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Avatar f tn I was hoping you might add "anti-depressant" to the treatment section. I'm currently taking Fluvoxamine (Luvox) so I'm using "prozac" as a stand in, but I think a generic option for anti-depressants, or SSRIs would be helpful.
Avatar f tn I'm planning on going back onto medication for depression and anxiety as it's got much worse since being pregnant. I think after your first trimester any defects people claim pills can cause are massively decreased because your baby is developed much more. Just go through all options with your doctor first and any cons of pills you may take. Ask to see a counsellor as well as that may help as well.
Avatar m tn I went to a doctor fri for nerve problems anxiety and they gave me generic zolof i took it one night and for like a day an half i felt worse sleeping alot so i never took it again is that normal or should i tell them to give me something else it has seem to help my nerves thought
Avatar f tn After many years of Anxiety/Depression and many different types of anti-depressants ...i have recently been prescribed Escitalopram 5mg. I was wondering if anyone had taken this medication and were the results good/bad/indifferent.
428506 tn?1296560999 On this theme, wouldn't it also make sense to see a therapist if I do start anti-depressants? I thought it was better to be monitored. Finally, I am worried that anti-depressants might affect me beyond my symptoms. I'm not looking for something to come into my life and change my mood, sleep patterns, concentration, and so on. I guess the bottom line is that, like anyone, I don't want to be on meds unless I need to be. In this case, evaluating that need seems really complicated.
1306047 tn?1333247191 I'm really interested in some real life testimonies of people's experiences with medication for anxiety and perhaps OCD. I'd appreciate some perspectives anyone who care's to elaborate.
200220 tn?1361955154 I took my levothyroxin first, then waited and took a laraxapam and then ate something and took the generic prozac . The fear and anxiety of taking such a medication is awful. The doctor says it will help in a few weeks. I read on the side effects it can make your symptoms worse. I am trying not to pay attention to that and believe the doctor that said i will feel better in a couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn The first script i was given was generic Ritalin and it worked very well... well enough to completely get off anti-depressants and for most of that anxiety to go away. But recently it seems that whenever the drug begins to wear off i start getting very anxious, not like the anxiety before but more like a side effect.
230948 tn?1235847929 Hi Sam, clonazepam is generic for Klonopin and its a benzodiazepine drug, they are usually prescribed for anxiety and as an anti-convulsive. I have been on these kinds of drugs now for 15 years and they do help me with muscle spasms and pain. Be careful though with these, they do tend to sedate people and cause in some people addiction. I get really thirsty, and hungry with my med. Don't drive with them until you know how you are going to react to it.
Avatar f tn I still feel anxious and angry, irritable and just uncomfortable all the time. Ive been trying all kinds of different anti anxiety medications, Ive tried paxil, celexa, buspar, and the benzos. I must be really sensitive to medications because the side effects of all of these are horrible. I take them for two days and im seeing things, cant sleep and have jolts. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any other medication suggestions?
Avatar f tn 31 weeks today and I asked my doc if I could breastfeed on bupropion (wellbutrin generic) and she said probably best not. Then said that normally they taper off starting before the 3rd trimester with antidepressant and medicines similar. So "yeah why don't we do that". I was pissed! Why was this not brought to my attention over a month ago?! They had my med list and knew I was on it. So of course now I'm worried about side effects etc.
Avatar f tn There are other formulas but this one has a 60 day money back offer. Amoryn + Seredyn anti- depression and anti-anxiety ( all-natural) formulas. Purchase 2+1 of each, free shipping, under $100.00 total and 60 Day money back. Nice incentive! (I'm not affiliated with the seller-I do Holistic Psychotherapy in Canada) *Just go through the posts in this section and you will see a familiar pattern! It makes one wonder. Hope this helps. Should you have any questions, please post again.
Avatar m tn What is the least addictive, most free of negative side effects generic medication for general anxiety disorder?
3126128 tn?1342885371 ( That isnt me..I wanna be fun again BOOOOO!!! Have any of you started anti depressants?? Did they help??
