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Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has general anxiety disorder. I went to ee my doctor 2 days ago and he told me that my condition is call GAD. He also reccommended that I keep taking my celexa 50mg once a day and to increase my xanax to 3 a day. I really don't knwo much about this disorder because I thought all my symptoms were leading to bi-polar. My doctor refuses to treat me for that and believes he is right about the diganosis. Any Opinions???
Avatar f tn I have been told I have general anxiety disorder for over 10 years and really have not done much. When I exercise alot I feel better so I assume that helps. I have read waht it says about it and I do not worry exessively, it does not interfere with my job, but lately in the last 3 years, I can tell i am changing.
Avatar n tn g., anxiety disorder), so the diagnostic process must be undertaken thoroughly and cautiously.
Avatar f tn Namaste, Anxiety can manifest itself in physical symptoms and it sounds like you may be suffering from some form of anxiety, whether it be generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder. I have the same problem with people, isolating myself so I don't have to go through those negative feelings that accompany interaction with others.
Avatar m tn Anxiety Disorder I have medi-cal at no cost. And I NEED help with this social anxiety disorder ive looked up the symptoms online and it seems as if that is what i am suffering from. So my question is do I go to my regular doctor and he will send me to a psychiatrist?
Avatar f tn Just wondering if my thyroid levels look ok and that my endo is right in saying I have general anxiety disorder despite my symptoms? Listed below. Puffy eyes and feet and legs Legs feeling like jelly Blood pressure elevated around 130/105 Low heart rate Chest pain Palpitations Dry skin Tiredness Insomnia Hard stool Upset stomach I was happily on T3 until my endo took me off it in August 2017.
Avatar n tn I've been DX'd with panic disorder and general anxiety disorder, with a chronic fear of cardic disease, making me cardio-phobic. With therapy and Klonopin, my panic attacks are under control, however, my chronc anxiety and hypervigilince of heart diesease remains, even though my cardiologist says my heart is fine. I'm also on Toprol and a diuretic for mild HBP, again, caused by my anxious state.
Avatar m tn I no longer let the palpitations bother me though, after all the ER bills and every test coming back ok. My general anxiety disorder plays into them a lot I’m sure. I’m the type of person to get a cut and assume the worst. “they are gonna cut off my hand” haha I am going to look into getting a blood pressure machine to keep track of it, and look into a heart rate watch like you talked about. I stay away from caffeine as much as I can. Anyways thanks for listening and replying!
449946 tn?1205493932 I was told my two doctors that I am suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and I would like to know what the symptoms are.
1127040 tn?1289722262 Generally, if someone remains depressed or stressed or had past trauma, long term surgery, has any neurological disorder may lead to general anxiety disorder. Therefore, it can occur either voluntarily or involuntarily. A doctor may suggest counseling or psychotherapy, physiotherapy, treating related stress and avoidance of triggering factors by doing meditations/yoga can be helpful in recovering from the condition.
Avatar n tn It will also improve your sleep. Since your symptoms are improving, it appears that it may be anxiety. Anxiety can minifests itself in us a many different ways, and in varying degrees. If your sleep remains a problem contact your doctor to see what he thinks. Take care...
Avatar f tn The attacks that are the worst usually happen between noon and 2 pm. My doctor labeled it as anxiety disorder/panic attacks and started treating me with Zoloft and xanac because it coincided with my my father-in-law being hit by a car and seriously hurt... I am not (in general) an over-anxious person). Since I developed the new symptoms the test has not been repeated (because they started within a week of the first test). I just started the Zoloft today...
716924 tn?1235873079 You've had all the tests done and you've been cleared as fine. The hard part now is accepting your symptoms as anxiety induced and not life threating illnesses. I know this is easier said than done. I've had all the symptoms you've described and numerous tests as well. I even had 2 brain MRI's in one year because I was convinced I had MS or something worse. Now I'm dealing with horrible PVC's/PAC's which the Dr told me were benign.
Avatar m tn That happens in therapy, with conditioning basically. Medications can't change the way we think, but they can help minimize symptoms of anxiety, which enables us to make more progress in therapy.
Avatar n tn Walking or exercise in general tires you, relaxes you, and releases endorphines in your system which will combat anxiety. My doctor took me off the Xanax quick smart because I was just going to take more and more, and stabilized be on Valium. I have stopped the Valium (up to 30mg/day) to trial Ativan. I take 3x 2.
Avatar n tn Although it may be true, I am having a tough tough time believing that all these chronic physical symptoms are as a result of anxiety alone. If I am treated for anxiety, I am wondering if they will improve or if the physical symptoms will linger and if so for how long? Would love to here some experiences on this from the forum.
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar f tn There are many different presentations and types of anxiety, and it is not possible to diagnosis an anxiety disorder via the internet. I will provide some of the general criteria related to diagnosing an anxiety disorder, however, I recommend you consult with your family doctor if you suspect any troublesome mental health concerns. Your doctor will be able to better incorporate your past medical history with your current medical status to determine an appropriate diagnosis.
Avatar f tn The last several months I have not been feeling normal. I have had symptoms such as fatigue, losing hair (drain clogging on regular basis), very dry & itchy skin, hard to think, missing periods some months, frequent loose bowel movements, feeling flushed & hot at times. I had pain in my right eye (pressure feeling & felt gritty) a few weeks ago... so I went to see the optometrist thinking that it was an eye infection.
Avatar n tn I think I have General Anxiety Disorder - the Doctor has not written this down but has more or less stated this. However, my physical symptoms are worrying and I find it hard to believe this is all down to anxiety and stress. This has been going on for 8 months. Constant pain in left hand side, constant headache, tingling feet, tingling tongue, constipation on and off, difficulty sleeping. I was put on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets and was on these for 4 months.
Avatar n tn However, I would seek psychiatric counseling to find out if the other symptoms are anxiety related. I suffer from anxiety and depression in the same boot. I have found through extreme counseling that depression causes a lot of medical problems; as well as anxiety causing several other problems. Only the proper diagnosis can find out what is going on with your body. I found a lot of relief with Respirdal, Celexa and klonipin. Please have your doctor refer you to a psychiatrist.
624083 tn?1369317863 Hi guys.... I'm suffering with anxiety... and it's something terrible... I want to know that I'm not alone and these normal symptoms are normal... I've been through alot with the last 2 years, I've lost my father, went through a bad break up, and moved on, I have amazing fiance and a son...!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Although marketed as an antidepressant, is has also been shown to be effective in anxiety disorders (e.g. panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social phobia). Ask your doctor about which of these is best for you. Hope this helps!