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Avatar n tn I have worked on treadmill for a while, possibly three or four years. Not regular exercise, I went to gym when I feel it is necessary. I am approaching 40s, and would like to lose some weight. I am 5'3'', 125Ibs. Believe it or not, I gained about 10 pounds since I came here. Forgot to mention that I originally came from China, and I am petite here. In my country I am medize size. I plan to restrore to my original weight, which is, I plan to lose 10pounds.
697132 tn?1232389372 I'm aiming to be healthier in 8 weeks, but even beyond then. I'm currently blogging my experiences on my blogger page, , and so feel free to watch and keep track along with me! well, there's not much else going on now. I'll update this later though. see ya!
Avatar f tn I currently do tae-boe 4 days a week, on the other 3 I do pilates and no exercising on the weekends but do heavy housework. I truly wish to get my physique back but need proper guidence. I have a bowflex machine, treadmill, legpress and lat machine and free weights. My goals: slim down, tone and firm up. I have a belly bulge. I've been exercising for months and haven't seen really any significant changes I'm trying to get some nice definition in my legs. Could use some advice, suggestions.
1417531 tn?1365601325 So, here I am on the phone with him, not knowing what to say so I tell him, I'm coming home and hang up. Sure enough I come home and on the porch- 3 huge boxes all saying 'Bowflex' on them... I just walked up to the porch with him grinning ear to ear reading and re-reading the boxes all the while he's saying 'Are THESE for me?' I simply looked at him and said, Well, this wasn't how I wanted to surprise you, but Happy Anniversary to my Iron man!
Avatar m tn I have lost over 15 pounds and ride my exercise bike 50 minutes a day. I also work out on my BowFlex each and every night and am slowly getting back to the physic I once had. I kind of took a small break from this site here a few weeks ago and have been actively commenting on a lot of posts lately. I particularly like the new posts from 24-48 hour withdrawal people.
Avatar m tn Hey Chris, I hope you're hangin' in there. In answer to your question, I was on 120mg. for around three years. Also had a Herion habit on top of it. The technololgy of the times enabled me to cheat and get away with it. Maybe that's why sweating was not an issue for me. Who knows. OK, so let's say the sweats are a given. Working out and getting/staying fit is critical to your recovery, your physical and mental health, and your staying clean when you get off the shi*.
Avatar n tn hi guys, so since these pvc's have started i have committed myself to taking better care of me... which is a good thing. i am trying to eat healthier & do cardio 20 mins per day (among other things). today during my workout on the eliptical i kept feeling that familiar unpleasant "skip" in my chest. i stopped a few times to take my pulse & sure enough, i was getting some skipped beats....
Avatar m tn I am an athletic type person and own a BOWFLEX machine and have a manual treadmill. Always workout regularly but recently I stop jogging outdoor and reduce my cardiovascular exercise into one half my usual routine hoping to minimize the occurence of PVC. I am not sure if this is the right decision.
Avatar n tn I recently began an agressive exercise program - Bowflex - feels great and I'm doing well on it. I have no problems and had never before, but about one week after I began this program, I started having these "skipped beats". Talked to my dr. and he said they were pvc's and not to worry. I did have a heart cath last year because the er thought I might be having a heart attack - turned out to be a stomach ulcer. I was on prevacid, but was able to discontinue that about a month ago.
Avatar n tn I to recieved the flyer , I am needing to loose 50lbs myself in a short period of time I thought this would be the best way to do it, after reading up on slimballs I believe its a huge scam.
Avatar n tn Thanks for everyone's posting on progress with Vitamin B. I'll consider trying. My warm leg sensations began after weeks and weeks of a left side, temple area headache. I've been on antidepress for a 6 weeks and the warm leg sensations have subsided by the headache continues unabated. Not terribly bad but mostly present 4-5 days of the week. Can't get rid of this headache. Seems like almost a "hangover" headache. (but, haven't had a drop since last September!).