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1247613 tn?1268789291 I left Japan 5 yrs ago and returned to the UK, because the medication I received was extremely potent to an extent it nearly killed me, it took me 2 yrs in the uk to get better. Japanese Drs gave me anti anxiety pills, beta blockers blood pressure pills and anti depressant pills. When all I needed was prozac.
6168959 tn?1379395859 Short acting benzos, like Ativan are best used as a rescue med, taken only when anxiety is very high. Taking it regularly will lead to the medication being less effective, and also as you describe, unwanted effects, such as drowsiness. I've been taking "as needed" Ativan since I was 18, I couldn't take it several times a day, I would be wiped out. Definitely talk to your doctor about these concerns. Let us know how you're doing!
Avatar m tn Well, thanks for the kind words! :0) That's very sweet (of both of you!) Medications are tricky business, and there is a delicate balance between being educated, informed and proactive versus being overly anxious based on others' horror stories, and filling your heaf with preconceived notions. Benzos themselves aren't inherently "bad". Anti-anxiety meds like Ativan and Xanax can absolutely be a very integral part of an anxiety treatment plan.
Avatar f tn what are you doing by cutting off your medication on your own? Ativan (Lorazepam) is a benzo that can be highly addictive because of its short half life. NEVER quit 'cold turkey'. That is why you follow your prescription. It is not a big deal as long as you follow the doc's orders. It is great that you feel like you can get off of it, but you NEED to call your doctor and taper off of it...that way you won't put yourself through this...keep us posted.
979080 tn?1323437239 Thanks , just come out of a meeting with one of the top hep c docs in NYC Hepatitis C Research Center. He is telling me that I can take all drugs no problem even the occasional glass of wine. Well in the end it comes down what you believe in and your absolutely right we are all different. So I will stay away from any medication and alcohol until I see my situation improving. Only in an emergency I will take medication. The physician who stumbled upon my infection is a GP.
Avatar f tn I don't take anti depressants. I was originally prescribed lorazepam by an out of hours doctor because I hadn't slept for about 3 days due to a sudden bout of loud tinnitus. It was then my G.P who continued to prescribe as the tinnitus was ongoing. As for general health, I suffered from glandular fever about 3 years ago and have had some fatigue since then but nothing major. I don't drink alchahol at all and haven't done for about 4 years (doesn't agree with me).
Avatar n tn I have been taking Lorazepam occationally for the last couple years. For the last six months I have taken a regular dose of .5 mg in the morning and .5 at bedtime. A month ago I was feeling so anxious that my doctor had me increase my dose to 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg at night. A week ago I decided to take myself off the lorazepam. Well, I am afraid that I have done it too quickly. Basically in a week I have gone from 2 mg to zero. The last few days I have had all kinds of symptoms e.g.
Avatar f tn My last T, whom I respected, asked me to try an anti-anxiety medication. I had issues with side-effects and compliance. I guess if it's not being prescribed for either anxiety or depression then maybe sitting with these feelings make sense. On the one hand the anxiety corresponding with the issues provides a lot of material to work with. Making a decision shouldn't be this difficult. I don't think that listing the pros and cons help either.
1243543 tn?1269127622 Actually, benzo abuse has bigtime gone on the rise over the last decade.....there ARE people who use and abuse them recreationally. Actually a pretty high number of people. But, in all honesty, that is another subject. When WE are talking about these kinds of meds is in the context of people taking them as directed, and not recreationally. Yes, benzos cause tolerance and physical dependency...but also, antidpressants aren't always the easiest thing to d/c either.
Dinosaur I suggest that you should get the medicine changed to some other anti anxiety drug like diazepam or Clonazepam. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I am bipolar and take lorazepam for anxiety. I would like to quit taking this medication. Is there something safer that I could use that wouldn't be habit-forming?
Avatar f tn i felt more anxiety in between doses....i am also suffering from morining illness as vomiting and nausea.. the new meds I was prescribed last week by a new psych was form 100mg zoloft which i have take for 4 or more years. to 150mg of zoloft then 1mg of ativan 3 times a day 5max restaril 15mg at night somethinging is not right the doctor i talked to oncall told me to switch to klonopin twice a day and ativan as needed....
Avatar m tn This is going to be a long post, but please take the time out of your day and read it, I realy need some help and support here! hy, I have been on Lorazepam for about a year now, and I belive I need serious help. Initialy i was prescribed Ativan because of nausea, acording to my mother, Ativan could work well as an anti-nausent, and as I have been dealing with chronic nausea for about 8 years now, naturaly I was eager to try anything to help cope with my symptoms.
