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Avatar f tn I know that you stated that these did not work work for you in the past, however, when the second agent is added to them they become a very effective anti-anxiety/anti-depressant combinations. One other piece of information you need to have if you ever switch off of Paxil is that it is very possible that you can have withdrawal side effects, so hopefully your doctor will move the new one in as you slowly come off of it.
Avatar n tn t sound like you need brain medication at all. On top of this, many people get more anxious on Effexor, because it is a stimulating anti-depressant, so it's unlikely a knowledgeable physician would start with this one for anxiety. My opinion, and take it for what it is, just an opinion, is that you need to decide if you're anxious or not. Believe me, you'll know it if you are.
Avatar f tn If your doctor just increased your dose of Effexor due to the week of anxiety, understand that it's going to take time for the new dose to help. Ask your doctor if he/she can prescribe you a mild anti-anxiety med to help you while that gap is being bridged. Be sure to tell the doctor about your "weird" thoughts. I'm not sure if that is a common side effect and it's possible you have a sensitivity to this particular medication.
Avatar f tn Since they often come hand in hand and the same hormones are involved, anti-depressants can be very effective at treating anxiety. Im on the anti-depressent Pristiq...actually, it has gotten rid of my anxiety 95% and it hasnt helped my depression at all! Thats just my experience with antidepressants and everyone is different. It should take about 6 weeks for the meds to get into your system and for you to start feeling the results.
Avatar m tn So I was totally surprised when it did take away my depression. When you mention your anxiety, you may also need an anti-anxiety medication if the anti-depressants don't help you. And in the meantime, I hope that you will try to access your supportive voice to give you encouragement about going back to work. Good luck.
Avatar f tn so that leaves me here, at almost 24 years old with no college degree (i recieved a HS diploma through an alternative program) and still living at home, hoping that with the absence of effexor in my body i will finally be able to live my life again, the way i did before the medication. though i still had anxiety and depression then, i maintained a great deal of healthy and fulfilling relationships that i no longer have. i cared about people then.
Avatar f tn You might want to talk to your doc about reducing your anti anxiety medication. Do you have the same doc for both the concerta and the effexor? Note, Concerta should last about 8 hours while the Vyvannse could go 10 to 12 hours. Also Concerta is a Methylphenidate, while Vyvannse is an Adderall based med and is stronger. You might want to try the Vyvannse again, but increase the dose slower.
Avatar f tn I was on 150mg Effexor, and it did help with anxiety. I am now off it, and the anxiety has come back. You should be OK on that dosage, and you can always talk to your doctor if you are worried. Yes Effexor is very difficult to withdraw from, so be sure you want to stop it. My doctor suggested I came off the Effexor. I have been on anti depressants for many, many years. I know it is difficult to control anxiety without medication. I hope your therapist will be helpful.
629668 tn?1222914854 ( im very excited and yet so nervous and scared, i am taking 75 mg of effexor xr for mild anxiety, it has really cured me where as before i was very bad with social anxiety i am great now but i hear the medicine i take is really har to stop taking and you get bad withdrawls and some have stayed with it during pregnancy and had no problems but it isnt fda approved to take while pg, i want a baby more than anything so i will do whatever it takes but dont want to have withdrawls and do anything to
541196 tn?1293552936 I was on Effexor XR and when I told my doctor that I was planning on starting a family soon she told me that only Prozac and Celexa are good anti-depressants to be on while pregnant, but you can't breastfeed while on any anti-depressants.
411389 tn?1230124477 My doctor put it best - when taking effexor (plus many other anti-anxiety medicines like that) it gets worse before it gets better - and is the same when you come off of it. You will also find that on here, there are people who are on the medicine side of things and those of us who are on the "as natural as possible" side of things. I am on the latter. I have and occaisionally take Xanax, but am dealing with my anxiety head on using methods that were developed by Dr. Claire Weekes.
