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Avatar f tn I realize platelets are not truly worrisome until they get below 30-35 and I understand they are low due to cirrhosis and the portal hypertension that develops with it and the enlarged spleen that gets so due to holding onto the platelets. What made me curious was the lack of a correlation between the enzymes and the platelets. Perhaps the liver getting better has little to do with portal hypertension but it seems like it should to me. Oh well.
Avatar n tn The first, which is common to people with significant liver damage, is a backup and destruction of platelets in the spleen. The second is suppression of the bone marrow where platelets are formed. Vioxx was being used for the first situation because it is an anti-inflammatory, the theory being that if the inflamation in the liver can be controlled, the spleen can more easily dump into the liver thus reducing the backup.
163305 tn?1333672171 My tx doc will ignore platelets till they hit 30. Hematologist, who monitors blood stuff, will not take action til 25.
Avatar m tn which makes the spleen continue to enlarge....and the platelet count continue to drop. Platelets in the blood causes your blood to clot if a blood vessel is cut. They have no affect on how you feel. If a person's platelets count goes down below 25,000 is there may need to intervention. Intervention is only a temporary fix. Platelets will start to drop again a day or two after treatment. The only treatment is either a platelet transfusion or drugs that can raise platelets. You need neither.
2025701 tn?1328923233 20,000 or less. Interferon causes all treating persons platelets to drop to some degree. Obviously the more platelets you start with before treatment, the higher the platelet count will stay. For people with cirrhosis who want or need to continue treatment they can have a transfusion of platelets every so often or Promacta, a drug that raises platelet counts. Both of those can only be managed by a hepatologist working at a liver transplant center.
1475202 tn?1536274577 You have plenty of platelets to properly clot your blood. The biggest issue with low platelet counts is that hepatitis C treatment that includes interferon reduces platelet counts even more and may reduce the platelet count to dangerously low levels below 20,000 in cirrhotics.
745313 tn?1323145898 It means that the count is innacurate (can't count a big glob that's made of clumped together platelets) and the sample is worthless, always aggravating. Many of my sunmmertime platelet samples clumped because of long transport. Speaking of giant blood cells, my red blood cells always came out 'macrocytic' (big celled) on the lab report when I was on procrit.
Avatar f tn Interferon can cause myelosuppression (bone marrow suppression) which results in a reduced number of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells circulating in the blood. Interferon is the primary cause of decreased platelet count that often occurs during treatment.
1654058 tn?1407162666 But maybe you can get back up to close to the platelet count where you started from before treatment. Remember platelets only clot blood they don't affect how you feel. Can you put makeup on your bruises to cover them for now? I'l' see if I can get any info on bruising and how long that hangs around cause every one post transplant is pretty bruised up for a while also but then their skin clears up. Ciao.
Avatar f tn I'm fortunate though because I've never had a problem with anemia and I'm 114 lbs and take a 1000 mg of riba a day. But I have noticed different platelets counts on every blood test. Some good, some bad. I'm on Neupogen for the duration of tx because my body just can't keep the whites high enough anymore. We just never know from week to week I guess. Hope your platelets say up - one less thing to worry about!
Avatar f tn As the spleen enlarges, it traps platelets. (The amount of platelets in the bloodstream is reduced. The spleen traps them.) So usually--- people with cirrhosis end up having a problem with portal hypertension and an enlarged spleen, and a reduced platelet count in the bloodstream. Do you have portal hypertension and an enlarged spleen?
Avatar f tn I switched from a gastro to a hepatology center once I got the cirrhosis diagnosis and I doubt my treatment would have succeeded had I not made the change. Five years later, my platelets seem to still be slowley climbing out of the toilet, hitting a high water 144 last month. That's my first reading that's wiithin "normal" range, but not really normal..
Avatar n tn I have very low platelets also. They were 24 on the January blood test. They have been hovering in the 20's and 30's for a year. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said "We'll worry about your platelets." I think, however, that your previous heart problem may be the deciding factor for your doctor. I urge you to see a heptalogist or another liver specialist. Perhaps, there is a university near you that you can check with.
Avatar f tn My blood results had just come back and my Platelets and Neutrophils (Absolute)are low. My Lymph and monocytes are high. I am concerned that these are indications of Hep.C. Can you help.
Avatar n tn I went today and got copies of my bloodwork. The blood drawn last week show my platelets at 132. Last year at this time they were 167, and the year before the test showed abnormal because of clumping. So far I have only seen my family MD, but I have an appointment Tuesday with a liver doctor. Does anyone know at what count platelets usually are for someone to be treated with the meds? My viral load, etc. results aren't back from the lab yet. Thanks for all your help.
