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Avatar f tn I am in Northern California, this was all at the Santa Rosa offices. I have previously been to Vallejo and love their services but the drive is nearly 3 hours each way from where I live now (Santa Rosa is 1.5 hours away and the closest one to me yet). Nobody that I know has Kaiser, in fact everyone is on Medical. I have talked to nurses who were astonished that I hadn't been referred for surgery, and highly recommended that I drop Kaiser completely and try to get on Medical.
Avatar m tn Try going to Santa Rosa California. There they have the True North Health Center. I had this just happen to me recently it feels like. And I have the weird jerks in the body along with muscle weakness. It could be Parkisons or MS even. Medicine says they cant doing anything to cure these. Thats why I'm letting you know about True North .
299940 tn?1192322967 The Verdigo I was speaking of is now being diagnosed as supposedly from Calcium deposits in the Blood Vesels of the Inner ear, I am to see a Vertigo specialist in Santa Rosa to get the second opinion and to prescribe some sort of head exercise to dislodge the particals. I will keep you all posted. Tx again for listening, Ken PS. Good Luck, Susan.
Avatar f tn He completely oversold his skills and led me to believe he could fix all my problems. He did a horrible job and put the jaws back off center, cantilevered and rotated. Yes, all three axis of the 3D plane are wrong. On top of that, he collapsed the middle vault of my nose, so the right side caved in. I already had that fixed by an amazing surgeon but I know I have to get more follow up work on top of all the damage.
Avatar f tn I started complaining to my OB and he sent me to a breast center to have a unltrasound. And they commented this was a common however, I was the worst they had ever seen. My OB said that they would probably go down after the baby was born, and if I breast feed, they would go down once I stopped. I never noticed they went down, I stopped nursing my son at 7 months months and soon after I fould out I was pregnant yet again.