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Avatar f tn Low Platelets are nothing to fool with, your daughter should be in a hospital being watched by Dr's. I went thru this with my daughter when she was 13 months old. We had to admit her to Vanderbilt childrens hospital, where they have to do differents blood test and do you know that with platelets so low she is considered a free bleeder. If she hits her head or anything on her body hard it can cause internal bleeding.
1693621 tn?1318906571 I have also been on Xifaxan for close to a year, it supposedly helps with the increase of platelets although I haven't seen much of a change. Just be sure you have a knowledgeable doctor who is familiar dealing with low platelets because really there isn't a whole lot you can do to increase them for any extended period of time.
408795 tn?1324939275 The spleen stores red and white blood cells and platelets (fragment of cells that are used to clot blood). An enlarged spleen traps platelets lowering levels in the blood which can lead to the inability of blood to clot. This is called Thrombocytopenia and is common in people with cirrhosis. You don't necessarily have any physical symptoms with an enlarged spleen. Is there a better way to guide the progression of HepC than a liver biopsy?
Avatar m tn Platelet Count - Platelets are a part of the blood that are needed for blood clotting. Platelets migrate to the site of an injury where they "stick" to the injured site and help to develop a clot or scab to stop the bleeding. A normal platelet count is between 150,000 and 440,000. Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) can be caused by HIV infection itself or by certain drugs.
Avatar n tn It is VERY expensive so if your insurance doesn't cover it call your local Walgreens ask for a pharmacist and get the Tele# for the Patient Assistance Line for Procrit which is made by BioTech I believe. By the way your Doc should know how to increase platelets why didn't you ask him?
Avatar f tn my liver gets better over time as I hope it will, and my PHT gets better my IDS believes that my platelets will increase. My platelets remained the same during my treatment with S&O. At my last visit (SVR24 cured/discharged) she said that the ID Clinic was seeing remarkable things happening to their patients who are now cured. People are literally coming back from the brink.
Avatar n tn Hi! Yes, blood platelets dropping is a sign of concern as beyond a point this can result in bleeding into the organs. I am sorry but yes, that stage can also be life threatening. Hence the cause for the drop in platelets needs to be found, whether it is due to less production at the bone marrow or high breakdown or due to platelets being trapped in the spleen. The treatment will depend on the cause.
Avatar f tn my body just aches all the time, i only feel better when i double up on vitamins.since then i have had blood work done 3 times and my platelets are climbing and sometimes they go down a little bit, but slowly keep coming up. my white blood count was normal but over the last 3 weeks they shot up by 3000. i have been tested ofr hiv 5 times and the last test being on the 14th of march, they are all negative. i was concerned due to a very low risk possible exposure not certain.
Avatar f tn What can I do to increase muy platelets? I have been taking vitamin k for a month, but the platelets dont increase.I would like to be pregnant, but I have afraid that is a negative factor. I have 135000 plat. What do you think or reommend?
Avatar n tn I have been with Hep C since 1979, did the interferon thing, didn't work, I discovered in the late 90"s that I have low blood platelets, anywhere from 22 to 44. I have recently tried prednisone (60mg) which didn't work,, the side effects where bad, so my doctor decided that I should have my spleen removed, I was to have surgery, but decided against it and have found a different doctor.
Avatar n tn hw can we increase my blood platelets its count is only13000 can you pls suggest some home remedy to increase it...i woud be really thankful to u....
Avatar n tn Treatment of the cause will help the platelet counts come back to normal. Also she has to get her blood levels for platelets checked at regular intervals to check any further drop in the platelet counts. She should discontinue any drugs that can cause low platelet count, including heparin. Also she can talk to her doctor about taking steroids or intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) or a platelet transfusion. If the symptoms persist then please get it evaluated from a doctor.
Avatar f tn There is nothing you can do to increase your platelets naturally, however sometimes as your blood volume stabilizes it will increase on its own.
Avatar f tn my platelets have dropped to 49(australia). istopping the Xeloda for approximately 4 weeks hasn't made them increase. i'm now booked in to see a haematologist and the probability of having a bone marrow biopsy as the breast cancer may have metastitised to my bone marrow thus reducing my platelets.. my question is, my tumour markers are only 290(which I think is still relatively low) so there isn't a real lot of cancer in my body. so why are my platelets so affected???
Avatar m tn Iron from food generally might take a long time to help in increasing Hgb. There was some supplement to increase platelets, I can't recall though. They'd know on an ITP group (thrombocytopenia). None of those things would have a strong effect, sorry to say. Most of it would be false promises. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Another breast cancer site has a fair number of women who have tried drinking red grape juice to increase their platelets and they say it has worked. I started drinking it, but it seems illogical to me and fear that I may be doing more harm than good. I am under the impression that red grape juice "slows clotting" 75% more than aspirin and that red grape juice has the "anti-platelet factor." Given that my platelets are low (60s), would I not want just the opposite?
