Low blood platelets when pregnant

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Avatar f tn m 23 weeks pregnant and I just got out of the emergency room a couple days ago for a kidney infection while I was there they held me longer because I have low blood platelets that really scares me have any of you experienced low platelets? How do I raise my platelets count?
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks and 3 days and have really low platelets (64,000 ) this only happens when I get pregnant.
Avatar f tn There is nothing you can do to increase your platelets naturally, however sometimes as your blood volume stabilizes it will increase on its own.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my son I had low platelets and my midwife told me that if my platelets were too low I couldn't get an epidural because I could bleed to death,and if I needed to get a c cection then I would have to get put to sleep.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had low platelets during pregnancy? I did w my first, had to see a hematologist, get my blood drawn all the time and ended up not being able to get an epidural. Now I'm pregnant w my second and its happening again..am I the only one?
2030686 tn?1351688548 For example, amoxicillin can lead to anemia (low red blood cells), thrombocytopenia (low platelets) and leukopenia (low white blood cells). Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen. White blood cells help fight infection and platelets help in wound healing. Anemia leads to fatigue and shortness of breath. Leukopenia makes you susceptible to infections and thrombocytopenia makes you prone to easy bruising and bleeding. http://www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn All my blood work has been low the hole pregnancy. 35+3 and going strong. Just did a blood draw Monday will find out Monday if it's all OK or sooner if it's important.
Avatar f tn I have cirrhosis and my platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells are slightly low. My platelets run about 115, my white count runs between 3-4 and my red count bounes from low normal to just below normal. My hemoglobin is always normal. So, if you do not have cirrhosis it is usually something else causing the low counts. You haven't mentioned your exact counts. That might help. Also, what has your doctor said? This would have nothing to do with your genotype.
Avatar m tn Hi when my platelets were low I was sent to a Hemotologist, he tested me for lymphoma, leukemia, Hep C.
Avatar m tn In other words, how low would a doctor allow those levels to get before giving the person platelets or whole blood? Thank you.
Avatar n tn At the hospital, we had discovered that his blood tests had come in already and the results were that his platelets were really low...27. We chose to have my dog stay over night at the hospital to be monitored. One day later, his platelets dropped even more...12 and his red blood cell count was lower than before. We have also been informed that they were giving him more meds. I am so concerned as we haven't gotten any answers yet. How soon til the meds start working?
Avatar f tn post-treatment? really don't know what you are talking about, I only know you have low platelets, however, platelets can go up and down depending on the time of day, I hope this answers your question.
7510956 tn?1411671417 The Riba makes the #s go up instead of down, opposite of Oyslio I imagine. When I was SVR12 my platelets went back down to my original starting point 118 after curing. ( Give or take a few points). I panicked since I had become cured, why did they go down? Did my research and found that on Tx the #s are not the real #s or indicative of my liver status. BTW I am like you, also early or mild cirrhosis. Wow!!!!! Hope you got all that!
Avatar f tn I have 36 weeks pregnant and I have low platelets,can I get any advise of what I should eat or do to increase my platelets, I had the same problem with my first pregnancy of twins, my platelets went very low,at 80,000 and I was bleeding through my mouth the whole delivery , which took close to 3 days, I had them natural because the doctor told me that I can't have a c-section...that will be a bad ending... I dont want this to happen with this pregnancy, please help me...
Avatar f tn It seems that if your platelets were too low, your doctor would tell you on the phone and give you some instructions. Best wishes for a positive appt. on Wed. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Essentially Platelets are the glue that holds the blood together. Google it. Low platelets means thinner blood. 44 is very low, normal range is around 150-250. Yes, avoid a serious cut, and definitely avoid head injury or any actions that might cause one. If either happens, call a doctor ASAP. Try to stick in there, with so little time left to go it would be a shame not to complete if all possible. What's your virus count?
Avatar f tn I have had the problem of low blood platelets for years - they go ip and down! Had loads of tests but nothing - but im tired and have lots of head rushes during the day..any ideas what this could be? Recent fbc :- WBC 6.35 RBC. 3.94 Platelets 59 Anyone can help??
Avatar f tn What is the danger zone for low platelets...mine are ok as of now, but steadily declining every blood test, just wondering.
Avatar n tn The information you have provided are not enough to form any opinion from. If your platelet count is 80 and your prothrombin time is 14 this could be an indication of cirrhosis of the liver. Looking at two blood values is not enough to make an educated guess on anyone's health condition and doesn't explain why the doctor won't treat you. Others with similar levels have been treated. So there must be more to the story than you are presenting in your post.
Avatar f tn Has any mommy experienced low platlets when they went into labor if so what did the doctors do about it ??
Avatar m tn Hi, I was wondering what the chances were of having Leukemia or lymphoma with 2 consecutive low platelet counts. For example, 3 months ago they were 135, and now 131. The rest of the blood work comes back in normal ranges. Thank you for any feedback.
Avatar f tn She would need to discuss that with her doctor. When low platelets occur during HCV treatment there are no medicines available at this point to increase the count. I have heard some mention trial drugs but that should never be a consideration during pregnancy. Of course, they could always tranfuse her if she became too critical.
6708370 tn?1471490210 Spontaneous bleeding can happen if your platelets are very low. So I once asked one of the hepatologists how low do platelets have to be to spontaneously bleed and whether he'd seen somebody spontaneously bleed. He said around 10 or 15 and he had seen a few patients spontaneously bleed but they were very ill people who were in the hospital at the time. Some medications can lower platelets. For example Zantac which is an anti acid med can lower platelets.
Avatar n tn It would be helpful if you give the normal ranges; labs ranges vary from lab to lab alot.
Avatar f tn m stage IV and have been on Xeloda for the last 18 months, but my TMs are rising so we have been discussing having chemo.. when I went for my last blood test, I was shocked to learn that my platelets had dropped by 110 points in just 6 weeks and then in the 7th week they dropped by a further 6 points. now down to 50. has anyone had any experience in this area. oncologist not sure if its bone marow mets, autoimmune or the xeloda thats bringing them down.
Avatar f tn i was told around 4 months that i had low blood platelets. then was told they got worse wen i was 5 months im 6 1/2 months now and they are going to test it again. im scared they will be worse. if so i cant have an epidural! anyone else with this problem?