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351404 tn?1299492730 On the travel, yes that would be a workout, I have made the trip several times but between New York/Jersey, Dallas is another couple of hours fo flying time if you can get a direct flight - I'd think so. I am a million miler on United (most was on Continental) and did most of that between USA and Europe. I have travel to Asia including Malaysia where that Boeing 777 disappeared a couple of weeks ago..and is still missing.
Avatar n tn New Jersey, outdoor employment and a deer tick bite all make you a candidate for Lyme and possible other infections ('co-infections') carried by the same ticks. The co-infections require separate tests from Lyme, and some of them require different antibiotics than Lyme. Co-infections are quite common, since the slimy little ticks are veritable cesspools of germs.
589816 tn?1332980371 At least he is watching your MRI's, which is very good. How long ago was the MRI before this new one? Sorry that this whole dang thing is moving so fast. Sending hugs from Hawaii.
Avatar n tn Taylor Ham - 6 gms/slice (you may know it as pork roll, if you are south of New Jersey!) Egg – 5gms American cheese – 5 grms/slice Bran Muffin – 5 grms Frozen Waffles – 3.5 grms each Pancakes – 7.6, (4) Biscuit – 5.1 grms Granola – 33 grms / cup Cream Cheese – 10 grms/ounce Milk Chocolate – 10 grms/ounce Cheeseburger 4 oz – 30 grms Potato salad – 10 grms/ ½ cup (eggs Mayo type) Hot Dog – 18 grms Yogurt – 7.4 grms, 1 cup Sausage Links – ?
784382 tn?1376934640 You have to get to the point where you have to acccept that having anxiety is no fault of your own, and while it stinks....treatment options are vast. It's normal to be apprehensive about starting a new med, nothing wrong with that...but don't overthink it SO much where you end up convincing yourself ahead of time that you will have a bad experience. You're just setting yourself up for failure by doing that. You are NOT weak...ok? You're actually very brave...
Avatar n tn no simple answer) SO the point is, unless you fit the criteria for a methadone patient, unless you have a proven track record as an addict needing treatment, I know of no treatment that implements opiates for anxiety tx. If your going to choose to add an opiate to your day for anxiety which by the way definitely does work as euphoria is one of the "side effects"' u must understand that euphoria isn't going to last long.
Avatar f tn The worst part of treatment is going be second and third month of treatment. If you can stay at your friend place it would be just the best for her. People are right; your friend will need somebody to motivate her to eat, to drink, to take medicine,just to feel somebody who loves her. Be that somebody. Good luck. She will get through.
793908 tn?1294708709 It is not overpriced...I get it from a Pharmacy in New Jersey. They compound it. Julie takes 15mg once a day for now, until I get her another ACTH test next week, to see if her numbers went down a bit. If not, my Vet will up the Trilostane dose...a little at a get Julie regulated & not to OD her on it. I pray this works. Cushings is NOT a death sentence. Many dogs do recover & live for years longer. Some dogs must stay on meds for life but thats okay.
151263 tn?1243377877 Initially I was somewhat underweight as I was during treatment. I started treatment at 185lbs, dropped to about 168lbs during treatment, and then finished off about 175lbs. During that time my body composition changed though, I lost muscle mass and gained body fat around my belly. They call it “intra-abdominal” fat. It’s where fat collects around your organs and trunk and it’s especially unhealthy for you. Well that’s what seemed to happen to me.
586017 tn?1248320210 I'm 23 and my anxiety started out as hypochondria when my father was diagnosed with a lung disease. So, in other words, my anxiety is hypochondria based. About a month ago, I had a terrible panic attack while I was playing the piano in church, and ever since then, I've been trembling and my muscles have been so incredibly tense. I can move my shoulders like normal and they crackle and pop. I can literally touch and feel the knotted balls in my muscles.
Avatar m tn Hi Rena, There is a lab in New Jersey that has the upper limit of normal to be 100. However, that is not common yet. Your doc probably doesn't want you getting much above 80 and so she is recommending a lower dose of D than for someone who is down at 12 like I am. Your doctor could run a new level in four to six months and then see if your level is stable. That's a great level of vitamin D Rena!!
Avatar n tn I go to this site that has many remedies for things, I really love this site and the doctors there, they are out of New Jersey. They even have drops that are stronger than these that are a bit more expensive. But these drops work so well for me, and everyone I've turned them on to, including my 97 year old dad who went to numerous opthomologists and tried numerous things.
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Avatar n tn what is the quickest way possible that I will feel better, by taking the medications again, or waiting until this withdrawal effects go away? Another issue is, I no longer have insurance in new jersey, so how can I get treatment, and my medication with no insurance? what do you recommend I should do?
