chiropractor doesn't think that's the cause and you're still concerned...
Avatar n tn The palps used to be every once in a great while but since entering perimenopause at age 43 they have been quite frequent and very scary. These things are affecting my life in a very negative way. I have read lots of books on menopause that say there is a correlation with increased palpitations and menopause. One thing I read even said that palps are a variant of a hot flash...a vasomotor reaction to fluctuating hormones. But I have read other things where drs.
Avatar n tn I'm only 35 and have no family history of premature menopause. I'm on HRT and started feeling better immediately. No hot flashes, no joint pain and sleeping through the night. Thank God I already had the children I wanted to have. I'm sure the Mirena made me go through early menopause. Now I have to take HRT risking cancer problems. I also have to take Calcium supplements for osteoporosis. It's really sad.
Avatar n tn Sometimes after the biopsy I am experiencing a little pain and sore down my armpit and breast area which I didn't feel it before biopsy. Is it because of the biopsy or the tumour ? Please advise whether I should remove the lump.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I am a 53 year old breast cancer survivor going through menopause with similar symptoms...hands tingling...worse after driving...really bad at night. They can feel hot or cold too. Irregular menstrual periods, hot sweaty episodes after the most benign activities. Hat intolerance and weight gain too. My doc has me on some hormone replacement...estrogen(estradiol) and progesterone. I had to beg for it but my cancer was hormone receptor negative so she said ok.
Avatar f tn In one study, aromatase inhibitors were found to offer greater benefit than tamoxifen in Post- menopausal women.Tamoxifen blocks the estrogen especially to the breast tissue. This is an important distinction because aromatase inhibitors cannot be used in Pre- menopausal women.
Avatar f tn status post lumpectomy in both breast on 24/1/08 and 9/2/09). Right Breast Multiple cysts are again seen in the (R) breast, some containing internal septations. The largest cyst is located at 6 o'clock 4 cm fROm nipple measuring 0.7 x 0.5 x 0.4cm. Left Breast The previously noted 1.2 x 1.1 x 0.5cm cystic lesion with internal echoes in the (L) breast at 3-4 o'clock 4cm from the nipple is now seen along with branching tubular ducts.
1271365 tn?1306763979 It's a bit surprising that you've had to wait so long for the tests given the amount of pain you're in. I remember the pain I had when I had a breast abscess and it was excruciating. My breast burst and to be honest it felt so much better. Pain is frequently associated with inflammation and infection. I don't have a lot of knowledge about the breast and breast problems. You will have more conclusive answers after the tests on Wednesday.
Avatar f tn Hi, Breast or nipple pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,especially when the discomfort is bilateral. There can be several possibilities that could cause nipples pain.To name a few,it could be just skin irritation caused by clothing,allergies and hormonal changes.Breast pain and nipple sensitivity are very often symptoms associated with pre menopause or menopause.It could be simply your body's reaction to the changes in your hormone levels.Arimidex could also cause breast pain.
Avatar n tn The aspirated cyst is back in the same location with the same measurments and the other was lumpy breast tissue. I am told it is benign. I am told also that breast cyst are nothing to worry about. But I cannot stop wondering if the persistance should be of concern. I do have a little discomfort in the right breast; however I was told by the surgeon to wait and re-examine my self 11 days after cycle. I had a grandmother whom died of breast cancer. Can a cyst change properties?
Avatar f tn I went in to get a CT a couple of years ago and was told that it was only excess breast tissue; thus I am not too worried. However, I do feel slight pain if I press on it (I assume it is normal because the rest of my breasts are sensitive in the same way). I also am very self conscious about the way it looks when I wear sleeveless shirts. I am considering getting it removed. For those of you who have gotten your excess tissue removed, was it done surgically? What was the price range?
Avatar n tn Please post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report. Also, if tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, please post those, along with ranges.
Avatar f tn I have the same upper left breast pain. (under arm pit) I also feel it once and a while on the right side as well. I just recently changed jobs and am experiencing a lot of stress. Thought it could be a heart issue, however I'm only 34 and in pretty good shape. (Played high school sports as a kid) After reading the above I've come to realize that the increased stress and anxiety (new job, new baby, etc.) may cause you to worry at little more that you should.
Avatar n tn I don't know if people scroll down this far to read posts. If you want an answer you might want to post farther up where the conversation is still active. (Nobody has posted down this far for quite a while.) I did read on one post that if you have breast cancer you should get, "Breast Cancer For Dummies" because it explains everything, and I also think someone suggested a breast book by Susan Love (but I could have that name wrong).
Avatar n tn The left breast has a dark green fluid (staff) and the right has the same along with what seems to be a yellow thick discharge(looks like puss in a wound). two different substances from one breast. On the right breast I now have some bruising and bruise like lines (small) When I check breast's after shower they are somewhat stimulated by the cold. This is when I can see white spots under the breast. They are very small and in lines approx. 2cm. all over the breasts.
