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Avatar m tn Here is some information on Beta Blockers and how they work. Beta blockers, also known as beta-adrenergic blocking agents, are drugs that block norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) from binding to beta receptors on nerves. There are three types of beta receptors and they control several functions based on their location in the body.
Avatar m tn Has anyone found beta blockers to be useful for anxiety and/or panic attacks? If so, could you tell me which one and what dosage?
865758 tn?1285956504 Discuss this with your doctor to see if perhaps it would be a feasible treatment for you. Lastly, one example of a common beta blockers prescribed for anxiety is Inderal (Propanolol). Best of luck...please let us know what you decided!!!!
Avatar m tn Hi all, Question for you: Is there a general consesus on which beta blockers tend to be better than others? I know this may be a silly question b/c everyone has different experiences with these drugs. I need to lower my heart rate a bit (I have mild POTS). I had a bad experience with metoprolol. (even at just 12.5 mg). It made me dizzy and lethargic and then at night I had a vivid night terror. Could anyone recommend another one that is working for them?
Avatar n tn Hello So sorry I didn't see your post until now. I hope you spoke with your doctor today. It can be very daunting and complicated having all those inhalers around. Qvar and Azmacort very similar and would not generally be used together, both are corticosteroids to prevent inflamation. I suspect your doctor intended for you to stop the Azmacort when the Qvar was perscribed. Serevent is one of my favorite asthma medications because you only need it twice a day.
Avatar n tn Iwould agree with your psychiatrist that you need to get a complete evaluation from a medical doctor before considering beta-blockers. Beta blockers does help in reducing the heart rate and in relieving performance anxiety.At present there are several medications that are available in the market which are proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders.I hope this information is helpful to you.
Avatar n tn The treatment is the combination of proper hydration and beta-blockers. Don't worry too much about what is too slow. You'll know that your rate is too slow when you begin to feel tired or run down. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn It is within the normal range to have mitral prolapse and trace regurgitation. There would be no other treatment indicated for palpitations. Beta blockers decrease energy in some. If this leads to less exercise, it could lead to weight gain, but beta blockers themselves do not cause weight gain. Xanax can be very addicting but doesnt cause palpitations.
1651485 tn?1301664889 I have been on beta blockers for over 3 years now and during that time i gained about 30 pounds. last summer i wanted to get off of them so i started to and i had a huge problem with anxiety and withdrawl and my blood pressure and tinnitus were spiking high! Well i am finally off them and two months ago my tsh was 3.01 and i was feeling better finally! two days ago i had it retested and i am now at 6.
1298588 tn?1330322581 Just wondering how effective beta blockers are in controlling heart rhythm as opposed to heart rate. I have a prescription for a low dose of beta blocker that I take only as needed to control my periodically high heart rates. My rate has been really good lately, so I haven't needed it, but my rhythm has been crazy, with periods of time in which my heart will skip every few beats or so.
Avatar n tn You are not suppose to PUSH your heart rate up when you're on beta blockers. Just act normal. I tried other beta blockers and they didn't work for me. They always gave me extra skipped beats that I wasn't having before, so it's a tricky thing.
Avatar f tn I have been weaning off of my beta blockers for a LONG time now. My cardio's office has a new PA and she told me the amount I was taking was really nothing at all (12.5 mg every other day) and I could just stop if I wanted to. I was too nervous to do that so I am now on 6.25 every other day. I have been feeling panicky lately. The first week I started it I wasn't bothered, but lately I am having like small panic attacks. Today it seems really bad!
Avatar n tn Do beta blockers effect the ejection fraction results on an echocardiogram? I have read that one side effect of beta blocker use can be heart failure. How does this happen, and can long term use (12 years) be responsible for a marginally low EF of 47%?
Avatar n tn Dear JBT Beta blockers are a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks as well as PVC's. While they treat the sumpotms, by decreasing the heart rate, they actually decrease the hearts excitability and improve the underlying condition.
2071923 tn?1331523065 My MD is a general practitioner MD who uses integrative medicine AND is a psychiatrist. He also up on the latest cutting edge medicine. He put me on beta blockers for my extreme PTSD and anxiety last year. He had me take one beta blocker at night only. I took them for 6 months in a first course, and will begin another soon. After the first 6 months I can report that my symptoms are markedly better. I've been off them for 8 months.
