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1274661 tn?1301871921 I seen my GI doctor today for stomach pain and he told me he thinks it's IBS. I also have had acid reflux for years. I noticed that a lot of you also have digestive problems and wondered if any of you have ever tried Bentyl? That is what he gave me today and noticed that it has some scary side effects. He told me I might notice being tired and dry mouth, but of course I have read there are many more. Like dizziness, headaches, rapid heartbeat and anxiety.
Avatar m tn So now I have been prescribed imipramine to help with my anxiety and IBS. However, since being on imipramine for about a year my "IBS" has gotten worse. Rather then occasional bowel issues, I now have daily bowel issues generally causing me bad cramping, bloating, constipation and nausea. All of this along with the previously mentioned problems cause by previous anxiety medications.
Avatar f tn considering that u r asking about IBS, its called spastic colon too, its a disorder with people who have anxiety , that affects the colon movements usually and make problems in digestion, u could have bloating and pain, usually refered to ur mood status and anxiety or even obsession.
160332 tn?1207766145 turned out to be depression and anxiety and started on Lexapro! (anti-anxiety/depression medication). Her IBS went away! Just a thought since you seem to be overly anxious although all tests prove negative....ONE DEFINITE SIGN OF ANXIETY DISORDER!
154765 tn?1237251544 IBS is like any other condition, it can get worse or better. For myself, getting my anxiety under control really helped get rid of the cramping and gas pains that I was experiencing with IBS. I still have loose stools frequently, but once I started taking Lexapro for my anxiety it helped cut the edge off of it. From the sound of it, I would guess you might need to get your stress and possibly anxiety under control as well. You might start with going to a counsler...
Avatar f tn His doctor prescribed him the first prescription to treat IBS and the second prescription for anxiety and also another low dose anti-depressant. I have been keeping track of every appointment, test that is ran, advice, and dosage in a binder. He has only been taking all of his medications for about two weeks so I have only seen a slight improvement. His doctor told him that stress can trigger a lot of his symptoms. I don't know how to help him not have anxiety about going out.
Avatar n tn Hiya, I also have IBS, and have just recently been diagnosed with AS(Ankylosing Spondylitis), which is a rheumatoid arthritis disease, affecting the spine, and joints, and have been taking Non Steroid Anti-inflammatories. I am 33, and had some sort of attack yesterday, severe abdominal pain, not able to stand, lay or breathe properly. I have had that type of pain before, but never this bad. It did pass after about 30 mins or so, but is still tender today.
Avatar n tn Hi Fred, I also take buscopan for my IBS i have suffered for 18 years with it and like you i know what foods i can and cant eat, my doc advised me that prevention is better than a cure so it is quite save to take 1 tablet a day, of course we are all differant so i would suggest you eithr ring your doc or chemist to make sure it is safe for you, as with any illness stress plays a big part in it, i can guarentee if im feeling under any kind of stress my IBS will flare up even if i have felt ok for
Avatar m tn Why does it seem to suddenly switch ON and OFF with anxiety !?! I guess these are the mysteries of the world ! Anyway, thanks for your kind comments..
Avatar m tn Anxiety and IBS go hand in hand. Anxiety causes IBS, and IBS causes anxiety. This is true...sorry to tell you that. Here's what you do...or rather don't do...try not to eat before you go out...and limit what you eat in cafes and such. Most places use additives which will set the IBS in well as the grease they use. Don't drink coffee while out, or before you go out. I used to be exactly like you...never went anywhere in fear that I would have an attack outside of my home.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the IBS community! This sounds like it is probably anxiety. I would recommend talking to your doctor about seeing a therapist and also thinking about trying an anti-anxiety medication.
Avatar m tn Hi, For the past six years, my father is suffering from chronic constipation/IBS. Now it has reached a stage wherein the best of laxatives, purgatives, suppositories are also not clearing the bowels fully. Even the intestinal lavages, enemas have not given relief. Various medications including anti-depressants have been tried with very minimal effect. Due to partial or no evacuation of bowels, there is constant pressure to relieve, which requires making several futile visits to the the toilet.
328799 tn?1276569332 then i kinda get like popping pains, or like sharp pains then i pass gas and it goes away. i am due for my period soon, and i have IBS. please tell me this isnt appendicitis? how rare is it? like what are the odds of me getting it in a lifetime? im 18, a women and im around 140 pounds. good health. take anti depressants but thats pretty much it. the pain isnt severe, its just really dull and just there. like im not crying in pain or anything. heres a picture of where the pain is. http://i39.
547002 tn?1219800976 Well, after wearing a 30 day event monitor they captured Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and SVT, so i am on medication for that, plus i take .125 mg of klonopin a day. Recently i have switched jobs and within the last couple of weeks i have had bouts of very loose stools within an hour after i eat. They are yellow in color and mucousy. Its like my stomach cramps really bad, i go to the bathroom and i am fine except i feel drained and my stomach is sore afterwards. Could this be IBS?
