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Avatar m tn So he went to the doctors and routine blood tests everything came but normal red blood cells were fine, white blood cells were fine, bare for the platelet count which was 94,000, tested 3 weeks later and was 92000, 3 days later and they were 91000 the doctor as scared me and said it could be cancer along with a few other scary things, Has this ever happened to anyone? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn To help patients complete antiviral therapy, the researchers found that eltrombopag effectively raises blood platelets in those with low platelet counts and cirrhosis of the liver due to Hepatitis C. Drug boosts platelets in hepatitis C patients www.eurekalert.org November 28, 2007 DURHAM, N.C.
6708370 tn?1471493810 Hey there, when I was first diagnosed with HCV it was brought to my doctors attention by my platelets being low at 67, I also had odd shaped red blood cells. She sent me to a blood specialist who dx me with HCV. At the time I was taking a lot of Advil for a torn tendon. I stopped the advil, aspirin and my platelets went up. At the time they had to be at least 100 to start a HCV trial. I got that high. Once I was SVR my platelets came up to within normal limits.
Avatar f tn The hormone, serotonin, is made in the brain (pineal gland), from its amino acid precursor, tryptophan. Its found in the blood platelets, the lining of the GI tract, and the brain. Amino acids compete for transportation access across the blood-brain barrier. When there are large amounts of the amino acid, tryptophan, it crosses at higher concentrations and more serotonin is subsequently made. When the blood levels are tested - I don't know exactly what that means.
Avatar f tn I know that only a biopsy can determine how bad is my liver or at what stage. by the way I have low platelets.
Avatar n tn Has anyone been diagnosed with thrombocytosis (high blood platelet)?Had scan, upper GI, barium enema, all negative. Shortly will have to undergo bone marrow to narrow down the proliferative disorder on the cells. Did my research and familiar with all the terms and meds. If you have been diagnosed such as; ET Essential thrombocytemia etc.,and are currently taking medication either Angrelide, or Hydrea, let me know how you are doing? How long you since you been diagnosed?
Avatar f tn -- red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body; -- white blood cells, which help fight infection; and, -- platelets, which stick together at the site of a cut or wound to form a clot to stop the bleeding. People who have thrombocytopenia don’t have enough platelets to form a blood clot, and so they may bleed excessively when they are cut. 2 -- How does thrombocytopenia occur?
Avatar n tn I am so glad to hear that others get it too. I am thin, athletic with low blood pressure. I do have low platelets and have a border line low thyroid problem. Other wise I am in good health.
Avatar f tn You’re probably not getting much commentary on the labs you’ve posted because they are expressed differently than normally used in the U.S. We don’t typically use mmol as unit measure. Perhaps you’ll receive input from others in the U.K. I can tell you that a viral load of 743,925 IU/mL is on the low side, but not “low” as defined by the 2007 EASL; this would be <400,000. Liver enzymes (ALT) is marginally elevated, but this is consistent with active HCV infection; not to worry.
Avatar f tn White blood cells and red blood cells and platelets are measured with a full blood count.
Avatar f tn 5 - too high, but GP doesn't seem bothered by it. My Vit D is low (even though I take a supplement). My ferritin is low, but blood iron and transferrin are normal. I'm currently seeing a rheumatologist, who's tested me for Lupus. That's negative, thank g-d. They really want to label it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and send me away to sleep and struggle out of their eye-line. But they can't label it that unless my blood tests all come back normal. But there's always something going on.
Avatar f tn The mediactions i am taking for my transplant are Tacrolimus, 3mgs morning and 2mgs at bedtime, prednisolone 5mgs morning and was taking 75mgs of aspirin. I have being told that i have always had low platelets but looking back at my blood results 6 months before transplant they seem to have being ok? I'm just after some help as i'm very confused on all of this!
Avatar n tn i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared. but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old.
Avatar f tn I wanted to ask a personal question if I may. What were your blood count levels when you found out you had leukemia/lymphoma? The reason I ask is that I'm increasingly worried, my Dr has been very slow with my blood work up, I've been monitored over months but I'm feeling worse but they're still making me wait - typical NHS (UK health service). I don't know if the values are different in the US, but my Neutrophil count began in July at 1.1, it came up to 1.4 in September, October it was 1.
Avatar n tn Now, she gets serious leucopenia (yesterday as low as 500 /mm3 ), after two time blood transfusion in recent two days) , because the Carboplatin (Paraplatin) restrained marrow to produce leucocyte. Could you please give us any suggestion to overcome this urgent problem ? (1) Which kind of treatments and medicines can be used now ? (2) Can I buy these medicines in UK ? Thanks for your kind help !!!!!!!!
