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581310 tn?1253033150 My question is I was thinking about having my therapist put me on klonopin for the anxiety and switch my anti depressant. What anti depressant do you think would be good for anxiety and ocd? Also, I have noticed since being on the prozac that my hands are always shaky.
Avatar f tn i feel completely disgusted with my body right now and think iam disgustingly fat but my family and boyfriend all keep telling me i need to gain weight and am too skinny. i need to be on anti depressant medication but every medication doctors prescribe to me have significant weight gain as a side effect which in turn makes me not even take them.
Avatar f tn Anyone on anti anxiety medication? Or have been for prior pregnancies? I'm 23 weeks and I'm so worried about a lot of things making me sick (I also struggle with OCD and it has gotten really bad the last couple months, I spend a lot of time washing my hands). The worst thing for me is that we've had a cat living with us for the last three months and I am terrified of toxoplasmosis and it has really ruined me as far as my anxiety goes... gahh...
Avatar f tn It's probably safer than antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, but I wouldn't want to have a child while taking any kind of brain-affecting drug -- remember, what you're taking your child is taking.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to say I'm so glad the higher dose of Effexor seems to be helping you, and to encourage you to give Zoloft a try if anything changes with the Effexor. I have a long history of anxiety, depression, OCD, agoraphobia, and panic attacks, and have been on many different anti-depressant medications, such as Anafranil, Paxil, Prozac, Serzone, and I think I was always under-medicated.
Avatar m tn The fears can be about rational things but the irrational part is the way we deal and obsessive about them. Has he been diagnosed with OCD or generalized anxiety? What your son has tried are SSRIs or serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Cipralex is another one of the SSRIs. It is thought that the serotonin in our brains is taken up leaving a deficit that our brain cells need to communicate and regulate mood, etc. Each medication works differently for each person.
4928337 tn?1362754766 I have been diagnosed with anxiety but have chosen not to take medication. I have intrusive thoughts about negative events. For example my family dying. I constantly play out scenarios in my head that are so vivid i believe them and they make me upset to the point have anxiety attacks. If my husband is late from work he died in a car accident. And i believe this until he is home. I have always had this since child hood. I can not shake it once i have thought of it. It can last all night.
615079 tn?1221017042 Is there somthing I could do to relax from anxiety of OCD? My headaches come from contantly overanalyzing situations, and obcessing over things I have no control over.I am prescribed Diazepam and seek an alternate solution. Is Anti-depression really the answer for OCD?
Avatar n tn I was just recently prescribed topamax in addition to my small dose 20mg of Prozac daily for OCD/anxiety. I have always been indecisive when it comes to big decisions and this has alsways casued me much anxiety. I told my doctor that prozac just did not seem to be doing anything for me and that a higher dose seemed to make me more anxious or more jittery, he than prescribed topamax. Do you agree with his assessment?
Avatar f tn I talked to my doctor today and she said if I don't feel better in two weeks to come back and we will reassess the medication. I have OCD and the anxiety triggers the thoughts. I just think it is because I feel so unreal right now. This is the worst part of anxiety for me. I feel so out of touch and I am very impatient when I feel like this. I just want it to go away as fast as possible. I know it takes time it just feels like an eternity. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I didn't take the meds because I wanted to fight through it knowing I was ok and it was all mental. On occasion I would take the anti-anxiety meds on nights I couldn't sleep at all (that was a total of maybe 6 times in the last 8 months). Anyways now I'm 7-8 weeks pregnant with my third baby and recently started to feel my anxiety symptoms again. Just wanted to see if anyone else out there suffers from it and how you are coping with it during your pregnancy?! Thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn You've experienced the same symptoms? Did you take an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety medication ? How long did it take you to feel normal?
Avatar f tn ), Nervous, afraid to take medication, afraid to get sick, etc etc. I am always having anxiety attacks. As a matter of fact, my most recent one was this morning about 5 hours ago. I had an anxiety attack because I didn't want to take birth control to help regulate my hormones. I had a lot of negative thoughts regarding the medication, if I'd have side effects, etc. I didn't have any side effects, and if anything, my mood was slightly (just slightly) improved.
Avatar n tn Again, we are not looking for an antidepressant as much as an anti-anxiety medication with few side effects when used over the long term. Also, the goal is to help her with her anxiety, not to turn her into a zombie. We would want her to maintain her "true self," so to speak, not become overly sedated.
