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Avatar f tn I never had anxiety till I started taking Prozac, Im taking Prozac for severe depression but ever since being on it anxiety has been my major problem, I can't go a day without a panic attack or feeling sick due to anxiety, I'm throwing up from anxiety at least once a week and I'm constantly trembling and shaking and having paranoid thoughts. Prozac destroyed more than it fixed for me.
1260240 tn?1336081048 Prozac is a medication commonly used to treat anxiety whereas risperidone is an antipsychotic that is used to treat irritability and behavior problems in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders. The best that I can tell you is that the medication may help. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a psychiatrist that you work well with and who is responsive to your needs.
2044839 tn?1331259441 While I am not currently on Prozac, I did take it years ago and it worked very well for me. I took klonopin, a different benzo, without a problem as well. I'm not sure what side effects you were having that you are trying to avoid. I currently take Wellbutrin. It has not made me gain weight and it has not affected my sex life like so many of the other anti-depressants. Just a thought in case you need to go down the road of another med. Take care.
248167 tn?1220367290 If on the low dose you don't feel any better in 4-6 weeks, let your doctor know because this is when it's reaches it's full therapeutic level and the dosage may need to be changed. With the proper medication and dosage, medication can turn your life around, all for the better. Take care.
Avatar f tn I'm feeling much better on Prozac (except for the lack of sleep, and anxiety attacks) then when I wasn't on anything, but I used to be such an energetic person, and now I'm not. All doctors have recommended to take it first thing in the morning, because if I have it close to bed time, then I definitely won't be able to sleep.
Avatar n tn I'm sure there's a label on your medication bottle stating not to drink alcohol while taking the medication.
Avatar n tn Ooops, forgot to say the feelings of nausea and no appetite could be a symptom of anxiety/depression. I remember before taking any medication I would wake up every morning feeling sick and didn't want to eat much most days. Obviously you can't rule out this being a side affect of prozac but it could be your body's natural way of showing anxiety/depression.
248167 tn?1220367290 Heeeeeelp!!!! Just took my first dose of 10mg of Prozac. Someone please tell me I'll be ok! Scared out of my mind. Doing a lot of body scanning, waiting for side effects.
Avatar f tn Each time I resumed my regular dose of 20mg I went through a cycle of heightened anxiety for days 5 to 20 after resuming medication but received relief of depressive symptoms in week 4 or 5. I recently foolishly quit cold turkey 8 weeks ago and in the 5th week I crashed. I am now going though morning anxiety with better evenings and good nights. I am lucky I do not have other major side effects though the anxiety is enough. I just have to learn PATIENCE.
Avatar f tn I took Prozac when my thyroid was totally out of wack and I was having anxiety also. They gave me lorazapam also for the anxiety. I took it for approximately 5 months until the numbers on my thyroid started coming down. I have been off of it for 2 months. I was afraid when I went off, which the doctor did slowly - it took 2 weeks. He cut the dosage in half and then quit. I don't really know what it did for me but I am assuming that it did something.
Avatar n tn PLEASE HELP ME! I was in a horrific car accident after a night of drinking heavily while on 100 MG. of PROZAC. Do you have any information on Prozac & Alcohol use? My accident happened the morning after the drinking. I had no idea that I was impaired! I would not have driven, luckily no one else was hurt but myself. I was told that Prozac does not allow the alcohol to break down in your liver~~does anyone have any information on this.
Avatar f tn I smoke marijuana throughout each day and am thinking of replacing it with Prozac. Is Prozac addictive? Does anyone have feedback or a similar situation?
Avatar n tn Paxil is shorter acting and going cold turkey is almost impossible, whereas prozac is longer lasting, so stopping the oral medication means that you still have a blood level for longer and that gradually diminishes.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! I hope you started Prozac on medical advice. This drug can precipitate anxiety, depression, agitation, dizziness and the likes. Hence be careful about the drug and if you are experiencing any of these please inform your doctor. A change of medication may help. Other than this, anxiety could be related to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, cervical nerve compression as commonly seen in spondylitis of neck vertebrae.
