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Avatar n tn At the hospital, we had discovered that his blood tests had come in already and the results were that his platelets were really low...27. We chose to have my dog stay over night at the hospital to be monitored. One day later, his platelets dropped even more...12 and his red blood cell count was lower than before. We have also been informed that they were giving him more meds. I am so concerned as we haven't gotten any answers yet. How soon til the meds start working? Will my dog die from this?
Avatar n tn Took our CKCS for her spay appt. She is 6 months old. He blood work indicates low platelets which I know are commonly present in upwards of 30 percent of the breed. My problem is that the vet wants to put her on steroids for two weeks which I don't believe will do anything if her low platelets are genetic However, the vet says she will not spay her with her current platelet count (app 60,000 u/l).
Avatar f tn They detected bacteria in stool and she had a low platelet count (104). They sent us home with a couple of antibiotics and prednisone. Next day she ate finally (prescription I/D). Next day she had almost a normal bowel movement. But then acted strange, wanted to hide in closets. Discovered she threw up her food from the day before (undigested) and then she threw up several different places in the house. The rest were liquid, one was red in color but then clear after that.
Avatar m tn Blood work showed that he had low platelets, low red blood cells and low hemoglobin. His liver and kidneys tests were normal. My vet started him on Medrol (a steriod) and clavomax the second antibiotic to treat his tonsillitis. The Medrol was to increase his platelets. Two weeks later, Dougal (my dog) is eating well (thanks to the steriod). His red blood cells and hemoglobin increased and is in normal range, but despite the Medrol, his platelets have not changed.
Avatar f tn I've heard a lot about low HGM and platelets, but not much about WBC. I also called a nurse at Roche over the weekend, and she made a bet with me that it was because my medical providers were concerned about my WBC -- she was right. Any info about my low WBC at this point would be appreciated.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is common for younger dogs with low PCV levels to have substantial flea infestation or intestinal hookworms, though any problem that causes bloody diarrhea can lead to a low PCV (because younger dogs simply haven’t enough iron stored in their bodies to replace lost blood). In older dogs, the problem might be from an immune system condition, liver disease, bone-marrow disease, cancer or chronic kidney failure.
Avatar f tn If her platelet count is dangerously low, in the vet's opinion, she may need blood transfusion. Also it's important to know if the low platelets are caused definitely by the Ehrlichiosis or whether they are auto-immune (the body's immune defences attacking the body's own cells) Because the treatment would be different. In addition, do keep a careful watch for skin bruising, tiny reddened spots on the skin, red spots in her eyes....and of course, as you mentioned, her pale gums.
Avatar n tn oh, and the blood tick test I believe has to be drawn a certain way and sent out separately to a special lab.......I don't think it's included in regular blood work ups. At least it didn't used to be last I read about them. Maybe that's why the "thrombocytopenia" is sometimes misdiagnosed as something not secondary to other possible causes?
Avatar n tn With me it was about 6 to 8 weeks into treatments. That is when I started having trouble with ANC and Platelets. Sorry you are having a tough time of it. Your symtom are exact to mine and most of the crew. The breathing bothers me most but fatigue and loss of mental clarity is bad as well. Make sure your dog (doc - ha) stays on top of testing you and I know it is tough if you are doing this out of pocket. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn A blood transfusion will certainly make him feel better and improve his strength but, if he has degenerative myelopathy he will still have weakness and crossing in the back legs. The low platelets can be due to an autoimmune disease as can degenerative myelopathy. The herbal formula: Gui Pi Tang can help with the low platelets as can low doses of steroids, cyclosporine and other medications.
Avatar f tn The hormone, serotonin, is made in the brain (pineal gland), from its amino acid precursor, tryptophan. Its found in the blood platelets, the lining of the GI tract, and the brain. Amino acids compete for transportation access across the blood-brain barrier. When there are large amounts of the amino acid, tryptophan, it crosses at higher concentrations and more serotonin is subsequently made. When the blood levels are tested - I don't know exactly what that means.
Avatar f tn Given the fact that your dog is acting happy and normal, It will be a very difficult decision for you to make, but it does sound like your Vet is doing everything they can for him, and knowing the risks involved, he will not recommend it unless he feels it is your only hope for discovering what is causing this condition in your dog. May I ask how the low CBC's were discovered in the first place...? You said your dog is acting normal...what prompted the vet to do a blood draw...?
Avatar f tn Can anyone share experience with the combo of raw foods and blood values and hep c? Can anyone recommend a holistic MD somewhere in the mid-Atlantic area who can help me? I feel that the better enzyme level is encouraging, yet I am terrified by the dropping other values...I am sorely tempted to see what the next bloodwork shows, as I trust the healing power of the food (with the enzymes) to be somewhat corrective. Any help??? Thanks and BTW, this is my first post!
Avatar m tn I found her in a pool of fluid...she became weak. I took her to her vet who found her red and white blood cells, also platelets to be low. There was fluid in her abdomen. He said her stomach felt full although she had eaten very little in a week or more. The vet put her on IV....her blood got a little better and she ate for him some. After 4 days I brought her home with Predisone and Furosemide. She still passed fluid for several days but gradually got some strength back.
Avatar n tn I have seen high white cell counts in dogs with severe long standing deep pyoderma or severe demodex. I would suspect stress or systemic illness as the cause for the elevated white cell count, and with the elevated basos, a fecal exam for parasites and heartworm check are indicated.