Avatar m tn I was on Cymbalta for a couple years but went off of that about 9 months ago and have NOT BEEN ON ANY anti-depressants since. I decided to go off ALL anti-depressants because the ONLY effect I got from any I took was the side effects - everything from MASSIVE night sweats, to a TOTAL elimination of my sex drive AND all of the previously mentioned issues relate to cognitive ability. Did any of these meds help with the original issues of sadness related to the breakup? WHO KNOWS?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone had any information about withdrawal information about the anti-psychotic medication Rexulti? My psychiatrist prescribed this to me unfortunately not telling me how expensive it was, and that it was typically only prescribed to schitzophrenic patients and those with Major Depressive Disorder. I've never been diagnosed with either of those disorders, only anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn All antidepressants require several weeks to determine effectiveness since they work to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain, and these changes take time. Xanax is benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medication that comes in a sustained release formula. Extended Release will last several hours or longer. It can be used occasionally in addition to SSRI medications under the supervision of your vet.
Avatar f tn Adding xanax and other anti anxiety - or anti depressants can alter the TSH for some people and it can be like starting over again. I am not saying don't get it - I have a running Rx for Xanax if I need it - but I am seeing that the more stable I go in my levels that are right for me the better I feel and don't have symptoms.
Avatar m tn But because of my doctor, I'm terrified of taking any anti anxiety meds, and was hoping to read experiences from others, that had expreienced positive results from the anti anxiety meds, and treatment from thier doctor. Well good luck to you ! Thanks !
Avatar f tn Most chronic pain patients are dependant on their opioid medication such that if the medication is abruptly stopped, withdrawal symptoms would occur...the same symptoms happen to an addict as well. Difference is chronic pain patients in withdrawal don't crave their medications psychologically for the "high", they simply don't feel well.
Avatar n tn Vicoprofen is perfect it has a narcotic element, hydrocodone and ibuprofen for an anti-inflammatory. If that doesn't work for you, try going one step up to oxycodone. Do not confuse oxycodone with oxycontin, same narcotic but very different delivery method. Five milligram oxycodone are safe and effective and come in a small enough dose that you can take an effective dose without getting groggy. Both of the oxy drugs have no other component to foul the waters.
Avatar n tn The doctor has perscribed me anti-anxiety drugs but i wont take them as my dad reckons they are a slippery slope and i need to tackle this myself. How can i have such a bad pain in the side of my back caused by anxiety, could it be all the vomiting i do? I make myself vomit to try and make me feel better alot. Could this cause chest and back pains? Is there anybody who is similar to me? Someone who i could talk to now would be great.
Avatar m tn She put me on Xanax, wants me to take Effexor and said she had never seen a patient have such a reaction to thyroid medication. She thinks it is anxiety/depression (as I do have several things going on, but was FINE when I saw her on 5/13 for my physical. I am taking the Xanax (.25 x a day), but not the Effexor. Is the TSH drop down to 2.72 "normal" and should I see an endrocronologist? Should any other blood work have been done?
Avatar n tn I would suggest you call your doctor and ask him re klonopin to help with anxiety. You should have seen an effect by now, so adding a specific anti-anxiety medication would make sense to me if your doctor agrees.
198187 tn?1190637930 For those of you referencing "Fillers", you are right on the money. The active portion can only be derived synth'd or natural, period. The tricky part is what "FILLER" is used. That is generally what causes problems in all products coming into external and internal contact with the human animal. Think drugs, detergents, roll on sticks, shaving cream, perfume, look at the labels and you will see the percentage of inert versus active components is very lopsided.
Avatar m tn Not everyone can obtain specific meds, for financial reasons, health insurance reasons, some hospitals such as VA medical center, military hosptials, does not carry many brands of medication. Someone asks, if anyone has ever been constipated on Synthroid? No one answer's the question, only suggest to take natural hormone, they don't have that problem, well I've been on Synthroid and haven't had any constipation issues. Person could be going hypo.
Avatar f tn Once that rules out anything organic, then they truly need to help you with some anti-anxiety medication like Paxil (paroxetine is the generic name) or Prozac (fluoxetine is generic name), or Celexa (citalopram is generic name) or even Lexapro (escitalopram is generic name). Those are long acting anti-anxiety or anti0depressant medications. In addition to that, they should also give you a short term supply of some rapid acting anti-anxiety medication like Xanax, or Valium, or Ativan.
758077 tn?1282599161 Xanax is addictive and very harmful if you abuse it but, in the event of severe anxiety and panic attacks it is still a medication prescribed to HELP relieve your anxiety, whatever the cause, be it alcohol hangover or personal stress, that's what I am most conserned with NOT the amount of peoples drinking. I leave it up to the individual and personal responsibility to manage their drinking...