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Avatar f tn The state i live in doesnt have alot of options for treatment centers, if im going, i want to get good care, and a good recovery program, so the search is still on, if anyone knows of a good one, please post me, i have talked to the one in Florida, and it sounds awesome, but my funds are low and i dont want to be that far away (thats a long way) i evern looked at CA, CO, maybe even WA state, but to no avail.
Avatar n tn I have posted here many times in the past. I suffer from Panic/Anxiety disorder and I dont have insurance so I am not getting any help. I have been to all the local mental health centers, etc... nothing. A Emergency room doctor prescribed me BuSpar since I have such horrible side effects to SSRI's... {Paxil, Zoloft, etc.} so a friend of mine gave me BuSpar and i only took 1/4th of the pill and it made me so Miserable. I was in bed for 2 1/2 days and I missed work and i felt like dying.
Avatar n tn I saw a doctor who offered no real explanation other than it may be stress related. In January 2004 I went on holiday to Florida. While I was there, the jolts seemed less frequent, so I thought maybe the stress diagnosis held some weight. I did notice however that I'd become extremely intolerant to alcohol - not that it made me sick, but I would feel drunk after one or two drinks. I returned home and and went back to work.
Avatar m tn Such reactions usually occur within 2 hours of administration, but may occur up to 24 hours and in some cases more than one year after initiation of regular treatment. Patients should receive treatment only under direct medical supervision and be observed for a minimum of 2 hours following administration; appropriate medications for the treatment of anaphylactic reactions should be available.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it seems that it comes on later in the afternoon almost routine and then it sometimes happens out of the blue in the morning. I try to change my underwear twice a day and don't wear any underwear at nigh for bed. I'm not sure what triggers this...I know about 2.5 years ago I got a really nasty vaginal infection..Then it was treated and I've been tested for STD's all negative. I sometimes wonder if it came from the boyfriend at that time.
Avatar n tn Doctors Focus New Attention On Heart Disease in Women Latest Studies Spur Calls For Better Testing, Treatment; Exploring the Use of MRIs By RON WINSLOW (Wall Street Journal) February 14, 2006; Page D1 Recent research into how heart disease differs between the sexes is prompting calls for fresh approaches to improve its detection and treatment in women.
897400 tn?1303332748 Why are these hormones not routinely measured by addiction treatment centers? The increased anxiety associated with suboptimal serotonin activity has so eloquently been elucidated by my esteemed colleague and friend, Daniel Amen, M.D., the founder and medical director of the Amen Clinics. Through SPECT brain imaging, Dr.
4190741 tn?1370181432 Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation May Aid in PTSD May 31, 2013 HOLLYWOOD, Florida — Trigeminal nerve stimulation (TNS), a noninvasive therapy currently approved for treatment of refractory epilepsy and major depression in Canada and Europe, is showing promise in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and concomitant depression, according to the results of a small pilot study.
Avatar f tn I have a son, and would aggressively support his recovery in the most comfortable setting and treatment. Be careful alot of people or treatment centers are inhumane. Help him get the best treatment and use common sense about it. Keep us informed. In my prayers.
1684282 tn?1505701570 When an individual becomes addicted to a drug, whatever the reason they began taking that drug in the first place, a point is reached where nothing matters to the addict but obtaining the drug and getting high. Addiction leads to isolation, from other people as well as emotionally and psychologically within the addict. Addiction quickly takes over an individual’s life. When considering addiction vs.
Avatar n tn Pediatric neuropsychologists can be found in major medical centers and in pediatric hospitals as well as private clinics. A neuropsychologist is a psychologist with advanced training in medical conditions that impact thinking, learning, behavior and emotions. Their testing is generally more in-depth than most psychological assessments, and the neuropsychologist will give you a very good understanding of your child and what he needs.
653618 tn?1260607243 I did. High hopes, thwarted for me, would not rule out for others.
Avatar f tn My question is, is there any detox or treatment center that only lasts a week in tampa florida? I have looked online and a lot of them are 30 days, maybe that's what I need I don't know. Thank you for all your support everyone, you are all wonderful people, I think all addicts have big hearts.
233488 tn?1310696703 Dry eyes are one of the most common conditions seen in the practice of ophthalmology. Collectively dry eyes probably cause more eye discomfort and irritation than any other condition. The term “dry eyes” will never go way but it’s misleading. Eye MD ophthalmologists now call this “ocular surface disorder” (OSD) and sometimes “tears dysfunction syndrome.” There are two forms of the problem.