Avatar n tn I am on low dose Zoloft for anxiety. I am suppose to follow up in two weeks if I am not back to normal. I wanted to get your opinion. Thanks.
Avatar n tn But just to let you know, that since my gallbladder has been taken out, i have had ibs problems with diarrhea for the past 16 years, it has really put a big damper on my life, everything i do surrounds how i am feeling. I do take questron lite, and the generic brand, it is a powder that i mix with water 2 times a day and that is the only way that i have been able to live sometype of normal life.
1316053 tn?1279513097 I'm sorry you are struggling so with IBS. I too have IBS and you're right, some days are worse than others. I've been struggling with this since I was twelve years old. I too am generally constipated vs. diarrhea. I wonder sometimes which is worse since constipation comes with pain but the diarrhea with nausea. :) Back pain is pretty common but watch it carefully. Mid back pain can also mean kidney stones and when you have IBS, sometimes other pain goes unrecognized. Diet is huge.
Avatar n tn focus on that treatment rather than medication, although small doses of an antidepressant that effects anxiety can be helpful as an adjunct. There was a nice feature article about this in the new york times last week by dr. richard Friedland. you might look that up.
Avatar m tn I think, personally, that was wrong of them to tell you that IBS leads to cancer, but it can occur as it can occur with any prolonged inflamation that isn't being controlled. I can tell from the medications you listed that you are someplace in EU... It appears they "are" treating you for IBS with an intestinal sedative, a fiber substitute, and something for excess stomach acid. Regardless if you are in America, EU, Canada, et al...
140029 tn?1393301742 I take 15mg Lexapro for my anxiety, was diagnosed with PI IBS in November. It helps me out some, definitely helps keep me calmer during flare ups. I think going gluten free has helped me out the most though. I think you just gotta find the right medication/diet that works for you though, which just comes down to trail and error on what foods you eat. I think finding something to help with your anxiety is a good idea though, because like everyone has said, anxiety and ibs go hand in hand.
Avatar f tn Hi, right now I'm in high school who have been suffering with extreme gas for four years. In the beginning , when I was in middle school, I was starting to have stomach growling and sensation of gas which wasn't severe until beginning of high school. It was none stopping I was crying and praying that this problem will stop because it was painful and I couldn't do what I wanted to do.
1549092 tn?1297049911 I was prescribed Belladonna PB for stomach issues the same day I decided to stop hydro. not for that but for IBS. I had a real easy wd and wondered if this helped. I also took advil and tylenol every 2 hours weather I needed it or not. I understand you can actualy get belladonna otc without the PB.
Avatar m tn I also do suffer from an anxiety disorder but no longer take medication for it. I am just wondering in regards to the bloatedness, diarrhea and gasy-ness if this is just a part of IBS or if I should be seeking further medical attention from my family doctor?
1394445 tn?1351026945 I'm not asking for medical advice but wonder what is generally considered the most effective medication for anxiety. I know the benzos are commonly used but I'm trying to avoid them for reasons of dependency. My doctor prescribes the typical SSRI's. Would there be an alternative I could discuss with my doctor?
970140 tn?1247690779 Although psychological problems such as anxiety do not cause IBS, people with IBS may be more sensitive to emotional troubles. Stress and anxiety may make the mind more aware of spasms in the colon. IBS may be triggered by the immune system, which is affected by stress. Coping With Stress and Anxiety There's proof that stress management can help prevent or ease IBS symptoms. Some people use relaxation techniques such a deep breathing or visualization, where they image a peaceful scene.
2010625 tn?1329375656 I was given it as a kind of like 3 in 1 pill for; a mood stabilizer for the bipolar, anxiety, and for my body aches and pain. I am just so frustrated with the whole medication thing. I probably do drink too much coffee. I really do think it is the bipolar that drove me to drinking though, lol. When I was like 20 they put me on the depakote, effexor combo. I was only awake about 4-6 hours a day. I started drinking coffee trying to wake myself up, and stay awake.
Avatar m tn I'm sure that you have done some damage to your body having drank beer for this long, but without being able to take medication for anxiety, and the panic attacks, I doubt you'll stop. Having to care for your dying mother had to be very hard on you. Have you sought the help of a psychiatrist to help you cope with your anxiety? I know a lot of people (especially men) think their useless, but trust me, they can and do help. Have you tried antacids for the burning?
Avatar m tn My husband feels that alot of my stomach issues are due to my nerves and stress. I have to say that it has gotten worse over the years and am now on an anti anxiety medication after much pain and denial. It seems to help but do not really want to be on any medication besides my question lite powder that i take to help bind my stools for fear that i will never be able to get off.