785798 tn?1237901897 The atenolol also helped with the anxiety I would get when my heart would take off into tachycardia. Atenolol is a beta blocker and it is one I can live with..... would love to not be on anything but not an option right now. I guess I am trying to say is IF you can not find some natural remedies insist on trying different meds.... don't stick with something that doesn't work, or makes your Mum feel bad.
1432927 tn?1283550304 Definately beta blockers work differently for different people but the thesis that is the same is that it is meant to block adrenaline runs or rushs to eliminate tach and fib. If you are waking up w. tach...been there done that one more times than i care to think about and hated it...not being in control of my life like in waking hours...they keep switching your meds, up down old new.....and you are still taching out...
Avatar f tn I've had the same experience. Others have reported this too. First, using Beta Blockers for PVCs is an off-label use. The reason I think doctors have gotten into the habit of trying them is because they reduce the contractive force of the heart. This is supposed to lessen one's awareness of them. However I think Beta Blockers create an environment that favors more PVCs.
746058 tn?1248348265 and that my fight or flight response gets triggered easily, so this can be POTS? The beta blockers can be used for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and can help bring my HR down into the 70's. It can block the adrenaline response to the heart from my understanding...But I feel more comfortable taking 1/2 the dose he perscribed at first to see how well it is tolerated. I'd rather have to go up in dose from no benefit , than down in dose due to a poor response.
Avatar m tn Anyone have any experience with beta blockers to curb anxiety? My cardiologist apparently recommended them to my family doctor in my case. I know I definitely don't want to try any more SSRIs and I feel like I'm making some good progress without any medication at all, just with counseling and reading. But, maybe if a beta blocker would help with the generalized day-in/day-out 24/7 anxiety I should try it. Just seeing if anyone has any experience with beta blockers.
Avatar f tn They are depressants used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Another of these is Xanax, a drug I have to take along with beta blockers to treat my thyroid illness. When you were prescribed the ativan, the doc had reason to believe you had anxiety, but that can be caused by many other illnesses, including thyroid, parathyroid, and other glandular problems. In women, this anxiety can also be caused by incorrect hormonal balances, and/or estrogen problems.
Avatar n tn doctor says its stress but i am worrying myself silly that its something more serious. so my GP has referred me to see a cardiologist. i am on beta blockers and now my heart rate is 62 bpm but i am so down in the dumps with it all. i dont know who to turn to. i have 3 daughters and my boyfriend but i dont want to burden them with my problems. so i completely understand. i dont want to go out the house lately and i have trouble sleeping. i cant seem to settle.
743774 tn?1232676783 Oh, sorry, more information - I'm hyper, doctor is 90% sure it's Graves, TSH level around 004, thyroid swollen, 40 yo male with history of heart disease on one side of the family.
1124887 tn?1313758491 However, my doctor was reluctant to prescribe beta blockers, wanting to focus on the cause of the symptom (the anxiety) rather than the symptom itself (the arrhythmia.) She said that if the cause is dealt with, then the symptom will go away. However, if the cause remains valid, the symptom can always manifest itself, even if it is being treated separately. My cardiologist felt the same way.
Avatar m tn Good Question, some years ago I thought atenolol was responsible for my flare up of PVCs, now it seems to keep them at bay , I think in my case it was probably coincidental, though I've read some literature to suggest that vagally mediated arrhythmias might be triggered or aggravated by beta blockers (ie vagal a-fib or PVCs & PACs that usually kick in at a lower heartrate , of course this might have nothing to do with what you're experiencing.
Avatar n tn today my ob was concerned because she could hear it and it has been very constant. the cardoilogist wants me to start beta-blockers immediately. i don't understand what my problem is. all i know is that i have a murmur with palpitations aggrevated by the increased blood flow during pregnancy and that i have something else that he caught by hearing two clicks between my heartbeats. do you know what this is and why i have it?
Avatar n tn I am beginning to think that I am a psyche case, although I have no history of anxiety attacks, and feel there is no reason for me to be having them now. If I can't tolerate the beta-blockers, how can my tachycardia be treated? - I need to reduce my heart rate without reducing my blood pressure. Do my symptoms suggest that I am at risk of a stroke?
Avatar m tn Are there any other antihypertensive drugs that have similar, anti-anxiety effects to Beta Blockers that I could talk to my doctor about? I want to obtain the beneficial effects of a Beta blocker again, but in a safe, medically approved way. I suffer from social anxiety and shaky confidence. I know that the only thing that ever really controlled it was Inderal LA at that very high dosage. I understand that such a dosage is not appropriate and I am not inclined to do that again.