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Avatar f tn All that can be cause by anxiety, another thing feeling nauseous can be part of anxiety.. Remember ur mind play tricks on u making u feel all this symptoms the more u think sbout it the worst u feel.. And i doubt ur sick From Something i believe ur a healthy teenager.. But of course anxiety can make u feel ur not.. Maybe getting therapy can help u overcome anxiety feelings.. I do to when i feel something is wrong with me or get scared i feel nauseous my stomach gets upside down...
1694901 tn?1317009564 For the last week Been having a lot of head pressure headache the biggest thing that scares me I have been really nauseous I got a cat scan and it was normal someone please help I'm really scared
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old female. I have been nauseous on and off since I was 17. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but my current psychologist really believes I should try to get a doctor's opinion because she is not sure if it is actually related to anxiety or not. I randomly feel sick to my stomach and feel like I am going to vomit, but never do. It is difficult to go to class, or work, or out with friends. I can't drink alcohol because I will get instantly sick.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are many causes of nausea but it can be due to anxiety in your case.As most of the antianxiety drugs cause sedation,so I would suggest you take low dose alprazolam at night and see if the symptoms improve.Also you can take an antiemetic drug and domperidone when you have nausea.If the symptoms till persist then pls get it evaluated from a physician. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn Yes, it's possible to fall pregnant still. Sperm survives for around 5 days in the female body under typical conditions. Symptoms or lack of do not mean or tell pregnancy, so don't look too much into it. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Ive been looking the symtoms up on here and mostly its been saying about anxiety attacks, im only 15 so i didnt think i would get these. Has anyone got any similar symptoms or know if it is anxiety or depression?
Avatar m tn I have been taking lexapro 10mg for 8 months for postpartum anxiety and depression. After 6 months of talk therapy and some lifestyle changes I have felt like stopping the lexapro. My dr. said I would not have any side effects from going cold turkey off of 10 mg. I stopped a week ago. I have been exhausted all week and yesterday started feeling some extreme vertigo, hot flashes and nauseousness. I called my psychiatrist and they cannot get me in for 2 weeks. Infuriating.
Avatar m tn She feels nauseous and chilly every few days. This is lasting for month now. She feels really sick when she's has such a period of bad days. Offen she also has diarea in this period. Sometimes it goes better for a few days. The bad times are mostly later in the day and at night. She has no fever but she feels like it. We have been to the hospital several times. The docters made an echo from the belly and investigated her blood but found nothing. She lost her husband 2 years ago.
Avatar n tn It does sound like some of your symptoms are anxiety, but since it just started, I would get evaluated by your doctor and they can run the appropriate tests if need be. Hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn I just had an IUI for the very first time last Firady. I have never felt so much anxiety. Has anyone ever had luck with an IUI on the first try? I am 39 years old with high FSH levels. I had 2 good eggs and 1 okay egg. My lining is good and the husbands sperm is GREAT !!!
Avatar f tn I should add though that anxiety did make my symptoms a lot worse. So anxiety over your symptoms could be causing your nausea to feel more intense. I know it did that to me. I took ranitidine for a long time and didn't notice much relief from it. Has it helped you at all? I ended up switching to nexium which was amazing. It stopped my acid reflux in its tracks. But getting a handle on my anxiety also worked wonder for my reflux and I rarely get it all anymore.
Avatar n tn For the past week when i wake up in the morning i am very nauseous, i am not pregnant just had my period. It seems that if i sleep a while into the afternoon it goes away but obviously i can't do that everyday becasue i have a life. I also have gotten diarrhea the past couple of days. I have only threw up once that was the first day. no fever, but i have lost almost all of the color in my face.. Does anybody know what may be causing thing??
212161 tn?1537898045 hey guys just wanted to ask does anyone have anxiety where it comes on every morning and by 12-1 afternoon it gets better and goes away , at night i can eat but in day i cant. today it went away for hour than started back up. i have ativan to take and do when its really bad but am trying to get by with out a pill. i have had it now for twqo weeks on and off it makes me sick at stomack and feel weak do ya have that.
186166 tn?1385262982 Body (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with the body in general): Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body aches, parts of or your entire body feels sore and achy, feels like your body and muscle
671285 tn?1292663761 I am just wondering what kind of anxiety symptoms do you have and what is the trigger? How do you cope with it? How bad has anxiety been for you?
