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Avatar n tn s usually activities, an anxiety disorder may be present. Children of parents with an anxiety disorder are more likely to have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can be effectively treated. Treatment should always be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the child and family.
Avatar n tn If your family doctor is unable to help (and most are not well versed in this disorder), ask for a referral to a specialist with experience in anxiety disorders in children. Young children tend to do very well with therapy and intervention as the "no speaking" behaviour is not yet ingrained into their personalities. The sooner the diagnosis; the better the prognosis. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me. I wish you the best ....
Avatar f tn method, then I might suggest searching for a different medical mental health specialist (as a child neurologist or child psychiatrist) with experience in the treatment of children with anxiety disorders. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment; the better the prognosis (also faster recovery). Eleven years of age is not young as far as treating anxiety issues.
Avatar n tn I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety. Many of the children take medication - including Celexa. About four children in our group are on this medication (all in conjuction with intervention and/or therapy). For these children, this "drug" seems to work the best with the fewest side effects. Our child takes Celexa - before that Prozac and Effexor. Celexa is the best one for her - so far.
Avatar f tn First, I havent heard of explosive behavior disorder. (in children) In adults, this type of thing would show up as an Axis II personality disorder. In children, particularly 4 (very young for this kind of diagnosis, ADD/ADHD as well - and I would hold off on the meds until a second or third opinion is obtained..cheaper than treatment I'm sure...) ALSO - (I have personal experience in this - my 5 yr old girl had wild tantrums, and I was very worried,, and took her to different drs...
454366 tn?1211245301 Please read the info on on Bi-Polar disorder in children. The info is kinda scary; but I think you might help with finding other avenues to take. Peace be with you and keep the faith. Our kids are our future. Let's not just dope them up because we are told to. Let's not dope ourselves up either.
Avatar n tn s condition, is often associated with anxiety, though it is not regarded specifically as an anxiety disorder. Most children who display selective mutism possess the capacity for normal speech and language, as you can see with your daughter. It's just that they utilize their normal speech and language abilities only in certain situations.
Avatar n tn It sounds as if your son does have an anxiety disorder "of some kind". But that is not the end of the world. Anxiety in children is very common and is highly treatable. Our child was diagnosed with severe social phobia at six years of age and today is able to function normally and manage her fears and anxieties. The treatment of anxiety usually involves intervention, therapy and possibly medication. Please contact your family doctor for advice re this issue.
Avatar n tn but is that able to participate or play or talk or have fun with them unable to engage with children her age cannot make friends or play with the children in school prefers to sit by and watch - the school picnic, she sat on a bench and watched only still cries in school and tells me she misses me she is keen to please me so tells me what i want to hear also will occassionally make up stuff feels attracted to the children there, but unfortunately is not able to engage with them is timid by nat
Avatar n tn I neglected to mention one very important point in my reply. You claimed your son "clams us in social situations" - the correct term for this is "Selective Mutism" which is a severe form of social anxiety. The best site on the internet for information is "" where I urge you to read the FAQ's and other information. You will also find a forum where you can post questions re your son's disorder.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old and have been taking Effexor (75mg) for about 2 years now for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and was diagnozed with PCOS a year ago when I stopped having my period. My husband and I want to start a family in the next year or so. My doctor said that I must start weaning myself off the effexor as it can be harmful to a baby. Secondly, she said that I will probalby need fertility treatment in order to get pregnant because of the cysts.
Avatar n tn He needs to know where I am in the house at all times. It seems to be some kind of separation anxiety, although he is fine to go to school and to go to others homes. Lately he has started biting his nails, which is believe is another symptom of anxiety. Our family is divorce or deaths. We also have a daughter who is 6 and they do fight fairly regularly. My husband does suffer from panic disorder and is on medication to treat it and it doing very well on it.