Avatar m tn he office address is 3205 Fire Road Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 609-407-1220. He is very good and is involved in a lot of clinical research and trials. He just returned from AASLD in Boston, where he was coauthor of 4 papers that were presented.
Avatar m tn Their is at least one such residency in New Jersey and several in New York City and Philadelphia. Good luck in your quest! S.A.Liroff, M.D. This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Henry Ford Hospital or the Vattikuti Urologic Institute. Please consult your physician for diagnosticDiagnostic laparoscopy and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.
685623 tn?1283485207 There are a few states that have broken away (Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Alaska, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii) from this traditional view of pets as property, but they are still reluctant to award substantial damages based on emotional distress. Instead, the “intrinsic value” of the pet is calculated. There is no doubt that pets are special to almost every one of us and we cherish their special value…but how do you adequately put a price tag on that in the event of the pet’s death?
Avatar n tn Well here I go again...A new decision choice! I'm a Geno 1 and definately want treatment! No question about that but...I've been fearful about a biopsy anyways, so if I understand correctly, they can do an ultrasound to see if there is damage? Humm I think I would rather do that since it's less invasive and then if somethings doesn't look right then I can go for a biopsy! Are there any geno 1s that went this way?? Do we really need to know the damage unless we don't get SVR?
Avatar f tn Finally found the inventor of the prosthesis in new Jersey and went to him for a revision after not being able to find a surgeon to take off the leg. The revision was successful in that I no longer felt the need to have the leg removed. Over the years I have worked my way down to NSAIDS and Oxycodone (just recently got my new doctor (my old one died unexpectedly) to take out the Tylenol I.E. Percocets...
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with general anxiety related to the start of school two years ago (when starting 6th grade/ a new school) He began Zoloft @ 50mg daily and Cognitive therapy. By mid 7th grade he was titrated off the Zoloft and had the anxiety managed through his "tools" At the start of 8th grade (same school)he began to exhibit anxiety again but using his behavioral "tools" managed it for about three weeks.
Avatar m tn I agree with Corvin's comments. Dr. Marshall was given so many months to live (he had sarcoidosis for many years) and came up with the treatment protocol that has saved his life and others.
Avatar f tn Hi Jersey, I hardly ever post b/c I am going through my own hell right now but after reading some of your posts I would encourage you to look into the trazodone. Google and see what some of the people have experienced taking this drug. Some of the side effects are similar to what you are experiencing. Headaches, the creepies, muscle pain, etc. Your brain will heal without drugs. Believe me, I know b/c I have suffered from depression.
622511 tn?1373575103 Look I know there is NO magic bullet, even RF and the Newly approved Cyro-ablation, as well as, the NEW magnetic catheter tip they use in an RF ablation procedure that just was profiled on CBS news here in New York/ New Jersey this past weekend, although looks promising, there are NO gurantees that they will find anything when they do the study nor can they precisely ZAP all Foci (for PVC's) or even concealed accessory pathways or any culprit tissue for Atrial or Ventricular Arrhythmias.
Avatar n tn My symptoms were very mild for years and were debilitating once I started antibiotic treatment. The worst was diziness, vertigo, and anxiety. The anxiety was the toughest since I never experienced anxiety before. After 3 months of antibiotics, most of these symptoms are gone. Hope this might help. I dont' know if I can site some links for you to read on Lyme but if you respond and I can cut and paste some good links I will be happy to help out.
Avatar f tn Hello Angie, I'm a brit too, I live in New Jersey, USA. How did you find the chemo worked for you and how grueling was it? my mother in law is 60 yrs old and right now obviously dumb struck.
Avatar n tn with LAB Corp in New Jersey. bcause when I looked up testing on the internet it talked about the swipe...and the man who I was going with said he went to a STD Clinic and they went into his penis and took a swipe and he did not have chlamydia. I am very worried because I cannot eat..and I feel that I am just waisting away here loosing weight and no one can find what I am dying from.
Avatar n tn In fact, in a study published recently, deer ticks from New Jersey had a higher prevalence of Bartonella organisms than of Lyme organisms. It is unclear whether the organism that we see transmitted along with Lyme disease is actually a Bartonella species (such as B. henselae or B. quintana) or is "Bartonella-Like Organism" (BLO) that is yet to be fully identified.
Avatar m tn These compounds set a high barrier for the virus, he notes, and early tests suggest that resistance to them is rare. Pharmasset, a pharmaceutical firm in Princeton, New Jersey, has several such drugs in development. One called RG7128 is in phase 2 clinical trials and is being developed by Pharmasset together with the Swiss drug giant Roche, based in Basel. "We used to live in a monochromatic world," says Chung. "Now we realize there are several roads to the same destination.