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Avatar n tn Thank you for the advice.......that is what I feel like I can't sleep anymore. Did you have just take the Paxil or anything else with it?
1669548 tn?1318792334 Once diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression they can return to flying after being off medication and symptom free for 90 days. However, herbal remedies are not banned and they suggest a week of ground use before flying to determine what side effects they may have from something like St. Johns Wort. There are other professions who have strict guidelines as well, like Air Traffic Controllers, the DOT, etc.
Avatar n tn Buspar is the medication you are looking for..its ideal for long term use, no sedative or withdrawal or cognitive impairment side effects. Takes three weeks to start working, and have to get up to dose of 30 mg./day to be most effective... Talk to your doctor about this medication.
Avatar f tn oh well, i am having to fly to new mexico thursday, i live on the east coast, so its really far anyone with aspers have issues flying? not sure what i can do, medication is not an option, i have a bussiness dinner that night do not want to be knocked out this is going to be much harder then the dentist office, and you all know what happened there!!
Avatar n tn Because of the severity of the anxiety I feel, I have found in the past that I have needed to take a lot of medication for it to have any effect. Valium is partly helpful, although I find doesn't eliminate the anxiety - simply distances it somewhat. I also find alcohol effective, but again have to drink large quantities to get rid of the panic/anxiety (although I am not normally a heavy drinker at all!) Are there any new forms of medication or what would you suggest?
Avatar f tn 'Tingling' almost always means nerve involvement, classically a nerve that is pinched or being damaged some other way. It could be regional, since you mention that you have 'protruding' disks. However, the description of heaviness is maybe more troubling, for there are systemic nervous disorders that can cause this. Nothing you have written sets off alarm bells for me as far as your heart is concerned (well, apart from the weight and smoking, which will sooner or later affect your heart).
203342 tn?1328740807 Ok, I admit it. I have had problems with anxiety for probably years. Some days it seems worse than others, or I can go a long time and be fine. I tend to be a worrier, also a bit of a perfectionist. I'm not depressed. I feel pretty good about myself, for the most part. I have a deep faith and that helps a lot. In the past I've had a lot of problems with fear.
Avatar m tn I saw my Psychiatrist last week and he told me to take Citalopram + Risperidone for my anxiety , I did use them for a week but they seem they don't affect me so I stopped taking them plus I don't like anti depressant drugs they make you feel like a robot I was thinking to see a natural doctor I don't know what is causing my anxiety , I'm so confused could it be leaky gut that causing my anxiety or adrenal fatigue or some kind of hormonal imbalance or is it mental !?
Avatar n tn I went through the interferon rib regement for one year with no affect...But,I have had anxiety from the time I starteed the regimen...Has anybody else had this problem?
Avatar m tn you cannot just 'guess' at a correct dose or type of medication that would be appropriate for a cat. A wrong guess could be fatal!!!!
Avatar f tn She is unable to import her Selegiline, which she uses sparingly, into NZ but has been told that she can obtain a script, etc in Australia. My older sister refused to do this for her for some reason. My brother is in the UK and that would be considered more a holiday which they definitely need and deserve. My mother is interested in the Holocaust, etc and due to my parents health issues I believe this will be one of their last opportunities to travel).
1303966 tn?1296743610 Since flying last August my ears have given my trouble. A lot of ear pressure and pain, mostly right ear. I did have pressure and fullness in my ears prior to this, but not this bad. In December, my ears began to muffle. I could hardly hear. I felt like I was under water talking to people. My environment is always moving around me. This can be slight, and at time bad. I went to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor who said I did not have ear infection and I had slight hearing loss in one ear.
Avatar m tn That's what my doc said they usually use for flying anxiety. But absolutely talk to your doc and agree with greenlydia..try it beforehand. The first dose they gave me was WAY too strong for me so they cut it back. It helped immensely for the flight though. Good luck!
Avatar m tn The answer is: It depends. If the cause of anxiety either goes away or loses its ability to freak the victim out, then no need for meds -just as you would not take aspirin for a headache you don't have. Frequently, therapy helps resolve the underlying panic and anxiety issues. But if the anxiety is still there, then so will the meds be there -especially if the anxiety is not pervasive; that is, itm occurs only in particular cases -such as flying, pubglic speaking, etc.
847195 tn?1296175247 But not something I would reccomend for long term anxiety use. Is only a short term form of medication. People react in different ways to all medications. What is good for one might no suit another and so on. But stick with it. Try and keeps your thoughts in order. Do one thing at a time. Don't view the whole scene in advance. Give thought to how you can distract yourself. It does work.
