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196368 tn?1205377630 I get it too. It is normal. THat is just our body digesting everything. It will also make more "noises" when you are anxious. That is weird that you wrote this, I was just listening to my stomach!!
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have been having really uneasy feelings when I'm out in public. I feel really anxious that someone is going to harm me and I won't be able to get away or protect myself like I would if I wasn't pregnant. It's gotten to the point I don't like going places alone. I know this is strange but I'm wondering if anyone else feeling this way?
1709162 tn?1314088432 Where I live we have a free crisis hotline that has operators 24 hours a day. You can call them for anythig mental health related. When I'm alone and panicking and it gets really bad, I call them and it helps me feel not so alone. You could try finding out if the area you live in has a similar program. I believe that the hotline I call can be reached by a 1-800 number for anyone in the US but i'd have to check on that. But..
Avatar m tn make notes for yourself, try to stay focused, write things down, avoid really complicated projects that require concentration, have reminders around (ie like alarms to remember to take the pills), put all appointments on a calandar, keep an eye on whatt you are doing to be sure you are doing it correctly, and so forth. You are not alone in having these symptoms. Personally, I gave up on trying to read a book, write narratives, work on geneology, do research, tackle big projects, etc.
Avatar m tn I just came back from another HIV test and wonder if I should be calm or worried. I am really anxious! Comments welcome.
8987249 tn?1404777697 Does anyone else feel anxious after not having had an ultrasound for a while? I had my last ultrasound at 8 weeks (I'm about 10 weeks now), and everything looked good, but I don't think I'll have another until I'm 12 weeks. I just wish I could see the baby more often and confirm everything's going well. I'm not having many symptoms so that makes me more anxious too.
Avatar f tn I lost my dad to lung cancer 8 years ago and the thought of me ever getting cancer scares me. it drives me insane. when i was little i used to always think i would die at the age of 40 because thats when my dad passed away. i remember waking up in the middle of the night telling my mom please dont die. i have major problems, and fears. i am constantly thinking about what disease i might have at the moment. i was just recently dizzy 24.7 i had to get an mri done which showed nothing is wrong.
Avatar n tn She and her boyfriend before me always used condoms (w/ the exception of a few times) when they had intercourse and HSV2 was never transferred to him. She and I only had actual intercourse 4 times in about a 2 month period and all protected w/ a condom. We performed oral on each other, but based the information I've read in this forum, there is no real risk there. The relationship ended approx.
393709 tn?1295968016 I am so anxious today. It is day 8. Is that normal? I feel like I am going to turn inside out. I am a little dizzy too ( aside from my normal dizzy).
156741 tn?1212752147 It comes and goes, but i find if iam am focused on other things, its not there. When i am alone and dwelling here it comes. Thankfully that is not too often. Just hang in there, this disease and the meds to tx it are more than any one person should have to deal with.
Avatar f tn if it's more of a random 1 night stand sort of thing, make sure the condom goes on when the clothing goes off, not just wait until actual penetration to put it on. just proper condom use alone greatly reduces your risk of a std. also if you are this anxiety ridden about std's, you should only be giving and receiving protected oral sex too if you aren't aware of a partners std status. hope that helps!
Avatar f tn Thank you all for writing back and it is good to know I am not alone...Good Luck and Blessings to all. I am happy for you Bill that you beat this.WOW. Can you tell me about all you went through? Also what does a biopsy feel like?
Avatar m tn The thing is that you have to know when your fears are irrational. This does not make them go away but it can help you when trying to get past them. HIV can survive in syringes, and it can be transmitted that way. CAN, does not mean that every syringe out there contains the virus. A nurse WILL NOT knowingly inject you with the virus, nor would anyone switch the needle.
Avatar f tn Are you anxious when you talk ?
Avatar f tn Does anyone have a panic attack when they are alone and you're in unfamiliar surroundings? You want to run but there's no where to run. I've tried meditation but it doesn't work like i had hoped. I try to stay focus but i feel like i'm out of my body.
Avatar n tn words of a fight, so bitter and cruel. awake half the night, worlds biggest fool. I meant what I said when I said,'I'DO'. I'm here all alone.Why cant it be you?
Avatar f tn I live with anxiety. When I dont have the palps, I dont usually have severe anxiety. But..when Im alone...AND having the is VERY tough for me. VERY. Its my biggest fear--having something medically happen to me when Im alone. Then, add the palpitations, and Im a wreck, xanax doesnt help much then. Last night, (which I was posting on here alot with weird beats) I was alone. I think, if I hadnt been, it wouldnt have been so bad.
Avatar f tn Keep posting for us!
5331783 tn?1366810978 I hope that someone here can help me through this tx, if for nothing else but support from someone who has been through or is going through tx now. I feel so alone and hopeless. Thanks in advance.
12192525 tn?1426453483 ) Atthebeach gave you some excellent advice. It's key that you redirect your mind/spirit when you're feeling anxious. I found that music & laughter in the form of funny movies (both get those endorphins flowing) & staying on this site & in touch with the folks I met here got me through. I also think she gave you excellent nutritional advice. It's best to stay away from as many mood-altering chemicals as possible. They only complicate matters & slow your neural healing.
Avatar f tn 30 Am I woke up and had this awful feeling she was coming and something was just wrong. I know it not to be true, just wish I could relax. Is anyone else feeling this way?
Avatar f tn So I'm 39+1 with my first, and I'm getting really anxious and fed up. I want my Princess here so much! I've been sat at home on maternity leave for 4 weeks, and I don't want to wait any longer. I've been getting a few pains, but nothing significant. No show or anything, and starting to get really upset now. Any idea how to calm myself down? Thanks guys.
Avatar f tn My 2yr old (3 in March) daughter has recently started crying when left at childminders (even though she has been going there since she was 10mths old) and absolutely HATES the playgroup (mother & toddler group) that my childminder takes her to even though all the other children are happy there. I work full-time and find it hard to leave her knowing that she is upset. She is very happy chatty etc when at home or with close relatives but is quite shy with other people generally.
Avatar f tn I finally decided to stop stressing and stop trying and just enjoy my alone time with my husband and it just happened. Stress is what keeps you from getting pregnant, and just let it happen :) I appreciate my pregnancy so much more since it took so long but its been stress free and im much more happier now. You need to just be happy and stop thinking so much about it, I thought it would never happen, but everything happens when timebis right...Good Luck!!!
Avatar n tn It's So scary.