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Avatar n tn If you have and he/she says everything is okay medically then anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms. Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? In my experience, being in a constant state of worry, we can tend to become VERY sensitized, run down, and emotionally and physically fatigued. It does take a toll on us. Many times pains in our necks and head is due to stress and tension and can really make us feel pretty bad.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and after I got on my meds and they all kicked in I felt great until I weaned myself off my prozac last August and by November I started having the symptoms again. I know it is anxiety related and I still worry about it myself when I am having symptoms. It is very hard to just shut it out of your mind. How do you not worry about something when you "feel" it all the time?? You can't.
396332 tn?1320007215 I also get the tingling sensations around my body (from time to time) which is also anxiety apparently since I have had multiple tests.... xanax seems to clear these symptoms up right away...
313462 tn?1238126640 I am being treated for anxiety and depression and PTSD. I was told I have nerve damage. I have Scoliosis and back problems. My psychiatrist seems to think it's anxiety and I know it's not. Yes, I do shake when have anxiety too, real bad. I think it's more of a neurological problem. I'm always tired. I get confused easily. Short term memory. I've never been this bad. It seems it just came on within the last year.
Avatar f tn However, I will try to provide you with some information regarding this matter. Anxiety can cause the symptoms you are suffering. However, I do want to mention a few other causes for headaches in people with similar symptoms and history. But please, continue following up with your physician to sort out the underlying cause and your symptoms. One cause for headaches and visual disturbances is a condition called pseudotumor cerebri.
Avatar f tn Usually these kind of trembling symptoms could be associated with fatigue, stress, anxiety or a form of panic attack and called as muscle tremor. Other possible causes of tremors could be overactive thyroid, Parkinsonism disease, alcohol use, certain medications, alkalosis, and low blood sugar. Sometimes previous injury may cause pinched nerve and may be a reason of tremor but this possibility remains low.
214255 tn?1205639236 kinda like a nervouse anxiety feeling, but I can't explain it..
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder about 15 years ago when I started having panic attacks. Recently things have gotten much worse. I have three sons and a daughter. One of my sons is profoundly autistic and has some of the worst symptoms of the disorder. My other two sons have a rare kidney disorder and are quite high maintenence. My daughter is just fine but is a toddler caught in the middle and has become very demanding. And then there's my husband. . .
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a continual trembling sensation throughout my body for the last several months. I am usually aware of it more while I am lying down. It is causing me anxiety because I keep speculating what might be wrong with me. My doctor is so booked up, he can't see me for a couple of months. Other than this trembling sensation, I feel healthy.
1149379 tn?1261813368 Hey! How are you? I think you should check out the post by nellynell called, "everyone check this out". It is very common for anxiety/fear to cause physical symptoms and exagerate them into something serious. I am a long time sufferer of this. That post should be recently responded to. Glad to talk more.
Avatar n tn I've had numerous times when I've felt very similiar symptoms while having an anxiety/panic attack. I know how frustrating it is to be having symptoms with no answers. My hypoglycemia took a full year to catch and that was only because I passed out and the paramedics thought fast enough to check my blood glucose levels. Hang in there. I hope you find answers soon!! I'm not a doctor, but I do know that finding a diagnosis is often found by the process of elimination.
Avatar n tn i've suffered with the anxiety for 7 yrs now, but the shaking and trembling are new to me. it is a part of your anxiety, and if your doc said it's a product of the anxiety, then most definitely don't waste your energy worrying and focusing on the symptoms. just ignore them when they come and try to think positive thoughts!
Avatar n tn Letting go requires you to understand that your worry about your symptoms is just a false layer of anxiety that keeps you from the source. Try to penetrate to the source by asking yourself what thoughts preceeded your symtpom episodes, and deal with those thoughts that are directly related to the frustrations in your current life.
