What do high blood platelets mean

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495402 tn?1220617403 Thank you, I will try to negotiate it with her, I want to give the meds every opportunity to do what they're suppose to. I asked her what my viral load was now but she said that she doesn't check that every blood test, she only checks at specific milestones. I would be interested to see if it's lower though, I may ask her next time if she can check for me.
Avatar n tn my mchc is 35.50(high),hematocrit is 35.50(low),mpv 13.40(high).what does it signify?
Avatar n tn My blood report said my mpv was 11.2 and said it was high. Said levels should be 7.4- 10.4. I think Mvp has something to do with blood but I don't know for sure. If you find out let me know.
Avatar f tn EGFR seems to be an indicator of whether or not there is cancer activity. Your's is below lab limits, which sounds like a good thing. MPV MAY be your Mean Platelet Volumn, which is a measurement of red blood cells, but to be honest I don't fully understand it. Still can't figure out what a Thyroglobulin panel is. Hopefully someone else can answer your questions, because I am stabbing in the dark here. Sorry.
Avatar n tn My sons blood test came back normal, all but having high platelets, what could this mean? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/506888'>high blood platelets,</a>.
Avatar f tn WBC-white blood cell count, RBC-red blood cell count, TSH-thyroid stimulating hormone, T4-thyroxine, HGB-hemoglobin, HCT-hematocrit, MCV-mean corpuscular value, MCH- mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC-mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, RDW-red cell distribution width, PLT-platelets. According to my lab book: Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference, the following numbers are within normal range - WBC 5-10 MCHC 32 - 36 RBC male 4.7 - 6.
Avatar m tn MPV stands for Mean platelet Volume and it's just how big your platelets are! Judging by your platelet count you are actually healthy. Your MPV count is actually normal . It can be a little outside the normal range. Mine is actually even higher than yours 13.1 , and my doctor told me my blood work was perfect!
Avatar f tn i have heard of people going as low as 25. I would stay on the same meds monitoring bloodwork every week or two. If it was early in tx I would worry but not with a few months to go. Be very careful not to cut yourself. It would be hard to stop bleeding with that low of platelets.
Avatar f tn over 750K? platelets are what helps make your blood clot, for instance when you get a cut.
Avatar m tn There is much discussion about low platelet counts but no one actually comments on their personal experience with the symptoms i.e what are they, at what levels do tey occur and how concerned are you about them.
Avatar n tn When you say low that is open to intuition. What numbers do you mean by high and low. There are different levels of low platelet counts. Depending on what the numbers are tells if their is need for concern. Platelets are produced in the bone marrow, the same as the red cells and most of the white blood cells. The average lifespan of a platelet is normally just 5 to 9 days. Platelets are a natural source of growth factors.
Avatar f tn I had a CBC blood est and TSH as part of my well woman exam last week. I got a call from doctor and was told my White Blood Count was "slightly" low and platelets were "slightly" low. My TSH was 4.7. (which is is high). They make me an appt. to see the doctor next week. What could this mean? I am very anxious about this. I have had a sinus infection in the last few months and now allergies.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was referred to a hema/oncologist for high platelets (680) All other blood work is in normal ranges. He sent me to get a ct scan of pretty much everything chest and below. All normal. My iron level was low at 15 so I got 2 infusions of iron and go back to recheck blood in 3 weeks. Doc said he's trying to keep me from bone marrow biopsy. Researching this I found irritable bowel could be a cause which I have had since I was 10. I am 55 now. Anyone have any info on this?
Avatar f tn It simply means they will have that option availablefor u to consult with one before u give birth. They will tell u what the process is and what the risks are and what your rights are to choose. Thats it.