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1712282 tn?1308443962 at night in bed trying to sleep: anxiety:
Avatar m tn it's very difficult to spend any amount of time on the internet without convincing yourself you are suffering from something. I am not currently on medication, but I was taking malarone for malaria prevention for about a week from Jan 22 through Jan 29. I had forgotten all about that.
Avatar m tn i just want to live my life u'know, without always having an anxiety attack 24/7. i don't even know how i got this damn anxiety in the first place. i know it runs in my moms family so does that mean i got it from her please reply back to this post if u ever want through this kinda of thing. well basically ur own story on how u got ur anxiety and how did u deal with urs thx and please reply.
Avatar m tn Hi, it is my understanding that the class of drugs that zoloft is part of----- the seratonin reuptake inhibitors will affect the sertonin levels of the brain (increases it) so that a person can properly function. It works to relieve anxiety and social anxiety. It has a start up period of 2 to 4 weeks in which a person can have different types of side effects. They can become agitated for one. Some go the other way and get sleepy.
Avatar m tn I am constantly checking it in the mirror, taking pictures and comparing it to pictures from before. I know that it has grown and it makes me feel ugly and pretty much awful about myself. I don't know what to is causing me so much anxiety that I can't sleep at night and I don't feel pretty or confident anymore. Do you think I should get back on a medication? I got off Zoloft because of weight gain and really don't want to go through that again. Let me know.
Avatar f tn Ive been vomiting every morning and night too, ive basically had all the same symptoms youve had, Maybe your beginning to become Bulemic, Maybe its from Stress, Maybe its from something simple like dehydration. As for these pictures, what kind of pictures are they, are they from your past , is it in the future or is it current pictures. Because i know what your talking about. I have the same problem sept i cant ever get him off my mind, hes branded onto my brain :(.
Avatar f tn She said im hard to exam cause I dont take good pictures and im kinda lumpy anyway. Im thinking great if the results are bad that is a whole year of doing nothing and time is of essance here. One part of me says im ok and im kinda not freaking but the other hand says hey its not normal for you to not be freaking so I make my self freak. Im just not sure what im feeling beside anxiety. I hate this waiting im not very patient at all. I think ok if its bad what now? Where do you go from here.
Avatar m tn I am taking a flight within a week and need to know which anti-anxiety drug will work best for me. It is a two-hour flight.
Avatar m tn Through-out the years, starting in 1997, I developed an increasing case of anxiety, which after awhile became accompanied by panic attacks. I tried to tell the doctor at the start, this all was proceeded by abdominal discomfort, driving to work, had to run as fast as possible to the rest room before hitting the sales floor. After doing this for months, one night in counting down the tills of the cashiers, I felt a twinge of anxiety, but shook it off. The feeling only lasted mere seconds.
Avatar f tn I am getting married in August of 2014 and would be mortified to see wedding pictures and videos covered in this blotchy ugly rash. Plus I want to be able to wear a strapless dress and not be paranoid that I will break out. Has anyone had this issue and is there anything that can cure it???
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
431685 tn?1324341198 Are these thoughts caused by depression or my anxiety? Also I can't eat.. Feel like throwing up.. Dizzy..Light headed.. Emotional..Worry too much I don't have any panic attacks now but I just worry too much.. worry that'll attack me again.. So I feel stupid because I'm waiting for my panic to attack me again..
Avatar n tn the creative kind that you can put your own pictures and stickers in and such........ Hope some of this might help out a bit...
603543 tn?1255298050 So Im withdrawing from this stupid abilify and Im starting a new job today, Im not nervous or anything about it but the withdrawel is causing anxiety and i cant stand it and that is starting to make me nervous, I dont want to be uncomfortable on my first day.....I just want it to stop.....
906759 tn?1275961220 I quit drinking caffiene 3 months ago. I have had 3 heart attack workups at the ER all normal. 2 other visits they say anxiety. Had stress test, normal. Endoscopy found esophogitis. CT of abdomen and pelvis found diverticulosis. I have been having sharp stabbing chest pains for almost 3 months now. usually in same places. but sometimes not. Have some arm, hand, fingers, upperback, upper and lower abdomen, sometime leg pains and wrist pains. They usually only last a few seconds.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering, does anxiety and panic CAUSE the reflux, or does the reflux cause the anxiety? I am now on Paxil, reflux medication and Ativan. This is debilitating. Only a few moments ago I was on the couch with a wet towel on my head, on the phone with a friend telling her I felt like I was going to die. I felt it in my stomach, that extreme knotting, feeling as if I wanted to burp but couldn't. My heart racing.
