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3183328 tn?1351183517 What's your opinion on anti anxiety medication? I've been going out more but I have a hard time getting in the car, then I have a hard time getting out. And I freak out. I'm seeing a therapist, and she said it's all up to me. She has anxiety too and she takes medication. So I was wondering which did you have the best results with, do you think i should take a low dosage, and also, what side effects do they have.
Avatar f tn Anyone on anti anxiety medication? Or have been for prior pregnancies? I'm 23 weeks and I'm so worried about a lot of things making me sick (I also struggle with OCD and it has gotten really bad the last couple months, I spend a lot of time washing my hands). The worst thing for me is that we've had a cat living with us for the last three months and I am terrified of toxoplasmosis and it has really ruined me as far as my anxiety goes... gahh...
Avatar m tn I had my right eye done last month and it has been great and i am due to get my left eye done in about 2 months when my right has finaly settled, however i have a anxiety disorder which i have had for 11months and i have been having a hard time lately, i have a appointment with my docter next week about talking about me going on medication, my question is if i am prescibed any medication i.e anti depressants or benzodiazepines will this have any effect on me getting my right eye laserd.
Avatar f tn I know that you stated that these did not work work for you in the past, however, when the second agent is added to them they become a very effective anti-anxiety/anti-depressant combinations. One other piece of information you need to have if you ever switch off of Paxil is that it is very possible that you can have withdrawal side effects, so hopefully your doctor will move the new one in as you slowly come off of it.
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar f tn I've been told anything other then Tylenol or prenatals can hurt the baby. Read up on the medication. The ER doctor I saw when I found out I was pregnant (we didn't think we could have kids so it was the last thought on my mind when I had symptoms) prescribed me an anti nausea medicine only for me to look it up & see all the stuff it can do to a baby. No thanks! Do research yourself!
Avatar f tn I did go to a therapist who dealt with chronic disease and went on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. They did not hinder my MS diagnosis. I stayed in counseling awhile and am still on the medication. I also got over the fear or disability. I found worry is trying to control the future and you can't. Control is an illusion. Much of our lives are out of our control especially our health. I also learned that not every scenario of MS will happen.
880512 tn?1249085122 We use hydroxyzine at the hospital more frequently for preoperative sedation and postoperative nausea than as an antianxiety med. It IS classified as an antianxiety medication, more commonly known as Atarax, but it's just not a usual "first-line" choice for most doctors. Nothing wrong with it........if it's helping. If it's not, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for something else.
1719918 tn?1309297630 This is strictly advice but I would not recommend that you take any sort of Anxiety or Anti-depressant. I suffer from Anxiety/panic attacks and am convinced that there must be another or natural way of relieving it. I weined off xanax and fighting it right now because you become MAJORYLY dependant on it. It's hell brother! (& dangerous too!). I feel like I'm going to die and would never recommend anybody to consume a Benzo. Anne is right about the anti-depressants too...
Avatar f tn Xanax is supposed to be used only as-needed and used over long periods of time it can become addictive and loose effect making you increase your dosage. If you're having everyday anxiety it's best to talk to your therapist about an anti-depressant. I just saw mine yesterday and she is starting me on Paxil, which is alot less addictive than Xanax. Xanax is also fast acting, meaning you can take it in the morning but within 6 hours it loses it's effectiveness.
Avatar m tn Before you try Cymbalta, it can also be very stimulating, and there's also evidence being considered now by FDA about liver toxicity, so just be careful out there. Ativan shouldn't be a weight gainer, but it is an addictive med and probably won't be used for you long-term. The weight gainers tend to be the less-stimulating anti-depressants, which are the ones unfortunately used for anxiety.
Avatar m tn im sick of getting panic attacks even with the valium and ativan,,,, ive been one or the other for a year now , im just wondering if theres an anti drpessant for anxiety attacks, that is weaker than paxil or prozac? i was on paxil before and i didnt like tha way it made me feel. im just sick of feeling like this?
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
1895346 tn?1321305844 lFor several years I was treated for bipolar with lithium, clonipin, and one antipsycotic after another. I live in a very small area and our county mental health dept. shut down. When I went to our community clinic they took me off of lithium because I was losing my hair and the clonipin because it COULD be misused. and put on serequel which I was told would help all my symptoms. It did not. Now I can't drive, hell I can't even leave my house.
Avatar n tn The first script i was given was generic Ritalin and it worked very well... well enough to completely get off anti-depressants and for most of that anxiety to go away. But recently it seems that whenever the drug begins to wear off i start getting very anxious, not like the anxiety before but more like a side effect.
994817 tn?1249738278 So I've just been diagnosed with GAD and Panic Disorder. My doctor wants to put me on anti-depressant (anti-anxiety) medication. I'm not sure which ones. Anyway, she said the first two weeks were harsh cause your body is getting used to the medicine. But I just started school and can't really deal with that so I'm holding off on the medicine till I see what a psychiatrist thinks. I have an app. with one very soon. Well, I have pretty severe anxiety. Let me tell you!
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome to the Anxiety Community! How long have you been on the Ativan and how do you take it? Do you take it regularly every day or just "as needed"? That makes a big difference in the effectiveness. Short acting benzos like Ativan are best taken "as needed" as a rescue drug or for a short period of time. The longer one takes it regularly, a tolerance builds where it becomes less effective. It is certainly worth discussing with your doctor,.
694947 tn?1227987427 I am kinda wanting to shy away from the pain meds and deal with the pain, but instead go on an anti depressant, anxiety medication. I have symptoms of dresion an anxiety. At this point as well as getting rid of pain, I am just looking to get my self level. I have no motivation, no love or joy to do anything. typical depression and anxiety symptoms. But also the symptoms you get after being off meds. SO!