Avatar m tn Hi friends, i'm 35 years old. My mother died of BC post menopause. I started menstruating at 12 and had my first child at 32 years. I have a small 1 cm lump in my right breast. Took mammograms which were normal but my PCP asked me to o to a surgeon too to rule out any possibilities of BC etc I have burning sensation, pain and all weird experiences before periods. any one else experienced this? Thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn lori, I have been waiting for you to post and let us know what was going on. I am so sorry to hear that it turned out malignant - but it sounds like your circumstances are not even close to dire and that all will turn out well. I hope and pray that you are resting and taking things easy. I believe it is probably doubly important now that you heal properly and fully. If there is anything I can do - other than be an ear and a shoulder - please do not hesitate to ask.
Avatar n tn I have a few days before I see my doctor and get my mammagram, but I am concerned. (I had several breast bioposies over 18yrs ago - benign). Do you think that this is related to my periomenopause or some other condition?
Avatar f tn Hi - i am 55 yrs old - full menopause - taking no hormones. I have recently noticed 3 " strings" under the outer lower edge of my right hand breast if i lift it up. They seem to go into the breast and 1 radiates downwards to about the level of my ribcage. They are not painful - just slightly tender - and i feel a pulling sensation. There are no glands up under my arm.
Avatar n tn -- National Women's Health Network Tuesday, May 27, 2003 HORMONE THERAPY DOUBLES RISK OF DEMENTIA NETWORK CALLS FOR CURBS ON DRUG COMPANY INFLUENCE OVER PRESCRIBING Ten months ago, we learned that combined menopause hormone therapy increased the risk for breast cancer, heart attack, blood clots and stroke (JAMA. 2002; 288: 321-333). Two months ago, we learned that combined menopause hormone therapy offered no benefit for mood, sexual function or vitality (N Engl J Med2003; 348).
Avatar n tn The pain under the arm sometimes coincides with the breast pain but at other times the breast has sharp pains alone. Now my other breast seems to have pains and both nipples are sensative. What the heck?
Avatar f tn But truly it was more soreness than actual pain. I had my 1 week post op and went to the grocery store the same day. I was told not to lift anything, drive , or do heavy housework for two weeks. Unlike the previous poster, I was given lots of recovery information before the procedure and was even required to watch a little video .Now.. THAT was misleading since the little actress in the video had the procedure on a Friday and went back to work on Monday ! Sure......
Avatar n tn Now I am having pain in that breast, and it's getting severe at times. It seems hot and swollen to me, but no redness, rash, discoloration or puckering, no nipple changes. My mammo indicated no changes (but a lump in the r side, whcih I am having biopsied later this week). My GYN referred me to a surgeon, who said it was probably cyclic changes and I am blaming the tumor for it. I never had these pains before, and they worry me a LOT.
Avatar n tn I want to share my experience and testimony to those who suffer from pain under armpit and under breast. When i had the pain for about one month, one morning when i was driving, the pain just started again when i tried to pick up some paper from the floor mat. Nobody was around to help me, and i started to call for help from heavenly father Jesus Christ, Father father Jesus, please help me, take away my pain and heal me whatever is happen within my body.
995075 tn?1259787843 I am unable to take anti-inflammatories so I am limited in pain medication. I am still on Tamoxifen and I take Cymbalta for the chronic pain. I also take Hydrocodone 7.5 about every 4 hours. I've tried Gapentin - and it made me to groggy to even work and so I'm nervous about Lyrica because they have similar side effects. I do work out about 5 times a week, mostly cardio because lifting much weight really flares up the muscle spasms. I try to stay very active, I garden and do housework etc.
Avatar n tn Beginning of Oct.Doc finds urinary tract again,some pain in left kidney and left side of bladder.Treated agian.Did not clear up and treated with leviquin.Now My breasts started to hurt and I checked to find a green fluid coming out.Gyno here I come.Staff infection.Now I'm put on Keflex(twice)after inf.would not leave.Spread to both breasts during this time.I can see changes in breasts.
Avatar n tn The fact that you are feeling a lot of pain has nothing to do with whether or not it is cancerous - I was in so much pain I couldn't bear it, but my cyst was totally benign. Cysts are just painful, period.
1611319 tn?1378621999 I think I started out all wrong when I found this site, so forgive me and I will restart here. A few of you have told me to post like this so here goes. 1-18-2011 This was a print out with no reference ranges! Free T4 is 1.2 Free T3 is 2.3 TSH is 6.6 TPO >1000 FSH 49.9 ???? have no idea what these are ----anybody know?? LH 26.2 ???? Cortisol a.m. 8.0 Nov. 2010-Previous Results Calcium was high at 10.5 with 8.6-10.