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1693621 tn?1318906571 I started treatment with Incivek at 64,000 platelets. They were 32,000 by week 4. Two weeks ago they were 29,000. I had labs drawn yesterday but have not gotten the results. I am about to start week 12. My doc said they won't intervene until they go below 25,000 and then we would decide what option to take. I agree with Hector your hepatologist will make a reccomendation.
Avatar f tn My platelets were at an all time low during treatment. Now 2 years post treatment platelets are higher than before treatment.
Avatar m tn Platelet Count - Platelets are a part of the blood that are needed for blood clotting. Platelets migrate to the site of an injury where they "stick" to the injured site and help to develop a clot or scab to stop the bleeding. A normal platelet count is between 150,000 and 440,000. Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) can be caused by HIV infection itself or by certain drugs.
548642 tn?1266183252 Without knowing how low you can't know if it is a problem or not! Find out first. It is very common for white and red blood cell counts to drop while on treatment. It shouldn't be ignored but it might not be a big deal. Can you get your GI to give you a photocopy of your test results? Does your GI send copies of results to your GP? Maybe you can get them that way.
408795 tn?1324939275 The spleen stores red and white blood cells and platelets (fragment of cells that are used to clot blood). An enlarged spleen traps platelets lowering levels in the blood which can lead to the inability of blood to clot. This is called Thrombocytopenia and is common in people with cirrhosis. You don't necessarily have any physical symptoms with an enlarged spleen. Is there a better way to guide the progression of HepC than a liver biopsy?
493068 tn?1224768915 I have heard that before, blood platelets and spleen, but kind of doubtful you relapsed... I know I had problems with a late relapse. Plateletes in my blood are doing all sorts of strange things, tear drops and were hoping its nothing to worry about! Going to keep bumping you up till a brainiac answers this lol! Merry Christmas! to all!
Avatar n tn My platelet count was 332. I got the blood test after a 14 hour fast. Is this something to be concerned about, if so, what should my next steps be and what could be the cause for it being so high? My triglycerides were 352. Do they go together in some way?
Avatar n tn My doc says I can't treat HEP C because my platelets are too low (43) not 120 to 150 is there any natural or medical way to raise the count? Did an MRI and he wants to do an endoscopy to see liver damage...Why do doctors look at you funny when you tell them you are clean and sober for 18 1/2 years....
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are not on treatment now. I am, which drives the platelets lower than usual and they bounce around between 65-80. During the course of treatment I see a hematologist for bloodwork every 2-3 weeks. One of the components he watches is platelets. He will not be concerned until they hit the 25-30 range and tells me there is no risk at this time. When not on treatment platelets are usually around 100-115.
Avatar n tn Hi! Yes, blood platelets dropping is a sign of concern as beyond a point this can result in bleeding into the organs. I am sorry but yes, that stage can also be life threatening. Hence the cause for the drop in platelets needs to be found, whether it is due to less production at the bone marrow or high breakdown or due to platelets being trapped in the spleen. The treatment will depend on the cause.
745313 tn?1323145898 I don't think she knew much about treatment induced changes in blood chemistry. I was a clumper all though treatment but when I stopped treatment I stopped clumping.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was treated last year for type 3a hep c. after 3 weeks of treatment my white blood cells dropped too low and my dr. stopped my treatment. when my dr. stopped my treatment he also did a viral load test which came back undetectable. he decided not to continue treatment. I was still undetected at my 6 month check up. :) the only problem is my white blood cells still haven't went back up. it's been about 8 months and I only had 3 weeks of treatment.
Avatar n tn One of the concerns was low platelets but there were statements saying no one had to quit treatment due to low platelets. Hopefully that will be the case. I have been getting dizzy alot though and that concerns me. I literally walked into a wall this morning when I woke up. Since this is the first month I am hoping some of the sides will level off for the rest of the ride.
Avatar f tn I have had the problem of low blood platelets for years - they go ip and down! Had loads of tests but nothing - but im tired and have lots of head rushes during the day..any ideas what this could be? Recent fbc :- WBC 6.35 RBC. 3.94 Platelets 59 Anyone can help??
Avatar n tn I have been with Hep C since 1979, did the interferon thing, didn't work, I discovered in the late 90"s that I have low blood platelets, anywhere from 22 to 44. I have recently tried prednisone (60mg) which didn't work,, the side effects where bad, so my doctor decided that I should have my spleen removed, I was to have surgery, but decided against it and have found a different doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello How high are your platelets. Platelets are responsible for clot formation in the blood vessels. Thrombocytosis or abnormally high platelets usually manifests as clots in the blood vessels which can cause areas of decreased oxygen in various organs of the body. This can result in pain in these areas. It would be unusual for this to cause joint pain.The treatment for elevated platelet is to be on an agent like aspirin to prevent excessive clotting.
Avatar n tn And more over treatment is going on where 'Platelets' are needed. How platelets will help in this treatment. how they will seperate a platelets cell from the blood?when seperating will it lead to any serious issues.
Avatar m tn I had my blood work done and have a 73,000 platelet count. Is this something I should worry about and how do I raise the count to a normal level?
Avatar f tn my platelets have dropped to 49(australia). istopping the Xeloda for approximately 4 weeks hasn't made them increase. i'm now booked in to see a haematologist and the probability of having a bone marrow biopsy as the breast cancer may have metastitised to my bone marrow thus reducing my platelets.. my question is, my tumour markers are only 290(which I think is still relatively low) so there isn't a real lot of cancer in my body. so why are my platelets so affected???
Avatar m tn which makes the spleen continue to enlarge....and the platelet count continue to drop. Platelets in the blood causes your blood to clot if a blood vessel is cut. They have no affect on how you feel. If a person's platelets count goes down below 25,000 is there may need to intervention. Intervention is only a temporary fix. Platelets will start to drop again a day or two after treatment. The only treatment is either a platelet transfusion or drugs that can raise platelets. You need neither.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Certain medications can reduce the number of platelets in your blood by confusing the immune system and causing it to destroy platelets. Examples include heparin, quinidine, quinine, sulfa-containing antibiotics, interferon, anticonvulsants and gold salts. Pregnancy. Being pregnant may cause mild thrombocytopenia. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In ITP, your body's immune system mistakenly identifies platelets as a threat and forms antibodies that attack them. Autoimmune diseases.
Avatar m tn In other words, how low would a doctor allow those levels to get before giving the person platelets or whole blood? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Sometimes clumping of platelets is caused by incorrect blood collection or the anticoagulant used. "Concerned about clumping platelets July 2003 "A patient regularly has clumping of her platelets on routine bloodwork," notes JOHN DAVIES, MD, of Calgary, AB, and asks, "Although her platelets appear normal on smear, could this be a sign of pathology, requiring further investigation?
Avatar n tn My platelets got really low at the end of my treatment and my doctor cut my dose in half 3 times and extended the treatment 3 weeks to make sure I got all the interferon in my body. I continued with the ribaviron, also. I think he lowered it when I got below 45 or somewhere around there. I was seeing a hematologist and he told me to stay away from knives, be careful around sharp edges, no crazy physical activity where I could harm myself (like skiing) and stay away from too much aspirin.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone.. It's 6 months post treatment, but platelets are lower than month ago. They were 64, now 59..can it because virus is back? If anyone Has experience, please tell me...
Avatar n tn what foods or drugs are good for low platelets