917763 tn?1311632496 Platelets of 19 put you in great danger for a spontaneous bleed and that bleed could be in the brain. Do not take any more of the drugs until you see the hematologist.
Avatar m tn If you have cirrhosis and low platelets and low white count, you need to be under the care of a specialist who knows how to treat people with Hep C and cirrhosis. I hope others respond and I hope you will be able to treat successfully.
Avatar m tn My concern is that within the UK, the AST blood test is not performed as standard within the LFT portfolio, but from the internet this figure seems to be a key number in liver health. I asked my GP about this and he said not to be concerned, as my other numbers were all great, (including ALT, GGT, Alk Phos, Bili, Alb, Plat etc), and that against this background even a raised AST probably wouldn't be hepatic in origin.
4043517 tn?1374010173 This is not something you should put off as their is a time window for treatment and once your illness goes beyond that point you will no longer have the option to treat your hepatitis C and stop your liver disease progression. You have low White Blood Cells. You have platelet dilution. You should not take any aspirin and other NSAIDs, because they may cause internal bleeding.
1294635 tn?1272556231 Check your diet for any high iron foods, don't take molasses etc (iron in veges is a different type and is better assimilated). Low platelets may also be the result of HVC; if you trawl the site for low platelets you'll see that many here have treated with low platelets but need to be monitored, as the tx will lower them further. Handy hint is to get a copy of your blood tests so that you can be better informed in the decision making process.
Avatar n tn I started the RX after 8 mo of blood tests,biopsy,etc. I started with a low platelet count but had been maintaining at about 78,00 to 80,00 for several months. Just prior to starting my platelets dropped to 65,00 but my WBC's RB's and Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were holing at good values. On 8/11 (started Rx on 7/27) my Platelets had dropped to 23,00,my WBC's are at 1.4 my RBC's are dropping from where they were.
Avatar f tn The optimum amount of platelets is 265k,lowest 150k, your not far off optimum at all. When you have low platelets due to Cirrhosis your spleen would be enlarged and other signs of portal hyper tension would be seen aswel as having them at 50-60k. Im not saying your Liver is perfect, but you have a chance to turn things around before things get serious. Are you from the UK? I went to the London clinic for my Fibroscan. I got 4.2kpa , so no scarring thank god.
475555 tn?1469307939 ) Unfortunately I wasn't diagnosed until 2008, so no blood tests were done in 2006 and 2007 (at least, none with both AST and platelets measured). In 2008, with the renewal of complete blood tests, my fibrosis had increased; and my liver is now so fibrotic that it is partially cirrhotic. These indications from my APRI are reflected in the other tests done.
Avatar n tn Just geting ready for the 2nd session, but her blood counts we low, so onto the neuprogin, but the good news HER CA has dropped to 950! All blood counts now okay, so in on Saturday. Jaco glad to hear youur wife having a good response, Sue, I have missed you emails, new address: steve.
Avatar n tn Seems very low but I am a patient not a doctor. I am a 1A with similar stats to your own. Platelets being low have been a problem but I understand the Pegasys is the culprit in lowering platelets, again please remember I don't know if the doctor told me that or someone here. My platelets bounce around between 40 and 70 right now. I only have a half a bottle of Riba left so I'll be glad when they disappear. I would like to know why your doctor lowered it so far though.
Avatar f tn People with cirrhosis often have spider nevi that a doctor can spot on the skin. They also usually have low normal or below normal platelets. That being said, if the only way you can get treatment is by doing a biopsy, imwouldnthink seriously of doing it, especially if there is concern about cirrhosis. You don't wat tomwait too long for treatment if you are cirrhotic. Wishing you the best.
Avatar f tn Only other things of note in my results are low potassium, inorganic phosphate, white blood cell count (particularly monocytes, neutrophils and lymphocytes) and platelets and high cortisol (this has been investigated further and was suppressed sufficiently during dexamethosone test). My GP has simply repeated the tests which are out of range (now approx 5 times since November)... They continue to be out of range but they don't seem to know what else to do!! Any advice is really welcomed!!
Avatar n tn I am assuming they give her neupogen shots or neulasta for her white blood count, is it low. It is connected to low neutrophils.
Avatar f tn And occasionally blood clots can form on drug-coated stents. So in addition aspirin (inhibits platelets) there is Plavix that reduces the risk of blood clots, and the usual therapy is to take Plavix for a year (after a year less risk for clots) and aspirin therapy is continued indifinitely to inhibit platelet formation. To prevent this, patients have to take two different anti-platelet agents.
Avatar m tn That's exactly what I was thinking. Giving an anticoagulant to somebody with varices and low platelets makes no sense. We better tell Matt Chin to bring back the cabbage.