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Avatar m tn I am constantly checking it in the mirror, taking pictures and comparing it to pictures from before. I know that it has grown and it makes me feel ugly and pretty much awful about myself. I don't know what to is causing me so much anxiety that I can't sleep at night and I don't feel pretty or confident anymore. Do you think I should get back on a medication? I got off Zoloft because of weight gain and really don't want to go through that again. Let me know.
1394262 tn?1369625192 Hi anyone taking anxiety medication & trying to conceive? I am trying to conceive & am dealing with my anxiety issue at the same time. I am thinking if I should see a psychiatrist for help. I will appreciate it if you could share with me if you are suffering from any side effect from anxiety medication or not. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Right now I feel I can manage my anxiety without taking anything extra. When my anxiety becomes bothersome I drink Kava tea and take a hot bath. When I was suffering from debilitating panic disorder years ago, I took the lorezapam once or twice a day until the Paxil kicked in. My panic attacks this time around were benign compared to those of years ago. The 12.5mg of PaxilCR has done wonders for me.
Avatar m tn Im on this anxiety medication im wondering if it will make me better orbis just like for symptoms for the day ir somthin
Avatar f tn So before I was pregnant I had extreme anxiety, and was on and off medication. Didnt really like the effects - I was either a mindless zombie, or super nice and happy. And for the first 2 trimesters my anxiety had been pretty low. But, now I'm 35 weeks and the anxiety is so bad. I get it for big things, small things, or i'll even just be sitting watching tv and get hit with a huge wave of anxiety for no reason. I've started scratching my self..
Avatar n tn Also my psychiatrist told me alot of people who suffer from anxiety/depression will think the medication is making them worse because the are already struggling with anxiety/depression. However, some medications just don't work for people, or cause side effects such as fatigue. I was on lexapro 10mg for a year, then stopped, and started to take it again for a little over a month and it no longer worked for my anxiety. So I slowly weaned off the lexapro and switched to cymbalta.
Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
1679320 tn?1306382914 is it possible that anxiety doest come back after taking medication for it or is it a guaranteed to hit you again after stopping?
Avatar f tn I am getting married in August of 2014 and would be mortified to see wedding pictures and videos covered in this blotchy ugly rash. Plus I want to be able to wear a strapless dress and not be paranoid that I will break out. Has anyone had this issue and is there anything that can cure it???
Avatar f tn I've never wanted medication for my anxiety. My doctor insisted, so I tried it. I started with 10mg of lexapro and I started feeling better some days. I stopped taking it during vacation (because my work apparently triggers my anxiety) and I felt pretty good. When I got back to work I started on lexapro again but this this time I had all sort of side effects possible. My dr.
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar n tn Hello, can you please tell me if it is Ok to use Zyprexa for anxiety as it has been prescribed. Is it true, it can cause diabetes and if so after how long ?
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn And i responded perfectly to the medicine but whenever medication withdrawal is attempted ,my ocd relapses. In a country like ours it is still a less talked about issue. so am in search of a proper cognitive behavioral therapy strategy. My ocd makes me anxious about some possible dangers to my dear ones. Previously I used to get anxious about some possible fatal road accidents to my parents. That I later overcame by going outside a lot.
Avatar m tn One moment she is in my arms and the next moment she is on the bathroom floor alongside my other friend and blocked by the principal telling me to move away. How do you get the mental pictures out of your head? The pictures of an injured and badly bleeding friend on a stretcher. I only saw her asleep for a matter of seconds and I haven't heard from her since. Help.
880512 tn?1249085122 We use hydroxyzine at the hospital more frequently for preoperative sedation and postoperative nausea than as an antianxiety med. It IS classified as an antianxiety medication, more commonly known as Atarax, but it's just not a usual "first-line" choice for most doctors. Nothing wrong with it........if it's helping. If it's not, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for something else.
Avatar f tn Im wondering why my medication that im on is not helping my anxiety at all...i am tapering off it but im still on it so why dont it help my anxiety....
Avatar f tn Hi All. Im new to the site but so glad i have found somewhere to talk to people with similar illness. I have been having panic attacks now for 6 weeks related to a health worry. Mines always relate to health worries. I have been on zoloft for years but my doctor put me on Alprax 3 x 0.5mg per day but he doesn't want me to keep taking them because they're addictive. They also suggested putting me on Zyprexa short term.
Avatar f tn I'm planning on going back onto medication for depression and anxiety as it's got much worse since being pregnant. I think after your first trimester any defects people claim pills can cause are massively decreased because your baby is developed much more. Just go through all options with your doctor first and any cons of pills you may take. Ask to see a counsellor as well as that may help as well.
Avatar f tn Ive been prescribed somas and vicoden for 2 years just recently found out in pregnant but i can go without something to relax me i was on effexor and xanax as well i dont kno what to ask my dr thats safer i have bad anxiety and panic attacks as well as bad back pain due to car accident .
Avatar m tn I had my right eye done last month and it has been great and i am due to get my left eye done in about 2 months when my right has finaly settled, however i have a anxiety disorder which i have had for 11months and i have been having a hard time lately, i have a appointment with my docter next week about talking about me going on medication, my question is if i am prescibed any medication i.e anti depressants or benzodiazepines will this have any effect on me getting my right eye laserd.
880512 tn?1249085122 I was put on both at the same time, but since the Xanax heightened my anxiety, I didn't stay on it long.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?