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716699 tn?1234067420 Do anxiety and depression go hand in hand? I have bad anxiety, but other days it feels more like depression. the feeling of not being in reality or not being myself gets strong sometimes, but that could be either. I just wondered if maybe my anxiety was causing depression...or maybe i have depression causing anxiety..?
Avatar f tn I started with the symptoms last week and I thought they would go away. My therapist said that my anxiety and depression would get better and I would have peaks and troughs, I guess this is a trough. I don't think the doctors know what to do with me and they are just hoping I come round on my own but this is the hardest time. I think i'll ring my therapist cos I'm a bit stuck in it. What are you doing about your job? Are you on sick pay? Do you think the tablets made you worse?
Avatar m tn What you describe are certainly symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Is that all your docs have said? Have they not considered depression or asked you about such? I'd guess another thing you are feeling is a loss of interest in things you have liked doing long term. An inability to enjoy them any more and a disinterest in actually wanting to do them. Yes? It goes with the lack of energy and is another depression symptom which goes with what you describe.
Avatar f tn Well, when I first got there, they made me do a mental health evaluation test, and then they had me do these weird test things where they would show me a picture of blocks that were made into a shape and I had to take real blocks and make them look like in the picture. I did all kinds of tests including the ink blob one. At the hospital we had a therapy group, where all of us would sit with the therapist and talk about coping skills and stuff.
Avatar f tn This is the second time for that and I had no problem the first time, but the anxiety and depression are worse now and I don't know if its the mental health problem getting worse or hormones. Gyn originally said to call her in a few months and let her know who I'm doing and it'll be time to do that in a few days, as I want to wait until I have to restart that cream again as the first time in restarting it, I had bleeding and I want to see if that happens again this time.
Avatar n tn I for awhile did not believe there was any wd associated with it but I realized I was so very wrong. After stopping my anxiety and depression went way up. I also lost about 15 pounds because I was no linger eating as much and started smoking 2x the amount of cigs. Weed for me was a antidepressant and it calmed me down a ton. I strongly believe in the medicinal values or marijuana and while there are many negative effects of it most were positive for me.
1515545 tn?1291399364 I almost totally freaked out and felt like I was going to pass out, I have never had that happen with anxiety before, it happened out of the blue, I am being treated for bipolar and depression, I take lithium 300 m.g. and Risperdal 1 m.g. and was fine until 3 days ago. when it happens my head tilted to the side and started to shake a little, and had leave where I was... I thought maybe drinking caffeine with the lithium was causing that to happen.
Avatar n tn It's almost like an addiction to anxiety and seeing a doctor or having a test (or reading the internet) relieves the anxiety for a bit. I think it is OCD around health anxiety. I found paxil worked a treat for this problem. Cognitive behaviour therapy also works very well for this type of problem. It's highly unlikely you have a brain tumour. I wish you all the best.
Avatar f tn I've been battling issues with depression and anxiety for about 10 years now. I feel like I've wasted so much of my life and when I start thinking about things it makes me sad and frustrated. In December, I had surgery (gallbladder removal) for the first time ever. Prior to that I'd never really had any health issues. Made it 25 years and had never even had blood drawn. Going to doctors has always given me a great deal of anxiety so having to deal with that really started my downward spiral.
Avatar n tn When I was finally through the withdrawals from those medications which made me dysfunctional beyond my normal episodes of depression and hypomania, I obviously did not feel good. The depression and anxiety came back with all that lovely lack of motivation, panic attacks, etc. I then turned to street drugs and tried just about all of them, and hated all of them... except opiates.
Avatar n tn I have severe anxiety and depression over this and worried sick I'm heading straight for cancer. Is there something I can do besides pray that cancer doesn't strike me for my mistakes ? How come the test came out negative if 2 days earlier I had a wart that is known to be caused by HPV? Did the test fail? My only thought is the test doesnt test for all the 200 strains and just some of them (cancer strains, genital warts strain). I have no idea what to think.
429326 tn?1282331954 About mid-page there is a link for a diagnostic questionaire. You take the test online and they will return a likely diagnosis.
Avatar m tn And the same thing happens when i have to tell someone that i suffer from depression and anxiety and explain my symptoms(for example to a shrink,or a friend),i become so depressed,and feel so guilty and anxious and inner tennsion.i feel so messed up,i start judging myself in my head.After a while,1h,2h maybe one day i get better. Is this thing common?is this a consequence of depression?Have you heard about this kind of stuff?
Avatar n tn We have been trying again which make me feel better until i get a neg test or some other bad news and i am right back there again. Nobody understands unless they have been there. My husband bless his heart tries really hard to understand and he has his sad moments but he didnt carry the baby and even though i wasnt pregnant long i still had a life inside of me that i never got to hold or meet. IT SUCKS!
Avatar n tn Hi, I suffer from extreme tiredness from the time I wake (worse around noon and entire afternoon) + anxiety (at times) and finally able to admit this--chronic depression. I have had this fatigue since I became pregnant and thereafter (going on 9 years now) and other maladies-- migraines (use Relpax), dysmenorrhea, fibroids/cysts, high blood pressure, recently--diabetic. I am 37 yrs. old. My Dr. has prescribed nearly all the anitdepressants out there.