Avatar f tn You definately need a good second opinion on this matter. Low platelets, can be found in quite a few illness,s and those need ruling out. Thrombocytopenia, ITP, APS, and also bone marrow conditions. etc etc. I had a low blood platelet count, but it was linked to my auto-immune disease of APS. This needs attention . If they arent clever enough to give you a reason why, then you need someone else. Dont give up searching.
Avatar f tn i'm stage IV and have been on Xeloda for the last 18 months, but my TMs are rising so we have been discussing having chemo.. when I went for my last blood test, I was shocked to learn that my platelets had dropped by 110 points in just 6 weeks and then in the 7th week they dropped by a further 6 points. now down to 50. has anyone had any experience in this area. oncologist not sure if its bone marow mets, autoimmune or the xeloda thats bringing them down.
Avatar n tn Problem is now my HMO has decided they can't re-treat because at last check my platelets were at 49. What does this mean for me and should i start worrying about bleeding. Also is there anything I could take ,like procrit to help my blood and energy level, real lethargic of late. Doc doesn't seem too concerned but I am.
Avatar m tn which makes the spleen continue to enlarge....and the platelet count continue to drop. Platelets in the blood causes your blood to clot if a blood vessel is cut. They have no affect on how you feel. If a person's platelets count goes down below 25,000 is there may need to intervention. Intervention is only a temporary fix. Platelets will start to drop again a day or two after treatment. The only treatment is either a platelet transfusion or drugs that can raise platelets. You need neither.
979080 tn?1323437239 Still today if I increase Riba platelets go up slightly. Data for geno 4s is always skimpy. BTW that is another reason why I keep going the extra mile when given a choice. Overall several studies show improved SVR with extending tx starting with Sanchez Tapias. I see it like higher Riba dose produces better SVR rates. I do not follow just one study but more the overall trend and direction in my decision making.
Avatar n tn But... my platelet count is at 57, started at 120 or so - everything else is ok although the blood count is a little low - what happens if the platelets goes too low ?? Dr says at a count of 40 we got a problem - seems a shame to have to stop tx since it seems I have started out pretty good - any info whould sure be appreaciated !
1475202 tn?1536274577 You have plenty of platelets to properly clot your blood. The biggest issue with low platelet counts is that hepatitis C treatment that includes interferon reduces platelet counts even more and may reduce the platelet count to dangerously low levels below 20,000 in cirrhotics.
7510956 tn?1411675017 A serious problem for people with cirrhosis is an increase in pressure in the blood vessels that flow to the liver. Normally, blood from the intestines and spleen is pumped to the liver through the portal vein. But in cirrhosis, this normal flow of blood is slowed, building pressure in the portal vein (portal hypertension). This blocks the normal flow of blood, causing the spleen to enlarge (splenomegaly). As the spleen enlarges, it traps more than a normal amount of platelets.
Avatar f tn This in-turn causes the spleen to sequester (hold on to) platelets. So even if you could increase your platelet production the spleen would just hold on to them as well. Some foods can help maintain platelet levels. Lean meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are rich in protein, zinc and Vitamin B12, all of which help increase the blood platelet count. Beans contain Vitamin B9 or folate which greatly helps boost the blood platelet count.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what other reason besides chemotherapy that would cause his platelets to slowly increase. If the platelet transfusions aren't working fast enough, he might want to ask about the possibility of taking a platelet stimulating drug called Neumega. This drug stimulates the bone marrow to produce more platelets. Perhaps this could help to get his numbers up enough for his next chemotherapy session.
2025701 tn?1328923233 The first time I did tx, mine dropped down into the 20s. At that time there was no med to increase platelets. I don't know that there is any now, either. My hepatologist made it clear that the danger from low platelets is that if you were to be in accident, you could have internal bleeding problems due to the clotting issue. It's not that you will bleed excessively from a cut. So, do be careful. He did not lower my dosages at the time. Not sure why your doctor is. Good luck.
Avatar f tn He reached UND at 12 weeks and his last 2 blood tests showed platelets of 53 ,000 and 52, 000 The last test being done on July 30 His doctor recommended taking a half a shot for the next 2 weeks to see if his platelets increase His platelets were around 75,000 pre-treatment. He met with you last year for one visit as recommended by his doctor and you recommended him changing his HIV meds around, taking actos and going on treatment for 72 weeks the first 12 double.