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Avatar n tn Platlettes are the major clotting factor in your blood. My Dr. was willing to hopitalize me and give me IV platelettes if I started bleeding, but most aren't. The only option is to lower meds and, depending where you are in your tx., that can reduce your chance of SVR. Talk to your Dr. about options and hopefully things will work out for you. Good luck.
Avatar n tn A platelet count is a blood test done by counting the number of platelets in a known volume of blood. A normal platelet count is in the range of 150,000 to 450,000 per microliter (mm3). A low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia. If your platelet count drops below 50,000/mm3, you may not be able to stop bleeding after a serious injury. If you have a platelet count below 20,000/mm3, bleeding may occur spontaneously. What are the symptoms and signs of a low platelet count?
Avatar f tn Hi Becksta, Could you clarify your question because you mention both platelets and red blood cells in your post? (Red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to the body while platelets are pieces in the blood that stick together when you have a wound to create clots, so we're talking two different things.
Avatar m tn there are many possible causes of enlarged spleen and low platelets other than cirrhosis - seems youve been having spleen problems for quite some time - you may have progressed to cirrhosis by now - the best thing a hep c patient with possible cirrhosis can do is strongly request the tests that determine meld - these are true liver function tests - how has your red count been running ---------- When the spleen enlarges, it traps and stores an excessive number of blood cells and platelets thereb
Avatar n tn , nay cautious would be kinder) and worry about platelets in the range you describe. I think that's waht the insert tells them - you could look it up. The more agressive hepatologists disregard that and worry when platelets get down around 30. 25 seems like an absolute bottom - at some point internal bleeding and brain hemorrage if I recal becomes a real risk. I treated with platelets in the 40's mostly, they would cycle up and down - 40ish was my personal low end.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I am in the "right place" . My 5 year old daughter has elevated blood plattelets.... I was just informed....
Avatar n tn 7 30-36(GM/DL) RDW, BLOOD 15.6(*) 12-15.4(%) PLATELETS 313 140-440(K/UL) NEUTROPHILS SEGMENTED %, BLD 23.0 -(%) BANDS % 1.0 -(%) LYMPHOCYTES % 65 -(%) MONOS % 8.
Avatar f tn I got a copy of labs. Wbc was 2.9 hct was low and hgb was low. Both were slightly low. He had blood work in nov and all levels have dropped since then. The platelets were in the normal range on low end but were down from nov labs. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hello, Platelets help blood to clot. They are found in the blood and inside of the blood vessel. When low blood platelet count is present tiny drops of blood can leak through the spaces made when the blood vessel layer thins, causing red dots on the skin called petechiae.Low platelet count also cause increased bruising. A high WBC count may indicate infection or leukemia.Weight loss is characteristic of leukemias.
Avatar f tn Hi! No, blood donated is very precious. If it cannot be used as one whole unit, it can be used as half unit in small children. The various parts of blood like packed cells, plasma, platelets, white cells etc can be used for different diseases. So please do not worry on that account. However, do find out why you had dizziness, whether you have anemia or low BP, or it was just some panic attack. Take care!
Avatar n tn The rash you're describing may actually be petechiae or purpura (blood underneath the skin due to low platelets). Platelets are involved in blood clotting. When your platelets are low, you are prone to bleeding even without injury. The low white cells put her at greater risk of getting recurrent infections. The most common cancer in childhood is acute lymphocytic leukemia, a fancy term for cancer of the white blood cells.
1382010 tn?1279647204 Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about neutropenia; you can interpret this yourself: “There are three general guidelines used to classify the severity of neutropenia based on the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) measured in cells per microliter of blood:[1] * Mild neutropenia (1000 <= ANC < 1500) — minimal risk of infection * Moderate neutropenia (500 <= ANC < 1000) — moderate risk of infection * Severe neutropenia (ANC < 500) — severe risk of infection.” http://en.
Avatar n tn I am so glad to hear that others get it too. I am thin, athletic with low blood pressure. I do have low platelets and have a border line low thyroid problem. Other wise I am in good health.
Avatar f tn Have they investigated why your platelets are dropping? They wouldnt want to give you the epidural because it is such a small space that if you were to bleed and not clot yourself off it could cause you a lot of trouble. You can get an "epidural headache" if you develop too much bleeding in that area. Also, you could get increased pressure in that cavity, which in turn could put pressure on your spinal cord and really affect you negatively.
Avatar n tn She has had low platelets at times, low hemoglobin, her B12/serum is extremely high (she eats no foods containing this as she doesn't like them), currently her neutrophils are slightly low and her lymphocytes are extremely high. She has bruising and petechiae at various times. We have been to every kind of "ologist" there is and have cast 2 hemotologist/oncolgists to the curb! We are now at another oncologist/internal med doctor. Not one doctor was willing to do a BMA on my daughter!