Avatar n tn Also my psychiatrist told me alot of people who suffer from anxiety/depression will think the medication is making them worse because the are already struggling with anxiety/depression. However, some medications just don't work for people, or cause side effects such as fatigue. I was on lexapro 10mg for a year, then stopped, and started to take it again for a little over a month and it no longer worked for my anxiety. So I slowly weaned off the lexapro and switched to cymbalta.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn How can I feel better if I need medication but am too scared to take anything???? (my anxiety is all basically health related) Thank you for any feedback... ~A.
Avatar f tn Your body is adjusting to the medication, and things should start improving. But if it's affecting your job, I agree with the above post, call your doctor and let him know that you are not able to do your job right now and see if he can give you something short acting like Xanax to get you past this. Work closely with your doctor and be totally honest with him, he will know what is best for you. Hang in there and take care!
Avatar f tn The GOOD news is, for most people, the side effects will improve after a week or two, and should subside completely after that. Keep in touch with your doctor....sometimes a short term course of an anti-anxiety medication (like Xanax, Ativan) to help to combat that side effect. I've experienced that side effect almost every time I started (or increased) an antidepressant. It definitely feels yucky, no doubt.
Avatar n tn I take buspar and prozac now and stopped taking zyprexa and trazadone a month ago. I am now crashing. I just found out that zyprexa is an antipsychotic. does this mean that i am psychotic. I do have flash backs. the doctor doesnt know i stopped the meds.
Avatar m tn Hi, My 12-year old was prescribed Prozac for her anxiety. She fears she will have nausea and vomiting during school and it makes her anxious ALL DAY. We tried reading books about other tweens with anxiety, meditation, school pass for the guidance counselor when anxiety starts and talking with two counselors who taught her deep breathing. We then resorted to Prozac when her pediatrician saw our attempts.
Avatar f tn My physician their life been saying for several years put me on a 60 milligram dose of Prozac day. Recently in the last few months I have started experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. I've gotten to where I cry at the drop of a hat I have bad nightmares and my brain just does not stop. I know that I am grieving over my son. But I also feel like I'm losing control of myself. A friend of mine gave me a couple of one milligram xanax recently.
Avatar n tn episodic depression continued anxiety. Went to outside Psych. for guidance and medication monotoring. He saw I was struggling and just existing and we agreed I would start tapering off Prozac in March and took my last dose July 23.He told me Ativan ok as I never had gone over 2mg/qual.of life is import. I AM A MESS! SEVERE DEPRESSION, ANXIETY it has been 6 weeks and I am sinking lower and lower every day.
Avatar n tn I've tried several medications for anxiety and panic attacks, but have had major side effects from them all. Zoloft, Celexa, etc. My doctor recently prescribed Prozac for my anxiety and panic attacks. In reading about Prozac, it does list anxiety and panic, but they are down the list a ways. Does anyone know if Prozac is a good choice for this? I don't want to take them if they aren't going to do anything. I don't have OCD, which seems to be the main disorder Prozac is prescribed for. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been on 20mg's Prozac for about 3 1/2 weeks now and my anxiety (especially in the morning) seems to be getting worse. I also take 15mg's of Remeron (generic) to help me sleep at night. My questions are.... could the Prozac be making my anxiety worse? Would increasing my does help relieve the anxiety or make it worse?
Avatar n tn The next night I took a full additional pill which has left me with a total of 20mg of Prozac being taken. This did wonders for the withdraw feelings, but the anxiety is over-whelming. I was burning out my skin, shaking, fearful thoughts and feelings raced, and a buzzed feeling has taken over my body. My question to you is, do you think that this anxiety will pass after a couple of weeks or do you think perhaps 20mg is too much for my anxiety? How long of a chance do you give it?