Avatar n tn Whether you have generalized anxiety or social anxiety or garden variety anxiety can only be diagnosed by a doctor.........and at the young age of 13, (even tho it's obvious you are mature for your age) your hormones are kicking into high gear and that can sometimes bring on anxiety. I would urge you to talk to your parents about these feelings and I believe a talk with your doctor is in order. You do not have to feel this way.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old son in not interacting with children at school, he has isolated himself and will not talk or play with others. When school started last fall he would tell me about his day and who he played with and what they played I later came to find out this was nearly all made up. With rewards and a few play dates we were able to get him to play with some children for a short time at school but this would only be 1-2 day out of the week.
Avatar f tn Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) of mild to moderate intensity, with or without panic attacks (it is not generally considered to be effective against other types of anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and social phobia, with or without agoraphobia). # Augmentation of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) therapy against depression and/or anxiety." Frankly, if she has anxiety, I would try and deal with the cause which is probably ADHD.
524114 tn?1212292152 By the way, our child psychologist (who is involved in anxiety research) believes that the teen years are the most difficult to treat - it really is time to see your family doctor. I wish you the best ...
Avatar n tn Your pediatrician or family doctor should be able to suggest a referral, if necessary. Anxiety is a disorder which children do not outgrow, nor will it go away (but you have already figured that out). Your daughter needs help in learning how to control her anxieties/fears - treatment usually consists of intervention, therapy and possibly medication.
Avatar f tn are not experienced in this mental health disorder. Very young children and adults respond to treatment quickly; unfortunately teenagers are often the most difficult to treat (don't know why - but that is no reason to wait). If you would like more information on the internet, I might suggest you google the term "anxiety disorders" or "anxiety in children" or "school refusal" to educate yourself about this issue.
Avatar n tn s pediatrician/family doctor (if he/she is unaware of this disorder then ask for a referral to a doctor with experience in anxiety issues). Treatment for such a young child usually involves intervention which might be as simple as scheduling several playdates and over-socializing your son at every opportunity available (shopping, malls, McDonald's, parks, church, etc.
Avatar f tn Children who suffer from an anxiety disorder usually are not able to manage their fears and/or stresses without treatment (and this does not mean medication is always involved). Children with anxiety disorders do not outgrow their anxiety nor does it go away. So in order to answer your question, we need more information. How often is your daughter mute?
Avatar f tn t really agree with the diagnosis of anxiety but remember, I am not a doctor, just someone who suffers from the same disorder. But I know for myself when the OCD is treated, the anxiety of course goes away.
Avatar n tn SM (as we often refer to this disorder) is a severe form of anxiety (usually social anxiety) where the child is unable to function in perceived, unsafe environments. I would guess your child is also not eating nor using the washroom at daycare and I also suspect she is having difficulty sleeping at night. I believe severe social anxiety is inherited and the behaviours can be seen from birth on - reserved baby, perhaps displaying colic, slow to warm up in the presence of others, etc.
Avatar f tn Am I wrong to make him play? -- your question No. But, by your own words, "it's the same process every year". I feel that your son suffers from an anxiety "disorder" (probably social anxiety) which is different from being anxious or shy. Anxiety disorders affect the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person and as thus, requires specialized help in learning how to "manage" one's fears/anxieties.
Avatar f tn If only a portion of actual cases were recognized and reported, the risk Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) - Dexedrine is used for treating attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children. It is also used to treat a type of sleep disorder (narcolepsy). It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Dexedrine is an amphetamine. Exactly how Dexedrine works is not known.
1423792 tn?1282657198 Hi, my name is Kitty and I'm...kind of desperate, at the moment. Does anyone here know of a support group (ideally on MedHelp) for teenage/adult children of bipolar parents? My mother has it (along with a great many other problems), which may have contributed genetically to my developing an eating disorder. She keeps getting treatment, then deciding she's "all better" and stopping her medication.
Avatar f tn I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety. Many of the children in our group have been incorrectly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as the behaviours of this disorder often mimic anxiety. Children with anxiety tend to be immature as they are not able to absorb subtle clues from their environment re manners and social practices.
Avatar n tn There is no easy way to do this and the path can be long and arduous. Nonetheless, the prognosis for anxiety in children in excellent and children respond to treatment very well. Please write back if you feel that I might be able to answer any additional questions. I wish you the best ....