200213 tn?1202756699 am reading a claire weeks book and it talks about the trembling in the body yes it is anxiety and it tells you to go with it dont fight it ,it makes it worse just try and relax let it happen it will soon go away. it says if you know that its anxiety and it will not harm you your body will soon say ok this is not working shes /he is used to it and so it goes away it may take time but the book says it will work.
1788123 tn?1315081617 The first thing to address is your anxiety. Anxiety is POWERFUL and can control just about anything in your body from a trembling hands to vision changes, to increases in vitals signs (Heart rate, Respiratory rate), sweating, slurred speach etc. Of course most of these occur during panick attacks and not generalized anxiety but you can still experiencing them on a smaller scale. As far as the trembling hands, yes this could be a sign of early parkinsons.
1238554 tn?1339423716 My worst symptom by far throughout my struggle with anxiety has been an inner trembling, kind of buzzing feeling. I've mostly gotten all my other symptoms under control, but this one seems to be getting worse instead of better. It's mostly in my chest and stomach, but lately it's been spreading to my legs and arms. The feeling is almost CONSTANT. It's making it hard to sleep. When I'm doing stuff I don't notice it as much, but when I'm trying to rest or sleep it's horrible.
Avatar n tn Within a week the trembling had stopped, although the box does state that it might take up to a month for symptoms to subside. The trembling and anxiety have not returned! I guess that I have to come to terms with the fact that my body will hit menopause in a few years, but hopefully, I'll understand how to control the hormone imbalances better. Estroven, you can buy it at Walmart. Try it!!!!!
215021 tn?1224886057 I changed doctors three different times because I was just told it was anxiety and was prescribed anti-anxiety meds. I know full well what anxiety is and although the symptoms can be the same, I knew that something else was wrong. The third doctor also blamed it on anxiety so I lived with increasing discomfort until my low thyroid showed up on a routine blood test.
Avatar f tn ( BTW this Doctor refused to take any money from me) Prayers, affirmations, breathing exercises and numerous other suggestions, which not only helped me overcome my anxiety symptoms, but also helped shape my life forever! Enough about myself, this post is about you. Were there any events prior to the onset of your panic attacks and you other symptoms, which may have a connection to all this?
Avatar m tn im going through the trembling *****...its like your body shows symptoms like your freezing ..teeth even chatter and hands shaking .but actually not cold usually at all ...i just try to read online or get my mind somewhere else it usually helps..try praying.
Avatar f tn I used to drink a lot more when I was younger, but now it's only occasionally, like 2-3 a month. I don't know if what I'm experiencing is anxiety, even though I know what anxiety feels like, because I've had crazy panic attacks for exactly a year now. But literally everyday of my life since one year ago, I can't breathe very well. It can be anytime, during the day, when I wake up, when I'm out, sitting down, going to bed. Tonight it has me up and I can't sleep.
Avatar f tn Tests run in April of this year were inconclusive; symptoms have gotten much worse since then. I have had accompanying anxiety and difficulty sleeping, with trembling at night as well, usually after waking with a start. Small amounts of alcohol seem to help reduce the at-rest trembling, but it could be psychosomatic. PLEASE please help. I'm desperate for answers or even suggestions.
Avatar n tn Does the trembling start in your chest and then travel out into your body?
Avatar n tn and scared to death about everything Went to Dr. sh said stress and empty nest syndrome. Are all this anxiety symptoms? never went through this before and and need some reassuring words thank you.
Avatar f tn I feel like it gets worse when I think about it. I just want to know if those are symptoms of anxiety. I guess I worry because my doctor never did any tests on me talked to him and he said anxiety. Just looking for some reassurance.
Avatar n tn I'm trembling, I can't eat, I can't sleep, my head hurts, for the past two days I haven't been able to sleep until about 4am, and I sometimes feel oddly paranoid, my boyfriend recently told me he still liked me but had been thinking about breaking up with me,he says he gets random moodswings sometimes and doesn't know why, he's confused and has been acting quieter, I've cried a lot and am dreadfully worried, what's wrong with me? I'm fourteen. and I haven't eaten since 7pm yesterday.