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1274661 tn?1301868321 I wish that bentyl worked for my IBS pain, but only med I have found to b helpful is the medication, Donnatal . I am hoping to try Lyrica to help the pain with IBS, so if any of you have found relief with abdominal cramping and pain can u let me know?
409410 tn?1251072712 I should say I have had stomach issues for the last 6 months anyway. And it's hard to give me anything where the number # 1 side effect is nausea and diarrhea. The doctor's haven't given me anything for my IBS. I think they need to try some TCA's to help with the IBS. Pamelor was a straight norepinephrine medication and when I was on it I never had stomach problems. I could eat most anything and never had issues.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and have had IBS for atleast 2 years now, all started when my Anxiety got worse. The last couple of months i've been suffering from on and off constipation, which is obviously not very plesant. But i've started to notice when i am constipated i get left lower spasm type pain where my colon/rectum is. I had it really bad for a while last night, i hadn't been to the toilet for atleast 3-4 days, fortunately i had a bowel movement today.
Avatar n tn I'm 21, doctors tell me i have ibs and anxiety related to its symptoms. I've been put on effexor xr 75 mg for a week now. I know this is a powerfull drug... Does this problem need to be fixed with such a hard drug? How long should I take it? Is it possible to get off it without pain or painfull symptoms? I really need your help.
140029 tn?1393298142 m worried about getting sick in public (IBS) wise which leads to anxiety..and then IBS goes bezerk... and it goes super downhill after that...
Avatar m tn I also do suffer from an anxiety disorder but no longer take medication for it. I am just wondering in regards to the bloatedness, diarrhea and gasy-ness if this is just a part of IBS or if I should be seeking further medical attention from my family doctor?
Avatar n tn Hi there, first off, if you know certain foods bother you then stop eating them, next you said you have anxiety, are you on any medication, i just started having anxiety about a year ago and was put on lexapro, i have problems with loose stools since gallbladder came out along time ago and take a powder for it which for the most part has helped me live my life, but i have noticed since being on lexapro, that i dont have as much security with my movements even though i am taking the powder, so i
Avatar n tn For 5 years now I've been suffering from diarrhea and none of my drs can figure out why. We think it's just a bad case of IBS. Because of so many "close calls" while running to the washroom, I have developed a sever phobia of going anywhere for fear of losing bowel control. When I know I have to go anywhere for the day, I don't eat anything (and I mean ANYTHING) and take about 4 immodium pills.
535882 tn?1396576685 does anxiety cause your body to produce too much adrenalin/ is that why it makes you shakey uneasy keyed up? any one know?
212161 tn?1599427282 Are you straining at all when you have a bowel movement?
Avatar m tn it will be best to consult a physician and take the necessary test before taking medication. i also suffer from IBS ,my doctor advises me to cut down milk, spices, fats,caffiene from my diet and to take probiotics , loperamide and multivitamins as my medication. you can as well include yoga, walking and meditation to reduce anxiety and improve your health. good luck and get well soon.
Avatar f tn IBS can be associated with Generalized Anxiety but can a person have IBS without any other associated disorders. Has anyone been given depression and anxiety medicines that have cured you of IBS?
Avatar n tn I'm 21, doctors tell me i have ibs and anxiety related to its symptoms. I've been put on effexor xr 75 mg for a week now. I know this is a powerfull drug... Does this problem need to be fixed with such a hard drug? How long should I take it? Is it possible to get off it without pain or painfull symptoms? I really need your help.
Avatar f tn Very often anxious people turn to comfort eating and eating too quickly and not chewing their food properly and get digestive problems. Medication for anxiety and depression also often causes digestive problems. Reflux, if you have it, is usually caused by incomplete digestion and laying down too soon after eating so that the gas goes up instead of staying in the abdomen.
Avatar f tn There are many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that are actually used to treat IBS. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and what your concerns are. I have multiple conditions, including IBS and anxiety, that these medications are used for. Right now I am taking one at a low dose in an attempt to treat my migraines. It is in a different class than the SSRI medications. I know of several people who take the same one that I take, Nortriptyline.
Avatar m tn I take nexium daily for the GERD and metamucil daily for the IBS. I am not on any anxiety medication. About 5 years ago I had an upper GI endoscopy that came back fine. 4 days ago I woke up with terrible pressure in my chest. I have had this before with my GERD but this was the worst it had ever been. Since then, the pressure is gone but I have had very strong pains when I swallow or even belch. Basically anything that stretches my esophagus causes horrible pain.
Avatar m tn Prolly shoulda mentioned this, I do have a prescription for IBS medication and was full of joy when i got it only to be disappointed with no help or relief from this problem. I have tried a few IBS medications and nothing seems to work.
Avatar f tn i also have ibs along with anxiety and it *****! because having an ibs episode will launch me right into a panic attack! the only way i deal with it is to know before i leave, where the closest and most accesible bathrooms are.... just in case. it helps a little .
Avatar n tn And if you have any ongoing situations with stress, anxiety or depression, that you make sure you are being treated for that (medication if necessary, talk therapy, cbt, and lifestyle helpers). Let me know what you think!
Avatar f tn t care what anyone says, when some of us go through this nasty stage in our lives, the hormones can get way out of wack and create more anxiety and depression symptoms. My worst time of it was actually during peri-menopause. Even the IBS can be worse during this time. I remember my psychiatrist telling me that the brain gut reaction time is split second. So from the time you feel the anxiety, your gut has already received the message that you are scared and it reacts with...
Avatar n tn I think I have might have anxiety. I have IBS and mitral valve prolapse. I am very nervous, do not sleep well and sometimes have feelings of panic or panic attacks. I also get heart palpitations and lately have had constant burping. I worry a lot and cannot seem to relax much.
Avatar m tn I don't think you have IBS, not with a fever and the burning. Plus, there are several good medications for IBS and your doctor should have prescribed one for you. I would find a different doctor. Have you learned how to deal with the panic attacks, if not I can tell you. I went thru a time when my stomach would burn when I drank wine, I quit and the pain went away.