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Avatar f tn I am trying to treat my anxiety naturally, and over the past week the anxiety has not been bad at all. My question is how long do you think it will take to get the palpitations under control once I have my anxiety under control?
Avatar n tn can U give me any treatment for erection and premature ejaculation for me and any medicine that I can use ...
Avatar n tn Could all these different symptoms be caused by chronic anxiety. I do have good reason for anxiety ( major job stess) but I also have some OCD going on and these weird things obviously dont help. I was prescribes Lexapro and took it for three days unitl I woke up in the middle of the night with an ridiculous panic attack. That was it for that stuff. The urgent care doctor seemed pretty sure about the beta blocker, but almost too sure like almost not really thinking about it.
Avatar n tn Regarding the anxiety, I would suggest discussion of treatment. This can involve anti-anxiety medications (i.e. Buspar or benzodiazepines), as well as anti-depressant medications (i.e. Zoloft, Lexapro or Prozac). Each has been shown to help with anxiety, and these options should be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
2111850 tn?1334369185 Yeah it can be very embarrassing, have you talked to your boss and explained your situation? If not I strongly suggest you do, if they know what's going on they can be fantastic and make work a whole lot easier :) Yeah, not meant to have anything with caffeine in it, no deep fried foods etc.
Avatar n tn I have not had arthritis, but I've heard raw apple cider vinegar being a good alternative treatment. Anxiety, now, I have struggled with that but have handled it naturally as well. Kay
401095 tn?1351395370 With this in mind, herbs such as kava and ginkgo, which have been proven to help with anxiety, may also help in treatment of depression. St. John's Wort: Researchers have discovered that this herb works like an SSRI (a class of antidepressant medication) and a weak MAO inhibitor. Numerous studies have confirmed that St. John's Wort does possess antidepressive effects in cases of mild to moderate depression.
Avatar n tn diarrhea, severe heart palpitations/tachycardia, insomnia, tremors, anxiety, fatigue (imagine having a racing heart/anxiety while you're exhausted at the same feel like you're going crazy), muscle weakness, hot flashes, menstrual changes, etc.
Avatar n tn I saw my MD 7-8x total. I didn't bx and treated all sx 'naturally' or w/otc's. W/no insurance or any other assistance, it cost under $4000. 2b, 24yr transfused infection, cl@4wks, post 24wk tx, 1yr SVR. Oh, I also smoked pot. I'm in a med-marijuanna state and chose to exercise that option. I now consider myself cured and living very well w/ESLD.
Avatar f tn I did 48 weeks of treatment without anti-depressants. I did use an occasional (very occasional) xanax for anxiety when I was trying to sleep.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
Avatar f tn I believe the best, as well as the ONLY treatment for your phobia is therapy, especially with a psychiatrist or psychologist who specializes in phobic disorders. I'm sorry you have suffered with this for so long, but find you most courageous to seek help now. What a joy life will be once you are finally free of this disorder!
Avatar m tn You say what "seems" to be constant anxiety. I agree, you don't sound like the typical anxiety sufferer from the little you've posted here. Everyone with health problems gets anxious about it, but that's not a mental problem, that's life. Anxiety as a mental disorder involves chronic anxiety that is irrational and seems to have arisen from nowhere. If it arises from somewhere known, that's a different kettle of fish unless it's diagnosed as PTSD, which you don't have.
Avatar f tn Others will give you more details but you need more than 2 weeks of treatment for Lyme and anxiety is a big part of a co-infection, called Bartonella where you get red rashes. ILADS dot org is our association. You may want to go there and read many articles. My brain fog doesn't let me recall if they have contacts in UK or you can google UK Lyme disease. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn 5 mg Klonopin bid but it wasn't quite enough to knock out their anxiety and, more importantly, the physical manifestations of the anxiety? Would supplemental treatment with Xanax to be taken only as needed be a good option? Or would Klonopin .5 mg tid be a better option? Or should I just figure out a way to deal with it (I've tried with varying success). I'm more or less curious.