Avatar f tn And he said that the platelets are forcing the blood to the surfice but not above the skin but under. After 2 days pass they release her from the hospital. Now it is Wednesday and we have an appointment with a Dermatologist tomarrow. My mother has chronics pain. Heres the list of medications she takes. Cymbalta, Oxycottin, and they made her stop taking her lipitor. The Rash looks very bad. I have a picture of it. I'll send it to you. I really need some help and input.
Avatar n tn and it can help to keep some of the drug complications( thrush, yeast infections, etc.. at bay and proteins are important for platelets and blood building!! but animal proteins are hard on yor liver... anyway.. good luck... do alot of research and look back at why Txs failed for you.. there maybe a reason, or there may be none.. but try again...don't ever give up.. take care...
1118724 tn?1357014191 Also look at the info for any other drugs you take for 'reduced blood counts', the euphemism for drugs killing platelets, neutrophils or hemoglobin. Treating at a charity hospital, you will not get eltrombopag and since it is not labeled for use with HCV therapy, you won't get it from the manufacturer for compassionate purposes. This will sound crazy but the day before your next blood draw, go out and run around the block.
116701 tn?1210262764 Both are usually lowered by IFN. Platelets represent the bodies clotting ability. Low platelets means you at a higher risk for blood loss, especially if it is internal. Fog is kicking in here, so I'm not sure if IFN, Riba, or both affect this one. Hgb is the Hemoglobin measurement which when combined with RBC indicates your blood's ability to carry food and oxygen throughout your body. One reason why fatigue, and I suppose brain fog, is related to these readings being low.
116701 tn?1210262764 Good Morning Everyone: My doctor informed me that my platelets had dropped to 58k and that on Pegasys it calls for treatement to be stopped if they go as low as 70K. I go in for more lab work today to confirm. My neutrophils have gone down to 562 and he wants me to increase the dose of nupogen on Saturday nights. Something else was down to 31 - 33 but I had lost interest in the conversation at that point. Wishing everyone wellness.
116701 tn?1210262764 I probably wouldn't have gone that way but you seemed to have made an improvement in your blood study so maybe it was the right move. Best of luck my friend.
154927 tn?1205246451 After the 4th week, I was told to get off the Ribavirin due to low blood platelets. I continued the Peg-Intron for one more week until my doc told me to get off the shot as well. He said my count went from 130K down to 60K. I've had 3 weekly blood tests now and they are telling me that my platelets are critically low. Isn't there something my doctor should be doing for me to build that back up???? I was finally getting used to the treatment at the 5th week, and now I had to stop it.
Avatar f tn I’ve been donating blood on a semi-regular basis for at least a decade, and recently switched to donating platelets. I have made 5 platelet donations, and twice have suddenly gotten crazy dizzy and throwing up, one to two days AFTER my donation. Is this simply coincidence or are they related?? (I don’t normally get sick like this, so this is new for me.
Avatar f tn Hi Cindy, Where are you? Are you and your husband okay? Maybe you checked in on a day that I wasn't on forum. Please post and let us know how you and your husband are doing if you see this thread. I miss seeing you.
1689583 tn?1387755994 My GP who found it on the routine blood test did a cbc , I suppose but I am very sure when I made th appointmet to see my hepc he examined me and sent me for blood works complete liver panel, there was 3 sheets with boxes ticked off for the blood tech and they drew 6 vials of blood from me so I am presuming that was one of the markers they were looking at . When I went back in Sep[tember for results that was the confirmation of hepc vl 560,000 type 1a - now on Wednsday is the fibroscan.
Avatar f tn I don't know where to turn next to get help. I am frustrated at 3 hours a day I have to do something and then I have to lay down. Anyone know of any more tests to ask for, any new diagnoses? I am on Cymbalta and Percocet 5 mg. I hurt. I hurt so bad. Sometimes it feels like my bones ache. I would love to look up or try your ideas for something to help. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic care, hot tubbing, medicine, walking every day 2 miles (and then not much after that!!
1964979 tn?1325541625 hang in there buddy... my platelets have dropped from 105 to 59, just had my 8 week blood test yesterday. i've been taking ibruprofen everyday for the past 4 weeks, i read that vitamin C is good for raising platelets, but I was told no vitamins on my rescue study...going to call the nurse right now...
Avatar n tn between 9 and 10 since the second week of TX (started at 16) Platelets were steady at 179 from week 3 (started at 250) Recently have had platelets begin to drop - my platelets went down to 160 in April No test in May June 8 platelets down to 138 June13 platelets down to 100. I am even MORE miserable than ever. The antithyroid treatment seems to make me feel WORSE. - though it's probably those pesky toxic nodules.
116701 tn?1210262764 The second is suppression of the bone marrow where platelets are formed. Vioxx was being used for the first situation because it is an anti-inflammatory, the theory being that if the inflamation in the liver can be controlled, the spleen can more easily dump into the liver thus reducing the backup. Interferon acts as a bone marrow suppresant which is why we have so many problems with blood counts, including platelets.