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788117 tn?1304011947 Have you considered having weekly total calories eaten and expended like WebMD? They also allow for tracking the calories expended doing specific daily activities like sleeping, desk work, shopping, etc. That way you can account for all the calories you burn in one day (not just those related to exercise) and compare them to all the calories you consume. I like their diet tracker very much but I like that Med Help has trackers for my migraines, my mood, etc.
Avatar f tn I am constantly on medhelp or google trying to put these symptoms together i am at my breaking point i have been to three hospital ER depts so much they know me by name and im just tired of it i have been diagnosed with anxiety and a big part of me doesnt want it to be because its onlymanageable not curable i will have to deal with this i have three kids i am missing out on their life with this anxiety crap im so scatterbrained from it i get physically tired that i miss out on appointments and n
Avatar f tn Can taking fish oil make anxiety worse? I have read that several places on the web latety and now wonder if it is contributing to my anxiety.
Avatar f tn i just read on WebMD that creatine may be used as a treatment for depression and bipolar. i'm still researching this but wondered if anyone else has info on this and if the info is from a credible source.
Avatar f tn typically, it takes one to two weeks for the infection to resolve itself (webmd). If you are on multiple doses of zithromycin (with no more bad symptoms), I would expect things to be getting better soon. If that was a single dose of zithromycin, then yes, there is a very good chance it did not get into your system. I am guessing you took it on an empty stomach? You should get back to your doctor as soon as possible if it was a single dose and let them know what happened.
Avatar m tn They say..adding this med to the interferon/ribavirin therapy, has a 75% viral cure rate on newly treated patients, and also instead of 48weeks they were able to only take treatments for 24 weeks, this is on the WebMD website. I'm very interested in this also, I supposed to start treatment in Aug this year.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you have an axiety condition that needs to be treated. See if you can get treatment for that and some counseling to boost it. When my anxiety acts up I fret and have the same physical symptoms. Problem with anxiety is you can worry so much about being sick that you can make yourself sick. Focus on wellness topics. Read about prevention and zen meditation, positive stuff.
Avatar m tn try putting the same quetion in your favorite serch engine, and you will find tons of them but its finding the one that suit you, and that as they say is the million dollor question, you a going to have to do a lot of serching to find anything, OK heres a but, for me I got over ED with DHEA and my age is 64, try looking it up and do your background on it befroe you go anywhere near it, it can have some bab side effects for the odd person, webmd has a very good page on it, it split over 5 pages a
Avatar f tn My stool appears to have mucus in It, along with some slight constipation. I immediately ran to Dr. Google and Webmd. Needless to say, I think I have cancer now. Health anxiety *****. Like being a prisoner of my own body.
1344624 tn?1276346009 Melanie, try going to the WebMD IBS board and post to a young lady with the 'handle' Renny. She's going through treatment for Lyme had has had a myriad of GI issues for quite awhile.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a history of health anxiety and manifestations of physical problems that get exaggerated by anxiety and then I assume the worst right away. A recent one would be my cat ran away after some moving and finally getting him and my aunt (lives with me) to the new home and 10 minutes later he got out from the stress and he’s gone again. After that I’ve been waking up dizzy and sometimes I’d feel a headrush as if blood flowed down out of my head in a cooling sensation when I wake up.
Avatar m tn Hi..this is my first post after being a lurker! I've completed a 24 week course of abbvie Viekira, exvira + riba, hcv geno type 1a, apparently possible cirrhosis with 3 fibroscans ranging between 11.6kpa - 10.4kps (the lower being the most recent scan which i had 8 weeks into treatment). I'm now 5 weeks post treatment...treatment itself wasn't easy but no where near as bad as what I've heard about the older treatments but I seem to of crash landed coming off it...
Avatar m tn Exercise capacity and heart rate recovery is a stronger predictor of risk than the severity of coronary disease, it is also a very good predictor of people at low risk who do not need aggressive treatment. Slow heart rate recovery is 12 beats or less per minute, and it is the first minute reaction time after a stress test that is the usual measurement.
935922 tn?1244815560 ve seen numerous doctors over the last three years and possible diagnosises have ranged from Multiple Sclerosis, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and anxiety, I found clonopin (anxiety med) really helps with easing the palpitations, but that's about it. I'm left with the other problems everyday, for three years. Someone mentioned to me recently about thyroid disorders. I kind of blew it off because I'm thinking heart/chest pain = heart problem.
Avatar m tn Hello I have symptoms and I just have no idea what they are due to. Most people I ask say stress or anxiety which could be very true but any way here's what they are. I get major pain in my upper rib area it's stabbing extremely uncomfortable pain that prevents me from doing anything for about an hour. I also get really warm. The after affects sometimes are worse. I get very upset stomach (sometimes leading to vomiting) and my ribs stay very sore and I can't sleep for about a day.
1962464 tn?1344606673 I also have bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe anxiety, and arthritis. I am taking so many meds it's ridiculous: Seroquel, cyclobenziprine, Celebrex, Lamotrigine, Prozac, Diclofenic, Simvastatin, and Levothyroxin. My doctor does a complete blood work up every three months and doesn't seem concerned about the combination of meds that I am taking. I know some of these are also prescribed for fybromyalgia pain.
Avatar n tn Hi! If you are on facebook, check out the Lyme Disease and Wellness page. Those bands are specific for Lyme and unfortunately mainstream doctors and infectious disease doctors will dismiss them. You'd be better off seeing an LLMD or a Naturopathic doctor, which usually isn't covered by insurance unfortunately, but they can help you rather than spinning your wheels. Best of luck!
4173379 tn?1355356551 Which is what I was wondering about in my original post, understanding how it all relates to treatment, and how I can help him with the anxiety surrounding the side effects and chances of him becoming virus free...