990380 tn?1249588144 Ativan is a short acting anti-anxiety medication that is generally meant for occasional use. Seroquel is an antipsychotic used as a mood stabilizer. There are other mood stabilizers. We have some websites linked up for informational purposes that you could look over and then discuss with your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn There are other anti-anxiety drugs that have no sedative side effects. These include the SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors such as Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil), 5-HT1A agonists (buspirone), and TCA's (tricyclic antidepressants) which all affect the concentration of serotonin at certain receptors in the brain. One in particular is Manerix (moclobemide).
Avatar n tn A few years ago I was drugged and attacked and ever since then I have developed an anxiety disorder as well as PTSD. I am terrified of taking any type of medication, even aspirin. I have finally begun therapy, and my therapist really wants me to try to take something and I was prescribed a low dose, 37.5mg of Venlafaxine (Effexor) by my primary care doctor. I have read all the possible side effects, one of which is seizure.
Avatar f tn I wish i as able to take an anxiety anxiety medication. I am a recovering addict/ alcoholic and believe it or not i turned to drugs after a ptsd trigger when i didn't have enough ativan to make me 'high.' I can't take antidepressants they trigger my bipolar and other non addictive anti anxiety pills or what i was using for that nozinan i fainted twice as i have anorexia and chlorpromazine after 1 month i had constant shaking in my hands.
Avatar f tn MANY people have very stressful lives and high demand jobs who work a lot of hours, and don't require taking an anti-anxiety medication, certainly not regularly. A short term benzo taken regularly will end up causing you more problems than you started with, due to tolerance and dependency. It's also a bit worrisome that you'd be willing to self medicate and try to double your dose. You definitely need to speak with your doc and try to find a more reasonable long term solution, IMO.
Avatar f tn Generally after two months, if the medication is not working, and you may need to switch medications. Another medication to consider is Cymbalta (duloxetine). If weight gain is a problem, Wellbutrin (buproprion) has the least amount of weight gain. If that medication fails, then maybe you need to move on to another class of drugs such as a Tetracycline antidepressant or MAO inhibitor.
Avatar m tn I have had success with Zoloft in the past when I was dealing with a nervous stomach. I also was given Lorazepam (2 mg.) to help with sleep. Another doctor recommended sleep aids (Lunestra - 3 mg.) and my therapist who is anti-medicine recommended the natural approach. Well, with the exception of sleep, I am doing a lot better. I am more engaged, eating and functioning. However, sleeping naturally is still an issue.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know a good anti-depressant that works well with hypothyroidism, that does not cause weight gain (or minimal weight gain)and has few side effects?
3060903 tn?1398568723 // Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A., Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. Last updated: December 2012 . Medication can relieve some symptoms of anxiety, but it also comes with side effects and safety concerns—including the risk of addiction. Non-drug treatments may not relieve your anxiety as quickly as medication, but they can produce lasting results.
Avatar f tn I would also be interested in how you plan on controlling your anxiety without medication, just because you don'y like taking it. If your doctor is aware that you are tapering yor dose with the intent to discontinue the medication, he may be able to prescribe a different medication that can be used log-term.(I've been on diazepam for 4 years). I hope you are feeling better soon.
Avatar f tn Believe it is in same class of anti anxiety medications as lorazepam. You are looking at a journey. It starts @ your doctor's office. Hope you are seeing a psychiatrist. Meds form the base from which we work. And it is up to us. Without meds, believe all of us would be housebound. Keep in mind I have same difficulties you do, but with a lot of work and proper medication am able to have a life. In MH, we talk about taking baby steps toward getting out of housebound state.
Avatar f tn Your doc is right about the Clonidine, but it should be noted that your blood pressure does make a difference here, so be careful with it as well. The oxazepam is an anti-anxiety/sedative hypnotic agent by the way.
Avatar f tn Have you troed anti anxiety medication like alprazolam? you should ask your doctor if these would help in your case. Also do not worry about the stress / anxiety when going off medication - continuing both would lead to even more side effects in your case. Try the above measure when withdrawing the drugs, or either of them. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn anxiety (panic attacks, social anxiety), depression, and insomnia. I took both zoloft and xanax for a while about 10 years ago, from what i can recall, they helped some, but not amazingly so, and also made me feel somewhat 'zombie-like' and low energy. So, i ended up going off them. I'm currently in psychotherapy, but at this point my symptoms are interferring with my treatment. I have an appointment with my doctor and am trying to educate myself beforehand.
Avatar f tn yes my baby turned out just healthy as can be but the baby is at such a high risk of some time of harm taking anti anxiety meds..its not good. Talk with your ob about your options..its a touchy subject.
577132 tn?1314270126 How about right after the first SHOT’ Some authors have described intense and fluctuating of personality, mixing anxiety, irritability and disorder of drive control. “HA! Not on this forum” The depressive syndrome can settle as soon as the first week treatment, with a peak in the frequency during the first and third months.