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Avatar n tn I have gone the Propranolol, xanax, and Klonopin routes and I currently have all 3 of those in my medicine cabinet. Here is my summary on their effectiveness for anxiety: Propranolol: Does nothing at all to alleviate anxiety. The only thing it does is lessen the side-effects of anxiety. It does help a bit with confidence because you "think you have an edge", and you do, but it doesn't get rid of it at all.
722310 tn?1234765737 I was dianosed with social anxiety at age 25 but looking back at my life I realized I was suffering as a teenager. It took having a nervous breakdown at age 25 to finally get help for my social anxiety, Panic attacks, and depression. I think your son needs to be evaulated ASAP because if left untreated he wiill never learn to deal with his social anxiety which will then cause him to be depressed or worse. Today I am 33 and I finally feel like I have control of my life..... A little about me..
Avatar n tn I was wondering what is the best way to overcome shyness/social anxiety and repair the damage to interpersonal relationships that is causes? I have always been a bit shy in groups/unfamilliar situations but my problem got a lot worse around 5 years ago.
Avatar f tn So I've just recently become open with my social anxiety. I remember being in middle school and thinking that something was horribly wrong with me. I would get so nervouse around people. My body would tremble, my voice would shake and I couldn't think clearly. I've become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and yes I do notice that there are plenty of people that are shy, but I really hate the fact that my real personality can't show when I'm around people. I turn into a robot.
494087 tn?1257796807 I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic disorder a year ago. I take remeron and klonopin but the doctor says only to take them at night. I think I need some medication to get through the day but I am afraid to tell him I am having trouble getting through the day. I always have a butterfly feeling in my stomach and when I have to go in public I get very nervous and feel like everyone is looking at me. I guess my question is does anyone else feel this way and what should I do?
Avatar f tn I personally would ask for CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which will teach you how to respond differently to these situations and manage your anxiety better. If you can,try not to go down the medication route. In my opinion you should try several other options first such as therapy, meditations, relaxation, DIET, supplements etc... Also to help you feel calmer go to your local health food store and have a look for calming agents such as Valerian, camomile, Hops, passion flower.
Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
492527 tn?1212179272 What would be the better medication for depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. Effexor xr or Zoloft.
Avatar n tn I think I might have some social anxiety, but it's more so around women than anything else. It's nothing with extreme or even slight physiological symptoms. I don't have any increased heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, etc. It's like I look nervous, but I don't feel nervous. Mentally I feel calm, but I'm not sure what it is exactly, but if I'm around a girl she will usually say I look nervous. So I'm wondering what medication might be best for this.
Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if this is just a emotional and pyschological problem or actually a reason for or maybe a helper to Social Anxiety Disorder. And whether SSRIs would help if it is not Social Anxiety Disorder. Thanks for your time and thoughts in advance.
Avatar n tn I suffer from anticipatory/social anxiety. In my case I feel extremely nauseous before a social event in which I'm unsure of how it will go. For instance, I'm less nervous if I've been in the social setting before, but if it's a new setting I feel sick and often vomit before going to the event or on the date. I hadn't experienced the vomiting in a while until I started dating a woman a few months ago.
Avatar n tn Our child suffers from severe social anxiety and much of what you wrote is very similar in our case - reached mileposts well ahead of her peers and yet socially ... Today, some researchers believe that anxiety disorders may also be a developmental disorder - the first four items you listed at the bottom of your post indicate both developmental issues as well as anxiety issues. Her inflexibility and frustration levels are also indicative of anxiety.
Avatar m tn One thing to keep in mind that dividing anxiety into categories, such as social anxiety, is useful for insurance companies and drug companies and for a therapist figuring out how to help you, but isn't useful for you -- anxiety is anxiety. For all of us who suffer anxiety, whether it's called social or called something else, the root problem is that for whatever reason we begin to focus on anxious and catastrophic thinking and learning how not to do this is what helps.
Avatar f tn I know I keep re-posting and re-posting. I have severe social anxiety even around my own family. Today I ate with my family trying to face my social anxiety. Whenever I am eating with them I get nervous when I talk to my 5 year old niece. I feel like they are watching my every move. I feel like they are judging me. Whenever my dad speaks to me its usually because I do something wrong like forgetting to take out the trash or not locking the door.