Avatar m tn Symptoms of early HIV (ARS) come on 2-4 weeks after exposure and last 1-2 weeks. With that being said, Your symptoms came on to soon to be related and they are not even the type of symptoms related to ARS. Odds ar odds - We do not really get into odds on this forum, But I can tell you that the odds of you being infected from what you describe is very low. We do not state odds because it only takes 1 time to become infected, but as I said is very unlikely.
358304 tn?1409713092 Sometimes I'd get cramps and I'd feel like I could get nauseous. My anxiety level was pretty low though. But I felt TERRIBLE, and I kept thinking I had a flu bug. I took an ativan that night just to relax, b/c I do have health anxiety, and I was a little anxious from having "D" all day long. It's just no fun ya know? lol. The next day (Saturday) I felt much better, and while not having an appetite, I still ate some things, like toast, peanut butter sandwich, etc. I felt much better.
363281 tn?1518219421 Body (anxiety symptoms commonly associated with the body in general): Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body jolts, body zaps, electric jolt feeling in body, intense body tremor or “body shake” Bo
Avatar m tn Ive looked online to see what may be the cause but I havent found anything that matches all my symptoms. Also I have issues with most pain medications as they cause me to become more nauseous. Im just tired of feeling tired and sick so often and if there is any information/ideas anyone has I would greatly appreciate it. I do take vitamins on a daily basis as well, and I am very careful as to what I eat.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone just wondering if anyone elses symptoms seem to be subsiding now that your in the 10 week zone or over?? My breasts are still enlarged and a little tender at times but the morning sickness is gone. I am showing so fast (2nd baby) all seems fine no cramping spotting etc i just feel like i have more energy and not sick!! PLEASE give me feed back!
1442262 tn?1284181330 To me, it sounds like high anxiety levels which do come with being overweight. I used to have bad anxiety problems and panic attacks, which led to feeling nauseated and dizzy. The mood swings could be characterized by mental disorders that stem from anxiety as well, such as bipolar disorder. If you can afford it, visit a psychiatrist and explain your symptoms. Eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle will greatly reduce your anxiety levels as well.
1442262 tn?1284181330 But first you should talk to your doctor about the thyroid medication. Improper thyroid hormone levels can produce symptoms similiar to anxiety/depression. Don't let it go. Perhaps there is a better medication to take. Many of your symptoms may be the result of your thyroid problem. see: http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn Hi! The symptoms could be exacerbation of the GERD or gastric reflux. It could also be hiatal hernia. Treatment is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes. You will need to take a combination of medications (under medical supervision) like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals for complete relief.
Avatar m tn While I haven't been nauseous in a few days, I have started becoming more aware of my lymph nodes but can't tell whether they are swollen or not. Can anxiety cause you to feel symptoms when they really aren't there? Can anxiety cause the dry mouth and the occasional diareah? Obviously I need to get tested and have an appointment to do it tomorrow (30 days since exposure), but just curious to hear your thoughts.
Avatar n tn You are not a unique case, although I know you feel like that right now. Anxiety can ABSOLUTELY cause the symptoms you've described. The moment you realize this you will begin feeling some relief from your symptoms. That is what has happened with me. Also, no one else will or can convince you that you are physically well ... you alone have to make up your mind that you are !
Avatar m tn I've been to so many specialist and it's always been narrowed down to im suffering from anxiety attacks and/or i have ibs. I tend to easily become motion sensitive( cars, buses, airplanes), i was never at all like this before. Eating a healthy deit helps , but my problem is still very hard to deal with. I drink alot of water, try to eat health, and exercise alot. I try to live my life and not let it affect me , but its hard to live like this. Or am i just crazy?
2065348 tn?1331078807 im 21 years old and for the last 4 days iv had this horrible pain in my neck (base of skull and a little above) also have a full head headache and very nauseous. iv had a tight neck for awhile and it hurt but not bad and i was ok living with it (im a very tense person). i have no idea why this is happening but i cant stand it anymore. i dont think it is a migraine because i had one years ago and i dont remember it being like this or lasting this long.
Avatar f tn I've been reading many of the post related to eating, anxiety and nausea and I thought this might be a good place to continue my search for answers. My 11yr old son has been suffering from nausea and at times vomiting for the past 12 months. At first it only occurred once a week or so after eating, however, it has progressively gotten worse and he is now experiencing nausea almost everyday.