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Avatar f tn I would look for an integrated practitioner who combines conventional and alternative protocols. Perhaps by visiting the Whole Health Chicago website, you might get a better idea of what this entails. Conventional medicine alone does not provide satisfactory treatment options beyond pharmacological approaches for symptom relief. You may also search here under IWILLDOTHIS, an older relevant thread I started here a while back.
Avatar f tn I did a lot of research on where to go in Chicago and as luck would have it, the Univ. of Chicago is where the Vertex trials have been. I had heard about Dr. Jensen from a nurse I know who has hepatitis C. I had also seen him a couple times in Chicago Magazines yearly "Top Docs" issues. (He was actually on the cover of their last "Top Docs"issue.) Dr. Jensen has a great CV and I knew the first time I saw him with my page of questions that I was in the right place.
892215 tn?1389718706 I just attended a seminar on Thursday by Donald Jensen, MD, Director, Center for Liver Diseases, University of Chicago Medical Center. In agreement with what Bill wrote, he stated that marijuana definitely increases scar tissue in the liver. If it were me, I'd search for alternatives. But I also agree that you have to weigh pros & cons and make the best decision for you. Novae: That's interesting about the Oregon case.
Avatar m tn A total of 755 patients underwent a baseline liver biopsy and received a single course of interferon-based therapy or no treatment. Of this initial group, 230 were followed without additional treatment for 5 years before undergoing a repeat biopsy. This group included 41 patients who declined therapy and 189 who received treatment but did not achieve SVR (continued undetectable HCV viral load 24 weeks after completion of therapy).
Avatar m tn Are you working with a pituitary center? What type of tumor? Is all of your tumor operable and do you know if it grew around the optic nerve and/or carotid(s) or down into the cavernous sinus? First and foremost, make sure that the neuro-endo has properly determined the type of tumor and that any medical treatments that can be used can be tried first - so it is essential to know the type of tumor (so just saying pituitary tumor is misleading - there are many types).
Avatar m tn However, if I were you, I would try to find a Hepatologist who is affiliated with a universtity medical center. Here is a link which lists some Hepatologists in Chicago. You can see that some are affiliated with Rush University Medical Center, some are affiliated with the University of Chicago, some are affiliated with University of Illinois at Chicago, and some are affiliated with Northwestern University: http://www.vitals.
Avatar f tn Any one from chicago and if so what hospital will u deliver at im due jan 15 with baby number 3 and delivering at rush university medical d center
Avatar f tn I was invited while in the hospial to take my case to Loyala Med Center or Northwesten Med Ctr here in Chicago.. After I was "discharged" I went for my weekly visit with my local doc who summarily took the orders out of my hand & thru them in the trash. He told me I was too far into my disease and only he knew me.
Avatar n tn Currently, she is a patient of the Ukrainian State Cancer Center in Kiev, Ukraine. Of cource, she will come to the US if you suppose it is possible. Since all the doctors she consulted with in Kiev are pretty well independed in what they are doing, below is a brief explanation of information I have about. Current Diagnoses as on December 20. 2012: Oral Advanced Squamous-Cell Carcinoma. Stage 2. Patient name: Maryna K. 36 years old. A US permanent resident, curently a Ukrainian citizen.
Avatar m tn I dont feel depressed or anxiety at all! I stopped taking xanax. I went out of town last week to chicago and the whole wee i was up there i didnt have these symptoms at all. Why not? I have horrible posture. Could it be a pinched nerve?
626299 tn?1316707893 Boceprevir in Combination With Peginterferon Alfa-2a and Ribavirin in Subjects With Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Who Failed Prior Treatment With Peginterferon/Ribavirin (Study P05685)" - It shows as actively recruiting is some areas but the study completion date is Dec 10, 2009. Does anyone know if this study is still actively recruiting?
Avatar f tn What part of the state are you in? I'm sure there would be more options in the Chicago area...but St Louis may have some too...
Avatar n tn Hello Ladies! anyone from Chicago area? I need a name of a good fertility doctor in either Chicago or suburbs. thanks a bunch!
Avatar f tn Is there ANY treatment center in the US that my husband can go to without insurance or payment before service?
Avatar f tn I have had a ultrasound done too as well. The ultrasound was the first thing the dr did. That was also negative. Can it be missed on an ultrasound? Should I ask for another ultrasound?
2038871 tn?1329798210 An 80% cure rate is considered good. But that means 20% don't cure. The crazy thing with hep C is it isn't logical. You cannot compare two people with hep C, in seemingly identical positions and think they'll respond the same. When the liver first becomes cirrhotic, it compensates. In the early stages, treatment is possible. Once the cirrhosis become decompensated, then treatment doesn't work. This is ESLD. When I was first diagnosed I already had decompensated cirrhosis.
Avatar n tn In Chicago Manus Kraft MD and his son (I forget his first name) are also nationally known.
Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosed with POTS at Mayo Clinic in MN several years ago. She has been to one Dr. in Chicago who is supposed to be a specialist in POTS. This Dr. was no help at all. My daughter has seen numerous Dr.'s and it blows my mind that they either do not know what POTS is or think that it is simply a condition that happens only upon rising. Nobody understands that this is a whole body 24 hour a day condition. She needs help. If anyone can offer some, please let me know.
Avatar f tn My husband mom and dad were told last year that I may not live bc I got sick with ards and I was fighting depression and anxiety I also had to go to a mental center to get help bc I would flip at nothing and cry for nothing I come off my meds this year and I feel like Im still fighting the drepression and anxiety but I dont want to go back on the meds what could I do to stay away from the meds
Avatar m tn In chicago: Univ of Chicago, U of IL, Northwestern adn Loyola all have good medical schools and department of ophthalmology.
851432 tn?1239036447 In this scenario, you would use the out of town hepatologist as a one-time consult and then have him or her work in conjunction with a more local gastro to coordinate and supervise your treatment. This has worked for some members. If you decide to go this route, best to make sure the consulting doc will act in this capacity and of course you will also want to make sure that your local doc will as well.
Avatar m tn but starting 2 or 3 years ago i started noticing my eye started to turn inwards again!!! im in chicago now....and i really think i need a second surgery.....i went to a doctor here....when i google i can only find one doctor that has a clinic in western avenue or he my only choice? i went to see him , he evaluated me and he said..."one possibility is that u can go blind during surgery or that u may end up the same way u were at the very beginning....