Avatar f tn The way renal failure is supposed to work when it's Time, is that the toxins build up so high in the blood that they cross the blood-brain barrier. When that happens, the dog loses its personality and really isn't "there". Well, that's the textbook case. It never really happened with Chica. She just got slower and slower and finally stopped eating the last couple of days, but her personality was still intact. She still knew us and her pack mate, Maggie.
14801663 tn?1436791766 We also asked about vitamin supplements but it turns out the injection Ishka got for her anaemia is a B vitamin injection (B12 treats anaemia in dogs) and she shouldn't require any more B vitamins. Both the vitamin injection and the blood samples are to be repeated every three weeks. Now here is the interesting bit that I know you'll like...
Avatar f tn I meant to ask about calcium levels in your dog's blood results. This can produce seizures too, when calcium levels are abnormally low. I once wrote a piece about this whole process and seizure events in dogs with kidney failure. You (and your vet) may find it of some interest. http://www.infobarrel.
Avatar m tn diet, hydration levels, where your dogs blood was run:(at the lab or in your vets office), how your dogs blood was handled prior to being run and whether or not the blood was a fasted sample. Denamarin and SAMe are both suitable liver products, although my recommendation would be to try to determined why for example the white blood cell count, MCHC and platelets are all low, while liver values are elevated.
475555 tn?1469307939 ALT started at around 45, slowly worked their way up to around 75 in latest test. Platelets stable around 120,000. High GGT around 250. So, like you say, either the biopsy was wrong or the Fibroscan is wrong. But: maybe both were wrong, and I´m somewhere in between. If there was a way of doing a diferent test like Fibrosure, I´d go for it. But there isn´t. Not here. Repeating the FibroTC is tempting, but now I fear the radiation, which I´m scared might have caused the jump in fibrosis.
173975 tn?1216261375 The good thing about some low blood counts is - they do have drugs to help if they get too low. Ask your doc is he uses the rescue drugs. (some docs don't) Some just opt to reduce the dose. So if you don't know, you might want to ask him just you will know what to expect. I feel for you with your situation - being torn with being on treatment and having symptoms and thinking you might not be able to work (and knowing that NO work will be a financial ruin of sorts.
Avatar m tn Hi all! My dog, Daisy, will be 11 next month. She's a lab/spaniel mix. 2 weeks ago she stopped being interested in her food. The vet said she had an ear infection, as well as a sore tummy and swollen lymph nodes in her neck. He gave her meds for her ear, said keep an eye on her tender tummy. Took her back today, and they did an ultrasound, and xrays. They showed the spleen was enlarged and looked like it had black spots on it.
Avatar n tn and in the morning when go to get up i can not get out of bed have to have help or pull my self out and hold on to some thing iv had blood test just say level bit low but iv had to give up work with it what do you think jenny
Avatar f tn I'm starting treatments the end of May I have Hepatitis C 1a, also signs of cirrohsis, and a fatty liver. I caught this back in 1976 in San Fran Ca. from a blood transfusion I think. I was told I would have to be on 48 wks of treatments, and also have to continue seeing an eye doctor and a cancer doctor sense my Plaetets are low 56- 77 have stayed in that range for 2 months now. My Doctor told me there is another new treatmen due out by the end of 2013 has anyone heard of this one?
Avatar m tn My vet is trying to be careful around it because it is new. This dog has been experiencing low blood platelets in the last year. I believe due to her lime disease (showed positive since puppy and treated quite a few times) and heard that the hormone cane mess with that, maybe. What do you think? I have had her on an herbal remedy called that seemed to help but now is losing its punch (n pun intended) Got to keep it upbeat, I feel like a pee maid.
Avatar f tn Woke up one morning with chest pains in August 2007, Went to get an examine, x-rays, EKG, blood work and boom found out platelets were at 92 and was told to see a cardiologist so I went , was told me that I should admit myself into the ER with chest pains to get into the system, off I went next thing I knew I was admitted and test after test and boom found out I have GERD and an ulcer, in addition, looks like cirrhosis not Hep A or B or C straight up cirrhosis - I was floored - GI keep insisti
506791 tn?1439846583 All my blood counts are normal, including the platelets (which has been a long time coming). They were 201,000, low end is 150,000...they were 99,000 a month ago when I last had a blood draw for Dr Shah. Will get the full blood chemistry report in a day or so. Teia has 1 liver and 2 kidney numbers that are a little elevated, but Dr Bennett said kitties withstand that better than dogs or people, their desert cat origins. All other numbers were good.
Avatar n tn I would presume your vet has done the necessary tests to come to the conclusion your dog has leukemia? Apart from low platelets, there would be a massive increase in leukocytes (white blood cells) But there are different forms of leukemia. Acute has rapid progress with obvious symptoms of illness, and chronic can develop more slowly. I know a little about leukemia. My aunt died of it way back in the 60's.
570426 tn?1216949265 every other day. Her platelets were as low as 13,000 - so low that she was in danger of bleeding out from the slightest cut. She is now back up to 380,000; at the top end of the normal range. So there is hope! We don't know what caused it. Sometimes, it is just the immune system gone haywire. Often, per my vet, if it is immune mediated, it happens only once, and never occurs again. (Sometimes, yes, it does come back, but just concentrate on the now, if you can.