1306047 tn?1333247191 I'm really interested in some real life testimonies of people's experiences with medication for anxiety and perhaps OCD. I'd appreciate some perspectives anyone who care's to elaborate.
Avatar f tn hi i am 40, I have asked my psychiatrist about ocd medication but she says I am on anti depressants venlaflaxine, amilsulpride and mirtazapene, I have just started taked valerian root a herbal remedy to see if that helps, my train of thought is if I don't get tested how can I start a relationship with a woman if I don't know, then I tell myself that the last test was negative but then I think if i accept that negative result and just move on then I am tempting fate, its a really viscous circle a
200220 tn?1361955154 Even the therapist said I did not have classic symptoms of typical anxiety. And the OCD thing was just a bonus. (great). What I can tell you is that seeing a therapist can be helpful even if your anxiety is related to the thyroid thing. Anxiety is a horrible, uncomfortable thing to deal with. It was scary for me because I had never experienced anything like it before, and it was the thing that made me most not feel like myself.
Avatar n tn Have had multiple tests all normal with the final diagnosis of anxiety. I attempted to go on an anti-anxiety medication and tried for 2 days. I was so out of it, aggitated and total loss of control. The side effects could last up to 2 wks and I wasn't willing to try another day. I have Ativan only as needed and I am so afraid to become addicted to it, I think I have used it 3 times total. I am talking with a counselor and find that talking with a close friend or family member helps.
Avatar f tn At that time j had a boyfriend I was really obsessed about guys n the only reason I wanted to be pretty was because I wanted guys to like me and want me. I never figured out that I had OCD I have always had anxiety because j would I get really stress out when talking to strangers or even people in my class.
Avatar m tn I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. If the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic medications don't seem to be working than maybe your issue is hormonal (however, do not go off any medication without talking to a doctor). Also, these medications probably have side-effects like weight gain or you could feel kind of floaty and not like yourself. Your doctor should at least be willing to run some simple tests, or maybe they could refer you to an endocrinologist for testing.
Avatar n tn I vow never to go on medication again as it blured my mind and i lost a lot of confidence, However medication is an integral part in treating and managing conditions, it is not the only way to deal with certain issues. I fully understand the anxiety and stigma that is attatched to mental health sufferers, yet i endeavour to try and feel good about myself even though i am often plagued with intrusive thoughts.
Avatar m tn All anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that I know of will cause sexual side effects ie. low libido, lack of abilty to 'perform', etc. I have taken several different ones over the years, and still take them. I have actually chosen to tolerate the low libido in exchange for not feeling miserable all day every day. I am also married, 17 years now, and we are happy. We have had to make adjustments in our sex life to accomodate my low drive.
396332 tn?1320007215 So I am now on Cymbalta + Strattera for general anxiety/ OCD. Has anyone had any luck with Stratttera being added to there antidepressant. My doctor said this was a great combo.
Avatar n tn Both my regular eye doctor and my Retina doctor have assured me that the right eye is fine and has NO signs of abnormal vessal growth. I am on anxiety medication now but cant seem to not look at the things 25 times or more a day. Are there any tips on how to break this habit and is the Amsler really the best indicator of something going on in that eye?
Avatar n tn This goes for treating depression, OCD. and anxiety. While various studies can suggest the odds of a specific response, the only way you know is to try and see what happens. That is why you need to be in close contact with your prescriber. Also as Jaquta rightly emphasizes, for all these conditions therapy is essential for best results.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Exercise regularly Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment that helps to control OCD symptoms by refocusing your mind when obsessive thoughts and compulsions arise. For maximum benefit, try to get 30 minutes or more of aerobic activity on most days. Aerobic exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals.
Avatar m tn These are medications that are often prescribed for OCD, anxiety, depression. The sertraline can have side effects. What are you feeling like? I don't want to list side affects because I don't want you to start looking for particular one. :) How much Sertraline are you taking and how much alprazolam do you take during the day?
Avatar n tn When she was about 4 I took her to a child phychologist who diagnosed her with ocd, generalized anxiety, tics, separation anxiety disorder and selective mutism. I was referred to another Dr for medication. She was put on prozac and seemed to do well for a while, but she still had extreme episodes of crying. We then tried paxil which seemed to induce mania in her. Then, she was put on Risperdal.