9950483 tn?1406856580 I instead looked at the picture and noticed she using a different set of car keys that were next to her in the picture which I knew from that she is borrowing a car from a friend that I don't like the fact that she is. That is when it comes to pictures, as for text messages anything she sends me or at least anything she doesn't say to me I end up as well overreacting.
Avatar m tn Can Stomach rumbling and feeling like your hungry all the time and also excessive gas be caused by anxiety? I know its unusual because I have always been a big eater but this stomach rumbling and excessive gas been going on since 2 months post exposure which was occupied with loose stools which I don't have no more but lasted 2 weeks.
689528 tn?1364139441 These are the things that will help him get better about social interaction. I personally have mild social anxiety and this is how I overcame it. I briefly took medication but didn't like it so just stayed active. My career involved interacting with lots of people and strangers, my social life was such that I'd have stayed at home but my husband likes to go out and do things with people so I am a master a working a party now. And I can make small talk with a wall.
480448 tn?1426952138 Hope you will enjoy this and find it helpful. I'm interested in feedback. Thanks for reading! This is an excerpt, Chapter One of a book I've been writing trying to allow people to see a glimpse into our anxious worlds, while adding a good bit of humor to make some of those scary moments a little less frightening. It's hard sometimes to find humor in these situations, but it really lightens the load if we can try.
Avatar n tn The condom broke and for almost 6 months now I have dealt with an huge amount of anxiety, guilt and paranoia over std's. I am also a severe hypochondriac and suffer from OCD. I have been taken a 7 week IGG test negative for herpes and also a 17 week IGG test which was negative. This red scrotum came on at about 5 and a half months since this encounter and in researching it It seems there may be some connection to red scrotum syndrome psychological distress. Can anyone confirm this ?
Avatar n tn There is also a possibility of rebound anxiety when you stop taking a relaxant medication -- it can feel worse, as your brain is used to having the drug around. For most people this passes with time and depends on how often and how high a dose the med was at and how long a person was on it. I agree that it probably has nothing to do with the forehead thing, but it might in an indirect fashion.
358304 tn?1409713092 So I've been anxiety free for 2 months now! No medications. Usually what starts an anxiety spell is health anxiety. My last spell was caused my health anxiety... I thought I had blood in my stool... this caused major panic/worry... i tried to blow it off, b/c my BM's looked normal after that. I worried so much I started to get IBS symptoms... food would literally go right through me... and I lost my appetite almost completely. I also developed a hypersensitive gag reflex...
Avatar n tn Posted By Ken on June 16, 1998 at 09:59:07: In Reply to: anxiety, heart relations posted by Stimmer on June 13, 1998 at 10:34:02: Sounds just like me and many others. I've had the same experiences for 21 years now. Here are some observations. Select Articles on A-Fib By Ken Wnek An A-Fib Sufferer Article 1: Since the beginning of the year I've had only one "full blown" episode of A-Fib.
Avatar n tn I was under the E/N/T specialist for 2 years and had various tests, such as balance, MRI scan and a nerves test and all came back o.k. I was taking medication for Menieres Disease for 18 months but this did nothing and now after all this time i am starting to have Anxiety Attacks constantly thinking about my breathing and feel like i am hyperventilating slightly. I have started to take beta blockers for the anxitey but it does not seem to help.
Avatar n tn And I have been doing so much reading and research on anxiety and panic disorders, that's how I gained control of it the first time it happened. But since these heart pains started, it just kinda freaked me out and got the fear going again. But again, thank you so much! You have no idea how much that helped.
203342 tn?1328740807 Hi. I hope my title wasn't too long! Someone told me to come to the anxiety forum and talk to Ryan. They said he knows a lot about medications. I looked though and didn't see him. Is he still around? Does anyone know? I'd like to talk to someone who is knowledgable about Welbutrin. I have some questions and concerns and I don't know what's normal or not. About 6 weeks ago my 15 year old daughter was put on Zoloft for severe depression.
637939 tn?1261286694 I told her about the pictures I get in my head which result in anxiety. She thinks she may have a therapy to lessen the intensity of the pictures I see. These are pictures of my past that haunt me. After years of therapy, medication, substance abuse and time, these pictures are just as vivid as the 1st time I saw them. Have I mentioned lately that I love my therapist! I am hopeful this technique, which has to do with eye movement,will work and I we keep you all posted.