712042 tn?1254572809 I do not want to instill fear or anxiety in anyone trying to figure out their symptoms. I am very outside anything close to what is being seen by doctors with patients with this microvessel involvement. So keep track of your signs and keep involved with your doctors and if you can, get to a large well known heart center; they are best when it comes to knowing about the odd cardiac things that are out there.
Avatar f tn All of the research I have done myself leads me to believe that recovery (partial or full) is so hit and miss even with extremely prompt treatment with everything that has already been mentioned before. My ENT also indicated to me there is no conclusive evidence that steroid treatment, in any form, is beneficial or not. Either way, he gave me a 50/50% chance of regaining any hearing. However, I did opt for the oral Prednisone treatment as he suggested.
Avatar f tn My ENT also indicated to me there is no conclusive evidence that steroid treatment, in any form, is beneficial or not. Either way, he gave me a 50/50% chance of regaining any hearing. However, I did opt for the oral Prednisone treatment as he suggested. After countless hours of researching, I am now left wondering if what he prescribed is the correct dosage.
Avatar n tn The son of a very dear friend of mine recently went through a rapid detox in Florida for his addiction to Oxycontin. It's been a little over a month. I know that's a short period of time for an addiction he's had for about a decade but I'm concerned with the money she is spending for his post detox care. He's telling her he needs $1000 every three weeks for his prescribed medications.
1323357 tn?1274826939 Vitamin B deficiencies can be caused by a number of factors, primarily stress and anxiety. This, in turn, can cause increased anxiety, loss of appetite and insomnia ? all of which can make DP worse. Remember to be patient with it ? if you have developed a deficiency, it can take time to build your Vitamin B levels back up. Calcium ? nerve health Magnesium supplements are good for the heart, for the blood flow, and can help prevent anxiety and stress.
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Avatar n tn Swollen Lymph Nodes Allergies, both Environmental and Food Ithcy Inner Ear Hearing decrease in one ear Buzzing and Ringing in my head GERD IBS Swollen things in back of my tongue Eye Lid Twitch Anxiety Depression I can't gain weight, although when I first lost weight it was because I barely ate, but now I cant gain a pound.
Avatar n tn if you call their office you may be able to get referrals. i live in florida and actually flew up there and am staying in a hotel nearby because I wanted john hmself to treat me as part of the program. they have many chronic pain patients that do so. i know it's expensive, but dirt cheap relative to the value of my life. good luck to you.
Avatar n tn I am an accountant for several diagnostic radiology centers (none of my procedures were performed at one of these centers--no preferential treatment!). I can assure you not all diagnostic centers have such long waits! Most of our procedures are scheduled in just a few days, not 3 weeks.
182493 tn?1348056515 The amino acid treatment is a tool being used for recovery. There are several books out about this and it is used in some treatments centers.. The concept is that our brains get "damaged" by use of pills or other drugs.. or in some people these deficiency issues were already there and is what caused or lead us to the drugs we choose.. to 'balance" the deficiency. Either case.. by helping to rebuild the neurotransmitters that are affected my our pill use it helps us heal..
Avatar n tn I had chest pains, shortness o breath, palpitations, numbness in my fingers, and i just felt awful. When I was finally diagnosed, i went to a clinic in florida to have a catheater ablation done, to burn the extra node i had, causing me all this trouble. When the procedure was over, the doctor told me that he didn't get everything, but i should not experience any more problems, despite this procedure being sucessul 95% of the time.
Avatar f tn most cities have Phoenix House which is between 12 and 18 months. An example of community programs.... in Tampa, Florida is a 6 month program, in St.Petersburg is an 18 month program and the Florida Addictions Center near Sebring is 2 months followed by a mandatory 3 month sober house. Most sober houses cost but you are encouraged to work and pay the rent which is usually reasonable. You are living in a structured house with other recovered people who support eachother....
Avatar n tn Even to get some meds to help with the detox.I live in the west palm beach area in florida?can anyone give me any advice.It all seems hopeless.thank you.
Avatar n tn House sold in June and I moved into new place in August) June 2001 Afib again and Atenelol increased to 100mg. Dec. 2001 Afib again (in Florida while on vacation so no change in meds). Feb. 9, 2002 Afib again and no change in meds. All of these above instances I was hospitalized and converted myself with Cardazim and Digoxin IV's and it took between 5-16 hours each time. Then my last instance was Feb. 25, 2002, went to the hospital again, and converted in 1hour.