What should your blood platelets be

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Avatar f tn t and we would have the rest of the results on Weds, to call after 3pm, my question is, with his blood count not low, should I NOT worry? or should I be doing something other than waiting for Weds?
212161 tn?1599427282 what makes your blood planets drop , last year for the first time ever they drop to 140 th, this year they are 128th.
Avatar n tn Hoping that your husband is seeing a hepatologist so that he can be given the best advice possible on how to move forward given the fact he has cirrhosis and low platelets.
Avatar f tn i have heard of people going as low as 25. I would stay on the same meds monitoring bloodwork every week or two. If it was early in tx I would worry but not with a few months to go. Be very careful not to cut yourself. It would be hard to stop bleeding with that low of platelets.
19959340 tn?1487371697 If your platelets are not very low, then the bleeding is not from a blood cancer. That should ease your mind. Also, when WBC gets low from a blood cancer, it would be very unlikely to come back to normal all by itself. Was there anything that started off all your problems, like an exposure to a possible infection? Please be very careful to not fall and crack your head. Did anybody mention that your iron is low, i.e. anemia? I wouldn't go to a chiropractor for this.
Avatar m tn on Wednesday so obviously they will discuss everything. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Here is the comment from the pathologist: This peripheral smear for review reveals mild anisocytosis of the red blood cells, unremarkable PMN leukocytes, unremarkable lymphocytes, unremarkable monocytes, and unremarkable platelets. Blasts and schistocytes are not seen. Rare smudge cells are noted. The signs of sepsis are not seen.
1287128 tn?1331134538 I'll try to make this as short as I can. I've been feeling off lately. I've had quite a few sore throats and even woke up with huge swollen tonsils about two months ago, negative strep but still treated with antibiotics. Flash forward to last week. My left side of my neck became very sore, all my lymph nodes are huge even the ones in my collar bone. So Saturday I starteddy feeling really run down. Sunday fever, chills, headache, body ache nausea all started.
Avatar n tn Platelets are produced in your bone marrow. A medical problem that involves your bone marrow, such as occurs with leukemia and some types of anemia, could lead to a reduction in the number of new platelets produced. Viral infections, including HIV infection, may suppress your bone marrow's ability to make platelets. Other cancers that affect bone marrow, chemotherapy drugs and heavy alcohol consumption also can impair platelet production.
Avatar f tn Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Avatar n tn My blood report said my mpv was 11.2 and said it was high. Said levels should be 7.4- 10.4. I think Mvp has something to do with blood but I don't know for sure. If you find out let me know.
Avatar m tn How low are your platelets? I think it would help another person who responds to this to know your baseline and what they are now. I know there are other labs you take that help form an overall picture like PTT and INR. I just don't know how it all comes together and/or all the different possibilities or implications. Or if imaging could help identify what the knot actually is. This sounds like something you ought to have looked at. Ideally by who is treating your HCV.
1661682 tn?1313135396 platelets are what makes your blood clot...without them if you were cut it the bleeding wouldn't stop and form a scab.
Avatar f tn make sure you talk with your doctor about all this...at what point will they bring in rescue drugs??? at what point do they adjust doses?? and do they test blood every week....keep a close eye on the blood work ......good luck....
Avatar n tn She seems to be at the lower end of normal and for a young healthy person it seems like she should be at the higher end. Should I be concerned at all? Should I ask for follow up bloodwork in the future? This whole thing just came out of the blue. I only brought her in to the Dr. to see if they could cauterize her nose. Thanks.
12182312 tn?1427683956 Either it has to do with inflammation, which is very likely in your case, due to your medical history. Should your thyroid be low indeed, then your cells ability to heal is diminished, so inflammatory processes are more frequent and prolonged Or it has to do with thrombocytosis and you'll need more tests to establish a trend and your PCP will then determine if you need to see a hemotologist for further evaluation.
Avatar m tn No biopsy has been done yet because my platelets are so low, but dr. was surprised my liver looked so good on the ultrasound and enzymes aren't elevated too much. Was just wondering if any dietary changes I could make to keep the platelets up above 40. I already heard exercise might elevate platelets. Was wondering about suplements maybe I should take. We don't eat much red meat and was curious if I should be eating more.
1111202 tn?1262528841 Unless the lab he uses, has a different range for what is normal, he should taking some kind of action. Let me know!!
493068 tn?1224765315 I thank you for your answer....I have had problems with all my labs since Interferon esp. platelets. I guess the hematologist will help figure it out. What is your HCV story?
Avatar f tn 7 TSH could indicates that your body is working hard to counteract an under-active thyroid gland. However there are additional labs that have probably been ordered. Your T3 and T4 should be tested. Hypothyroidism could be your diagnosis however this could be a fluke. If a repeat lab reveals the same or is similarly low an endocrinologist is your best source. He/she will base a diagnosis on the total clinical picture. What have you discovered?
Avatar f tn The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Avatar f tn m 23 weeks pregnant and I just got out of the emergency room a couple days ago for a kidney infection while I was there they held me longer because I have low blood platelets that really scares me have any of you experienced low platelets? How do I raise my platelets count?