Avatar m tn After a week, I was prescribed Lorazepam by one doctor for sleep and 25 mg. Zoloft for anxiety by another doctor and that's pretty much where I am today -- three weeks later. I am more engaged with my family. However, I have limitless energy all day and at night time, I can't sleep. I take the Lorazepam but then I wake up very sad. I took Zoloft before for a nervous stomach and I only remember getting these side effects at 50 mg.
Avatar n tn It's also hard to distinguish between what is symptoms of your anxiety, and what could be side effects of the medication, that line is often blurred for us. I think talking to your doctor is a good idea, and if you decide to stick it out, really any of your symptoms that are start up side effects should start to improve soon. Keep us in the loop!
Avatar n tn So far I've tried (on seperate occasions) Xanax (can't remember the dosage), 2mg Ativan, 10mg Valium for anxiety with no real results. So we tried sedatives (again on seperate occasions) 8mg Rozerem, 3mg Lunesta, and 10mg Ambien. Nothing has put me to sleep or kept me asleep. My doctor (and psychologist) now thinks Seroquel (100mg or 200mg) may be the answer. Anyone out there have any experience with this medication on a one time only basis?
116881 tn?1189759423 I have the type of A Fib where it comes up out of the blue and then stops. Ive had about 4 episodes -- one had to be converted with IV medication after 11 hours. The others have ranged anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours. The problem I have is I get eh rapid ventricular response with mine where my heart rate goes way up. My Dr says A fib is a "stable" condition and that although very uncomfortable, I can get through it if it happens on a plane. Im not sure I can.
Avatar n tn I have an 11 month old son, who is VERY active, and we are moving down Florida from Maine next week. We have a six hour flight and my son HATES sitting still for more than a minute or two. WHAT DO I DO? I've flown with him before and could nurse him, or play, but he's past that stage and wants to crawl/walk around (can't say I blame him). Dare I say it...can I give him baby benadryl to help him settle?
Avatar n tn Nine years ago, when the OCD flared up over a new fear (fear of flying), he was given xanax to fly. Recently, he has had another flare up over work issues. The flare up was particularly intense over our family vacation. I insisted he take xanax in the evening so he could sleep and function during the day. He was sure he would become addicted to the xanax. He took 1/2 of a .25 dose for 9 days. Has imipramine lost its effectiveness? Can xanax be used long term? Is imipramine indicated for OCD?
Avatar m tn For a quick fix, the medication is xanax. It alleviates anxiety symptoms quickly, but it is not a medication that is to be used everyday...Klonopin would be the medication that can be taken every day, twice a day, if you need a long term drug. Talk to your doctor about these alternatives.
Avatar n tn But you must take caution as you stated you are flying. Other medications that has shown for its effectiveness for anxiety disorders are paxil , zoloft, prozac, luvox. these medications are taken daily and results are apparent between 2-4 weeks of use. A consult with a psychiatrist may offer you the adequate medication for your condition.
1372667 tn?1307677663 I am on all kinds of anxiety medication but nothing helps with these two fears. Is there anyway to finally get over them or do I live my whole life with them?? I also have been dx'd with Chiari Malformation. Which will involve a lot of testing and a great chance of surgery which of course involve needles and sharp things in my skin.... A symptom of Chiari and after effect of the PFS surgery is nuasea and vommiting. So I'm basically in a miserable spot with both fears.
Avatar f tn With the right dose of long acting opioid pain medication, you could possibly only need 2 pills per day of the long acting opioid medication and no norco or percocet for breakthrough pain. I take 10 mg of percocet in the morning 3 hours before taking the Opana ER for breakthrough pain. Occassionally, I need 5 mg of percocet in the evening around 5 pm but most days I make it through the entire day pain free without needing percocet.
Avatar f tn but when you feel so depressed who want to walk on a treadmill..I don't want to take medication, I've been fighting anxiety for 20 years. I have given up a lot to this horrible illness but still refuse medication...
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder for about 12 years. I do take medication and very rarely Ativan. I think your right, I should just take my Ativan right before the trip and as needed. I am going with a relative to watch my son play college football so it's an exciting time! The trip is about a week away. We have a combination of flying and driving. It nice to know that someone else experiences the same worries as myself.
Avatar n tn You sound like you have a postive attitude that is good cause me I don't I always think Im going to die. Im here for you cause I been going through anxiety for years and others to. this forum is awesome....
Avatar m tn When you are out and far from a bathroom, you 1)feel high anxiety, and 2) a sudden urge to defecate. Am I right? You have had this fear for 20 yrs? Altho' you have both the fear and the urge, you have never had an accident? This is a miserable way to live. I know, as an anal cancer survivor and someone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, what the reality is. Your worst fears are my every day companions. I've learned to face the fear and get out.