Avatar n tn I had a spinal tap about a month ago and my white cell count in there was 18 (critically high) neutrophils 37 (high) and lymphocytes low and monocytes low. the color was pink. They said it wasnt meningitis. I have a severe headach and stiff neck that wont go away. I just feel so horrible. If anyone knows what this might mean please let me know. Also i have had high protein in my blood for a couple years. Please help. Thank you so much!!!!!
Avatar f tn i don't think her doc i concerned at all because in her blood work her platelets count are in a normal range but i just google and i found that 36% of childrens with acute lymphocytes leukemia have a normal platelets counts so im really confused, we gonna have an oder blood work i believe this weekend and we will see, thanks again
1550149 tn?1340004330 Infiltrates (shadowy areas seen on a chest x-ray) that come and go Nervous system: Convulsions (seizures); psychosis; nerve abnormalities that cause strange sensations or alter muscular control or strength. If an individual has several of these symptoms, the physician will then usually order a series of tests to examine the functioning of the individual's immune system. In general, physicians look for evidence of autoantibodies.
1856494 tn?1340546214 my platelets were good through tx but my blood was like water....it was so thin every night i would bleed a lot from itching....
Avatar m tn Do you think I should continue tx and maybe do some procrit for my hemoglobin and red blood count and low plateletts? or other medication?
Avatar n tn i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared. but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old.
Avatar f tn You definitely need to check why you bruise easily, like low platelets or low Vitamin K in the body. You could see your physician and run blood tests for Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis - including an ANA level and rheumatoid factor. Other tests to consider would be a blood count (to evaluate for platelet dysfunction that can lead to bruising), hemoglobin levels as well as markers of inflammation (i.e. a sedimentation rate or C-reactive protein).
Avatar n tn The first time they ran his CBC, his platelets came back low (again I wasn't told a specific number) but the nurse said it could be due to clotting in the specimen so they drew another sample and said it came back fine. Then the rash on my son, unlike mine that is confined to feet and legs, has spread everywhere...arms, legs, trunk, a few on the face. These petechiae are all very fine and very small, but now are everywhere. He was running a low grade fever of 101.
Avatar m tn The biggest contributor to this fact is, the fast food culture that harming our cardiovascular health and also causing obesity in an alarm rate in children. We can bring down the trend of cardiovascular related death and increase in obesity in Denmark by introducing a fundamental change in people’s lifestyle including those who are suffering from Heart diseases. Today most of the cardiovascular disease does not have to happen as we have a wonder drug to safeguard our cardiovascular health.
Avatar f tn I had my platelets tested and they were in the normal range, but my blood is most definitely not clotting properly. I cut my thumb yesterday (tiny cut) and it keep bleeding quite profusely, relative to the teeny size of the cut, for 24 hours. Definitely not normal. I am also having periods that last 3 weeks, then I get a week or 2 weeks off, then period again. The bleeding is heavy.
1507381 tn?1293426896 In 1989 my daughter received a blood transfusion which resulted in HCV infection. She died in 2004 and in trying to understand how this could have happened, I discovered that the blood supply in the United States is horrible. I sued the Red Cross, who wanted to settle with me, which I did not do because I would have had to sign a confidentiality statement. The suit was dismissed because of a statute of limitations issue.
Avatar n tn It is common practice with infectious disease and primary care doctors to evaluate a patient presenting with ITP for HIV, not in children, but adults. This is especially true in MSM and IV drug users. In children, ITP usually follows infection with any variety of common childhood viruses. Nice try, but again Teak, you prove no one wrong.
Avatar n tn Just to clarify..I am the patient who has thought he had everything from Esphogeal(SP) Cancer to Colon Cancer and now Cirrhosis again.. Visited 3 docs to look for "signs" and none have said they see any jaundice, spide veins on upper right neck area, ascites, or anythign to make them suspcious..All felt liver and said it felt fine and not swalloen..Once he siad he could not even feel it. Hep Doc says to do liver biop "for comfort"..
Avatar f tn White blood cells and red blood cells and platelets are measured with a full blood count.
Avatar m tn That's especially so because she once got an increase in low platelets from antibiotics. So maybe she has some bacteria tha is causing the low platelets. I suppose though, that maybe they can't give a platelet transfusion until they rule out TTP. My father had very low platelets down to 3,000. That was from ITP, where the immune system attacks the platelets. I'm glad to hear that she isn't getting more bruising, probably from the steroids suppressing the immune system as you know.