Avatar f tn Personally, it took me probably a total of 5 months to *really* get myself back from the anxiety and depression (my main concern was the anxiety). Every now and then I'll have a mild bout of anxiety or depression, but it has gotten so so so much better. I saw the biggest difference after just one week off the pill, so I hope you will experience at least the same relief right away.
Avatar n tn It's so sad that so many people go through this and worse. so what other things can this be ?? and did anyone ever get told its anxiety and then found out it is not and it was something else causing it ? help would be greatly appreciated thank youu x0.
Avatar n tn (Better than meds) They insisted my progesterone levels were not high enough for me to conceive, but I prayed over my stomach and had others to pray. If fasted and God answered with positive test and normal progesterone levels. Have faith like a grain of mustard seed and all things will be possible. I will pray for you!
363243 tn?1331037450 I have PCOS, Hashimotos, Pituitary Tumor, Type 2 Diabetes and Depression/Anxiety. Seems they somehow all go hand and hand. :-( I am 30 and have always been underweight, until about a year and a half ago I began just packing on the pounds. I am now 5'2" and 160 lbs!!!!!! I take metformin, lexapro, cabergoline and levothyroxine.
Avatar n tn The original poster is/has been suicidal, which shows a pretty intense level of anxiety and depression. Dr. Handsfield is simply acknowledging the depth of this poster's concern, and saying that this poster needs to find someone he can trust IN PERSON. He is NOT saying that he should get tested again a year later; I think your own anxiety is causing you to interpret his comments as such.
Avatar m tn Now I know this just could be another symptom of anxiety and that the slight elevation of the thyroid test could be caused by the anxiety itself also, but in a way I think that if they do find out it's all a thyroid problem that I would finally get an answer to why I have anxiety in the first place. My question is to anyone who has had problems with their thyroid and suffered from anxiety.
1840141 tn?1327787641 hi there, my brother in law sufferes from nearly the exact thing,only it effects him also now when he gets on a plane,its a form of anxiety attack, even though he said he was never nervous driving or had problems before but he just started to feel very weird once he started tyo drive and now cuz its untreated he sufferes even when he is a passenger,so i would say you are also suffering a type of anxiety attack,look these attacks up online and compare your symptoms,bear in mind everyone reacts di
Avatar f tn They tested my bp/ ECG - told me I'm just anxious and asked me to go back home and just relax. Later my GP did a full blood test and another ECG and told me the results are normal. But these palpitations are driving me crazy. Maybe im anxious without my knowledge? I really don't understand. I was a very happy and fun loving girl and I hate to see myself being brought down by this.
1763947 tn?1334058919 Lyme bacteria use up magnesium (Mg), and it's hard for your doc to test for it, bec. most Mg is held inside your cells and not floating in the bloodstream where a blood test would show the levels. Mg gives a nice feeling of calmness and well-being. Don't take more than the bottle says, tho, because it will give you diarrhea as the intermediate stop before kidney damage or something.
Avatar n tn FREE help, I'd recommend MoodGYM. It's free. Just Google MoodGYM. It's an online analysis of your anxiety and depression and FREE guides and workshops to correct your thought process and bring you back to life!
Avatar n tn Usually people with extremely high blood sugar become slightly delluded/lose touch with reality. Anxiety and depression is also common when chronic high blood sugars are present because it affects the chemicals in the brain which deal with mood, disabling people from thinking/behaving the way they normally would. I would talk to a diabetes doctor immediately and do some serious readjusting with the insulin dosages your brother is taking.
Avatar m tn My 16 year old daughter is experiencing the same problems, depression/ anxiety, impulsiveness. She is stugglng in school and trying so hard to make the grades to get into college, but is about to give up. Her tsh was tested and it was 0.8. So her doc says she is fine. She takes cytomel and synthroid combined. I recently put her on concerta to help her stay focused, but she is extremely depressed and angry all the time. I am very worried and frightened.
Avatar m tn I guess just that leads to these inner feelings. But we also have a history of depression and anxiety in our family and particular on my husband's side. Anyway, it just is what it is. While things can be going fantastic for my son on the outside, he is always a nervous wreck and can feel depressed on the inside. I'm sorry you feel this way too. You mention you are in school. So, do your parents know that you feel this way?
Avatar f tn My son was murdered in Jan, 2005 and I've since been treated and diagnosed with PTSD - however, I was previously being treated for depression. When I was tested last year the psychologist stated that I had severe depression, with PTSD & severe anxiety and panic disease with possible OCD and maybe some personality disorder.
Avatar m tn That seems to me, that because of your chronic doubt and worry, you have decreased appetite which is something that is very common among people with anxiety and depression (some do the opposite and stress-eat) and this of course, is not the best thing because you need food, no matter what your emotional state may be. Without adequate nutrition, this can actually cause anxiety or depression to worsen.