Avatar n tn You have received good advice already, and take note that Effexor does have a stimulating effect, and most anxiety and depression is a mixture of both, so Zoloft or some other medication may be your for memory, it's hard to diagnose from this information because it could be from the heightened anxiety..did you try therapy along with medications..if not, you can try the self help therapy I have pioneered at
1110049 tn?1409402144 Was Effexor your past anti-depressant? Are you taking any other medication with it? How was your past experience with medications? Anyway please consider that I'm not a doctor and i recommend you go see you doctor the sooner possible.
Avatar m tn Not a doc, but the combo of Lexapro and Effexor is pretty odd to me. They both affect serotonin, but Effexor also affects norepinephrine. I can switching from one to the other, but don't understand taking both. You do need to discuss this thoroughly with a psychiatrist, but I'd personally get another opinion if you can for these reasons: This one is just adding meds to meds that don't work. That isn't how augmentation is usually done.
Avatar n tn t understand sometimes how tough it is to deal with anti depressant/anxiety medication. Very best wishes Mark_e_la.
Avatar m tn I took Zoloft for years, it made me feel like I was in a daze. Kind of like cold med makes you feel. Effexor is a newer anti D so good luck with it.
Avatar f tn My aunt, who is an internist, also prescribes Effexor frequently for her patients that suffer from anxiety and depression and has had great success with it. Also, I'm not sure if it has already come out, but my aunt has said there will be a new version of Effexor that is "cleaner", meaning it has less side effects. I'm sure you already know this, but all medications require time and patience! It can take a while for them to truly start doing their job. I take Xanax (.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Propranol with Effexor, because of bad anxiety, and there was no reaction between those two. However I did have a bad reaction between an anti-depressant (can't remember which) and migraleave for migraines. I had a bad fit. Yes your BP is high, but it is really up to you what you do. Propanolol is a beta-blocker to slow heart rate. I found once my anti-depressant (Effexor) kicked in, I did not need the Propanolol. I just took it for a short time.
1110049 tn?1409402144 Suppose my body does not like being off the Effexor, which took away both anxiety and depression. Loathe to go back on medication, or see doctor, but may nhave to. Thanks for your responses. Helps a lot.
5418297 tn?1367665893 I've been taking Effexor for many years in conjunction with other anti-depressant meds and mood stabilizers for the treatment of MDD and anxiety disorder. I take a relatively high dose(300mg), and I've learned from experience that I am very sensitive to withdrawal symptoms. So I don't miss a dose. Neither should you if you want to get the most out of taking this and other anti-depressant meds. Better to not take at all if you can't take it consistently.
Avatar m tn What do you recommend I do to ask my doctor to increase dosages on neurontin and effexor xr for anxiety? Do you recommend to take Seroquel XR and other recommend medications to me sleep at night and to help ith severe anxiety attacks? I need something to knock me out.
492527 tn?1212175672 00AM I was recently prescribed Effexor XR (75mg) for depression and anxiety. My Dr. is concerned at the duration of my depression and some physical problems I have that appear to have no physiological cause. He is pretty adamant about me at least trying the medication. I have the pills but I always do a lot of research on whatever I put in my body (drugs, vitamins, herbs etc.) and what is keeping me from trying the script is the withdrawal and something called Tardive Dyskinesia.
978055 tn?1248291322 But he just uped the doseage. So if there is a really good anti anxiety pill out there please let me know. Im so bad w/ anxiety w/ people, and I used to be very very shy. I shake if im talkin to a stranger & feel like im going to black out! So if anyone can help me, I really need it. Thank you ONE LOVE!
Avatar n tn Effexor and Zoloft are two different meds. Yes, I think it would have helped if her Dr would have weaned her off the Effexor. What she's going through is withdrawal from the Effexor. Can she ask her Dr if he has any samples of the Effexor so she can wean off of it? I'm really not sure if she can take these two meds together or not. She may have to wean and then go on the Zoloft.