Avatar n tn itself will cause the anxiety. This would be something you should talk to your GP about. I have anxiety that comes and goes and i too start feeling really sick when i go to leave my house, shaking, nausea, lightheaded, ect...i've had anxiety on and off since my teens but never this bad so i too am looking for some advice and talking to my dr about it.
1722607 tn?1335751458 I wanted to know the names of different medications that might be prescribed during treatment. Names of rescue drugs, anti nausea drugs, or any others that may be given during treatment. I want to look them up thru my insurance to see how much they will cost me if needed. Just trying to budget how much treatment could end up costing.
Avatar n tn Why doesn't the Doc mention that you need to look at your eating habits? Doctors talk alot about seasonal depression, but never seem to notice that during the fall and winter months it is also the time of year when we consume the most processed sugar in the form of halloween candy, thanksgiving cakes,pies and goodies and then comes Christmas with all the sugary **** we eat then. Most Doctors don't make much money off of telling us to eat less sugar.
Avatar f tn Are you taking any other medications that may cause insomnia or anxiety? Or did you stop taking any anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication recently? I think some of these feelings of being anxious about Hep C coming back are probably normal, but the extreme that you're describing of sleeplessness, anxiety, and lack of motivation sound like it could be a cycle of anxiety that could lead to depression.
Avatar f tn I haven't visited this forum in quite sometime. I am 9 months Post Treatment and am battling Depression & Severe Mood Swings - I feel like I'm going CRAZY!!! Directly after treatment I was so happy that it was finally over, I did all kinds of things that I never would do throughout the summer, just enjoying life to the fullest. Now I'm angry or crying all the time, I've tried diet, exercise, anything to shake myself out of it, but nothing seems to help.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Exercise regularly Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. For maximum relief for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity on most days. Aerobic exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals.
Avatar f tn I took ADs the first 2 months of my treatment and quit them bc they were making me blah. I finished treatment 2 months ago and I am having problems now. I find myself listless and sad a lot of the time. Part of it is that I am not working and I start a new job on Monday so that should help. I'm wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience.
Avatar n tn do you think since i wasundectable naturally since infection and only had a viral load since 2002 max, its a very god chance theres no damage? i hope your all healthy and doin good!
Avatar n tn post accute withdrawl syndrome... its probably what you are experiencing.. there are supplements that can naturally help with anxiety.. such as 5HTP, L-theanine and others..
Avatar n tn I'm concerned about disclosure to my employer (the village I work for) in regards to treatment and the possible need to take time off if sides are bad. Also I don't know who would find out like coworkers as this disease is feared so much. It's a small place (150 employees) so if I started looking sickly the rumors would fly. Would they/could they fire me? do I need a lawyer?
Avatar n tn Hi, I finished Treatment, at the end of Sept, it was incredibly difficult mentally as I am sure many on here can relate to, I had Genotype 1a and had a undetectable viral load at week 12, and right the way through until the end. I am forty years I should stand a pretty good chance of remaining clear.
540822 tn?1313089922 By the time I felt like anything, it was time for another one. And each treatment had it's differences in my reaction too. Don't feel alone. We will be following your treatments as you take them and we will all be behind you. I will be praying for your comfort and of course, peace without fear.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have just found out that I have type 3 and that my treatment will require 24 weeks of Sovaldi and Ribavirin. I do have Connecticare insurance through my mothers work which is a 10k deductible, but her work typically pays the insurance for most of what I have needed, but I have not told her about this so I will probably try to call and talk to her insurance person at her work to see more about that.
Avatar f tn so i am currently on my last day of the generic form of macrobid, an antibiotic for a uti. Naturally I was afraid to go on it because this was the first antibiotic i have taken in about 5 years, since I had an allergic reaction to penicillon which was deadly. So I strted the macrobid and I felt decent for the first 4 days. Just a little tired but nothing I could not handle.
Avatar f tn I wanted to come home since I have to pay bills etc and have been through extreme anxiety since I've come home. I went to the ER and came home yesterday morning due to sharp pains and my heart rate speeding up randomly and they prescribed me Ativian for the anxiety after confirming I don't have any blood clots. I mean I cried eating lunch today and the food was good! I even cried when picking up my prescription from Walgreens cause of the music.