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Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my son I had low platelets and my midwife told me that if my platelets were too low I couldn't get an epidural because I could bleed to death,and if I needed to get a c cection then I would have to get put to sleep.
Avatar f tn Anyone here been told their platelet count is low? I guess normal is 150 and mine was at 133 and still dropping. Nervous as can be since I've never heard of it before and don't know how dangerous it is.
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12 deficiency mimics MS. This is nothing to mess around with as permanent nerve damage will occur if not treated in time. If your B12 serum levels are lower than 800pg/mL or 600pmol/L you need a boost to optimal range. Check out the book: Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses by Sally M. Pacholok RN, Jeffrey J. Stuart DO. From Scribd "Understanding Your Blood Report: "Platelets are concerned with the clotting of the blood Clinical adult range: 150,000-450,000cu.
Avatar f tn Thanks guys, I appreciate it...
3156104 tn?1357281195 //www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn m 23 weeks pregnant and I just got out of the emergency room a couple days ago for a kidney infection while I was there they held me longer because I have low blood platelets that really scares me have any of you experienced low platelets? How do I raise my platelets count?
2030686 tn?1351688548 For example, amoxicillin can lead to anemia (low red blood cells), thrombocytopenia (low platelets) and leukopenia (low white blood cells). Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen. White blood cells help fight infection and platelets help in wound healing. Anemia leads to fatigue and shortness of breath. Leukopenia makes you susceptible to infections and thrombocytopenia makes you prone to easy bruising and bleeding. http://www.livestrong.
Avatar n tn His platelets were 59. He has always had normal platelet count. Everything else was normal. Yesterday the vet said he looked very good, he was not sick that could be seen. He has not had any change in behaviour. I had taken him in to look at a small cyst on his eye. Dusty has a history of tummy problems that were never completely diagnosed, but lipase has been high since he was a year old, and stays in upper range all the time now, in the 600s. He has some gurgling and is relieved by Pepcid.
Avatar f tn am dizzy - ALOT, have consistently low platelet count - apprx 45,000 - 55,000. seen primary and oncologist - told to continue testing every 3 wks to find variance... ???
Avatar f tn hello I had something similar, odd sizes so they could not get a good count. I hadt go back they put my blood in another kind of tube, sent it out.
Avatar m tn Tomorrow i have appointment with my doc,no mam doc neither suggest any lab test like yours husband nor suggest any medicine for platelets..besides low platelets count her blood HB dropped to 8.3 with 3400 WBC.. you have mentioned promacta to boost platelets count...kindly tell me is your husband's blood HB and wbc is normal during pegasys therapy or continuously dropped. thanks your kind response is helpful for me for early diagnosed.
Avatar f tn I have cirrhosis and my platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells are slightly low. My platelets run about 115, my white count runs between 3-4 and my red count bounes from low normal to just below normal. My hemoglobin is always normal. So, if you do not have cirrhosis it is usually something else causing the low counts. You haven't mentioned your exact counts. That might help. Also, what has your doctor said? This would have nothing to do with your genotype.
Avatar m tn In other words, how low would a doctor allow those levels to get before giving the person platelets or whole blood? Thank you.
Avatar f tn how do you treat, as the bone marrow mets gives you a low platelet count and as such you cannot have chemo with a low platelet, seems to be a catch 22. I would think there are people out there with bone marrow mets, what do they do???
Avatar m tn Good morning everyone, I saw a hematologist last month for complete blood work, and everything was normal except for my platelets being low on 3 consecutive CBC tests and my IGA level being slightly elevated at 421. The last CBC test I did (about 3 weeks ago) my platelets were back in normal range at 187, but I still feel like crap. I was prescribed levaquin and cipro for what my Dr thought could be an infection even though my white blood cell count has always been in normal range.
7510956 tn?1411671417 A platelet count of 115,000 is not very low for someone with cirrhosis. 150,000 is the common low end of the lab range. Commonly class A, compensated cirrhotics with portal hypertension have platelet counts in the 50,000 - 80,000 range. Many of us have lived many years with platelet counts half of your current platelet count. It is only when the platelet count is below 20,000 that it can become dangerous although different doctors have different comfort ranges.
Avatar f tn All my blood work has been low the hole pregnancy. 35+3 and going strong. Just did a blood draw Monday will find out Monday if it's all OK or sooner if it's important.
Avatar n tn One day later, his platelets dropped even more...12 and his red blood cell count was lower than before. We have also been informed that they were giving him more meds. I am so concerned as we haven't gotten any answers yet. How soon til the meds start working? Will my dog die from this? The doctor doesn't seem nervous or worried at all, like this happens all the time. But I'm not convinced as he's not improving any.
Avatar f tn Infections can cause a high or low platelet count. In children, an infection is often accompanied by a raised platelet count. This is thought to be due to the hormones, called cytokines, that are produced as part of the body's normal defense against infection. Additionally, a high platelet count can happen for many reasons, but there are two basic processes involved. The cells within the bone marrow produce more platelets. Less platelets are removed from the blood by the spleen.
Avatar f tn What is the danger zone for low platelets...mine are ok as of now, but steadily declining every blood test, just wondering.
2025701 tn?1328919633 Only people with cirrhosis or other platelet issues need to worry about platelets dropping dangerously low. 20,000 or less. Interferon causes all treating persons platelets to drop to some degree. Obviously the more platelets you start with before treatment, the higher the platelet count will stay. For people with cirrhosis who want or need to continue treatment they can have a transfusion of platelets every so often or Promacta, a drug that raises platelet counts.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! I have a low platelet count at 36 weeks, of 140. Anyone else? Or anyone had similar results before?
Avatar n tn The information you have provided are not enough to form any opinion from. If your platelet count is 80 and your prothrombin time is 14 this could be an indication of cirrhosis of the liver. Looking at two blood values is not enough to make an educated guess on anyone's health condition and doesn't explain why the doctor won't treat you. Others with similar levels have been treated. So there must be more to the story than you are presenting in your post.