Avatar n tn Then it started happening every once and a while mostly when involved in a conversation with somebody and sometimes by myself when I was thinking to myself, I am trying to find out what could of sparked this and how can I fix the problem, because ever since the twitching started I have also noticed other symptoms, it seems I suffer from a social anxiety problem now, I am also very jumpy when some one walks into a room it startles me and when I notice them I jump/flinch, I feel jumpy all the tim
Avatar f tn I believe that I have social anxiety, but I am not completely sure because my symptoms are not exactly like those described in most of the research I have been doing. I am 23 and I enjoy going out for a night on the town. I recently moved to a new city and have made a some friends that I have hung out with only a handful of times. When they call to go out, or meet up with some people that I have not yet met, I am excited to go.
Avatar n tn Sara, What you describe may represent social anxiety disorder and perhaps generalized anxiety disorder. I suggest that you have a psychiatric evaluation to clarify this issue further. Social anxiety is along a continuum and minimal anxiety that resolves quickly in social situations is not abnormal. There are medications that can be used occasional as needed for performance situations such as Inderal.
Avatar n tn Anxiety is an inherited trait and I suspect your son has inherited this gene. It was there at birth so the divorce, although this could exacerbate the issue, did not cause it. Whether your son suffers from separation or panic or social or some other form of anxieity is irrelevant (although I suspect it is social anxiety). Since your son is unble to function in certain social situaitons, it might be wise to educate yourself on this disorder.
Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure. Not force them into social situations. Educate yourself around the diagnosis and how best to support the individual (whilst facilitating their recovery). Seek out a support group for yourself if necessary. I'm not sure about treatment (and I feel I should know because I was diagnosed with moderate social phobia several years ago). De-sensitization is one treatment that comes to mind. This exposes an individual to increasing levels of stress. Good luck with your search.
Avatar m tn I have a certain type of social anxiety. In large groups, I am ok. In small (4-5) people, I am ok. In Medium groups like anywhere from 10-30, I get very nervous. Something I noticed you said is very interesting. You began by saying that you have a lot to offer. This shows you have confidence which of course is a great thing. So, in my non professional opinion, it is one of a few things that cause you to have the social anxiety. I am thinking it could be because of "sensory overload".
Avatar n tn Hi, I have suffered with anxiety for about 11 years now. It really hits me in social situations and in general is really bad. I went to Amazon to find something that would just put a block on it. After tons of research, I found one that i thought was best but I wanted to ask an opinion from a doctor on it and if it is indeed safe. I am not sure if I can post a link but if someone would let me know then I will reply with the link, thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi I was diagnosed with anxiety a while a go but I never took any medication I really believe I need medication because sometimes it can be pretty bad I failed my exams for year 12 unit 3 due to having a panic attack -_- I have shortness of breath, no matter what I know I suddenly forget everything. I have hot and cold chills run down my body. I feel dizzy. I start moving a lot, like rocking myself just to keep calm. (I sound crazy I know :P) I sometimes tremble and I just feel terrible.
Avatar m tn It had gotten to the point that I did not leave my house (at 25, I am now 28). I was diagnosed with social anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I had been taking clonazepam daily to help me get out of the house and back to work and lorazepam as needed (usually once a day, sometimes not at all) and trazodone as needed to sleep. I moved provinces and my new doctor has taken me off of all of my meds.
411389 tn?1230128077 I am posting in the hope that you may be able to enlighten me as to what medication is normally recommened for anyone suffering from Social Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks. I have been on Diazepam for about 10 years and recently was prescribed Effexor. I stopped taking the Diazempam and started on the course of Effexor (37.5 mg daily) and I've felt my life been turned upside down ever since.
3060903 tn?1398568723 As you practice and prepare for situations you’re afraid of, you will become more and more comfortable and confident in your social abilities, and your anxiety will lessen. Medication for social anxiety disorder / social phobia Medication is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of social anxiety, but it’s not a cure for social anxiety disorder or social phobia. If you stop taking medication, your symptoms will probably return full force.
Avatar f tn I'd like to see a therapist and I will look into it, but I will be losing my job in December and my insurance coverage along with it, so I don't know how long I'll get to see a therapist. Medication, on the other hand, I would be able to afford. When I was treated for social anxiety years ago, I was on Neurtontin, which I guess lessened the physical symptoms of my anxiety. I'd just like to stop being scared to be myself around people. I'd like to have friends or be in a relationship.
Avatar n tn Hi. I've been dealing with Social Anxiety for quite a few years. It's to the point now where I just can't take it anymore. I don't want to take drugs, as they bring back bad memories of previous substance abuse. And now I'm reading all the horror stories about people coming off of these drugs, and it scares me more. These drugs aren't a cure right ? So if I start taking them does it mean as soon as I stop the problem comes right back ? In other words, am I on it for life ?