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4128244 tn?1350077211 I'm not sure about my Mom, She THINKS it was for a "sluggish metabolism". She was on medication when I was quite young. She keeps telling me she was on indocin (which I know isn't right). She was supposed to take it indefinately, but she couldn't afford the meds or the Dr. visits. She still has symptoms similar to mine, but her tests come back the same, "low normal".
Avatar n tn I envy you, and I am sure many others do. Just allow us to get over the 3 month hump and test negative.... we promise to move on and gratefully accept our gift of life!
Avatar n tn Alot of sites try to scare people. For instance, I took a quiz on line to see if I was at high risk for hiv. If your answer was yes to anyone of their questions YOU WERE AT HIGH RISK & SHOULD BE TESTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So pretty much anyone who wasn't a virgin was high risk. It was ridiculous. I guess they try to scare people. For what? I have no idea. Your fine. I agree alot of true lesbians don't have one night stands in the back of a bar with a guy! Too funny.
Avatar n tn I am sorry but i must agree with Dher537 the first thing I would rule out is HIV and go from there. there is something going on with your immune system for sure.
Avatar n tn So the risk is per contact, from what I understand and if you do it several times in the one night stand, then your risk gets added for the number of times you do it on the infected person. I am going to go see an HIV specialist soon, although I know he will not be able to tell me anything other than to get tested, but I would like to know the risk of me being infected, granted my gay partner (tranny) was infected. Do you have a number?
Avatar n tn 1. I think I follow your advice to a T, I always ask my sexual parters their HIV status, if they have ever been treated for an STD and when they last tested (some of them look at me like I am crazy - but I don't care). If they don't know, or say yes to what I ask. I don't have sex with them, I walk. But then again, some people lie or say they are hiv neg when they truly don't know - but I treat them like they have every STD known when I am intimate with them.
Avatar m tn You GP is talking out of his area of expertise. Call the Eye MD that did your lasik and go in for a dilated retina exam. Search "floaters" in this forum.
Avatar n tn I do snore lightly but if I sleep on my side there is no problems as far as i know. My husband only notices it when i am on my back. I notice it when I am on my back. I can't sleep that way. My husband notices the snoring if I am close to him and facing him otherwise no. I do not have sleep apena as far as I know.
Avatar m tn Went to an STD clinic to talk to one of the doctors there -- these guys deal with HIV on a regular basis, as the area the clinic is located in is a pretty high HIV-concentrated area. I spoke to one of the doctors -- a very knowledgable one -- about my fears, Medhelp, the window period, blah blah.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for the's an amazing resource and anxiety reliever. I am a 31 yr old hetero male currently living in Thailand. On 3/24 I went to a nearby hospital b/c I was suffering from a yellowish discharge from my penis, presumably related to an unprotected encounter with a sex worker. The on-call Dr had me produce a urine sample + a sample of the discharge fluid on a slide. The results came back positive for gon. The Dr wrote a prx which included 1 dose of ???? admin.
Avatar n tn I am 38 and have just been diagnosed with EBV. I think I have had it for quite some time but did not get to the dr as I should have. I have had severe pains in both arms and legs, swelling of joints, night sweats, numbness and tingling in both my hands and feet, swelling of my eyelids in the middle of the night and back spasms at all hours. I have 3 young children and work full-time and I am exhuasted and scared because I cant keep up with all of it.
Avatar n tn I have tested positive for exposure to TB according to the tuberculin test. I am an expat living in SE Asia where TB is endemic. However, the xray showed no sign of active TB and was told that my symptoms were not consistent with TB...?!? I also saw an infectious disease specialist and he had me do some bloodwork (hepatitis, mono,....) which were all negative. 2. No. I have not. What kind of tests should they run? Are the nerve tests not good for that? (did those - all fine) 3.
255722 tn?1452550141 I am not on treatment at this time, but think if treatment doesn't depend on the culture test, perhaps I should start. This is what I am talking to my doc about this week. I am very, very ill. I have seen 9 specialists since 2002; 5 Nneuro, 3 Rheumatologists, Cardiologist.. No diagnosis except for Reynaud's and Peripheral Neuropathy.
Avatar n tn but feels it is worth it because she is hepc freee!! I am active, 50 years old, run, swim , bike, walk dog, have a business and I am to trade this possibly for something that has a 50% chance of working and then be worse off then before or.....continue to live with this (AST 107, ALT169 as of last friday, I get checked every 3 months). It is still a tuff call and I weight it out in my head each day.
789911 tn?1368640383 On this one with the 2 drugs if you are not undetectable at 2 weeks they give you the SOC in addition. I would have to look at the prove 2 trial. I am not familiar with it. You do bring up a good point. That is why I am torn. There are pros and cons Even with insurance in 2011 when the telaprevir comes out, the cost will break us. That is one reason I am thinking about giving this a go.
Avatar f tn ) I am NOT medically trained, nor is anyone else here that I am aware of, so don't rely on us for medical advice .... but in your situation, I would find an LLMD immediately and consider suspending the steroid injections, tho I don't know if they are supposed to be tapered off. That's why you need an LLMD to advise you. Let us know if we can help -- I am very sorry to hear of all you have been through. We're here -- wishing you and yours well.
Avatar f tn , i feel like my world is falling apart and i have no one to talk to about it, i dont know whether she is gonna die because of this, she has changed so much with reagrd to her weight, her moods and behaviour patterns and i am so lost in all of this, what can i do to help her, how can i get more info on the facts, is this disease fatal
Avatar n tn I dont worry bout it at all ....but now that I am clear of the virus I do feel better about my contact with my wife...guess I worried about it a bit actually.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been reading your posts and have just a few thoughts and insights to maybe offer you. I had a "neurological event" that started in January that includes burning, tingling, tremors, buzzing, electrical zaps, and twitching that occured (spread?) from my left hand-arm to my right hand-arm then to my right leg and foot then left leg and foot then abd, back and finally head and tongue and face. I have had 3 MRI's (neg-not a spot) of brain, c-spine, t-spine.
Avatar n tn I was also afraid because Candia is a known condition brought on by HIV.. so I am getting tested for that too.. My friend is also having a major problem with Candida yeast in his body.. and he's told me to watch my diet and stop eating sugars and foods with Yeasts like bread. These are the foods that the Candida live on.. Oh well, I hope this information helps everyone.. Maybe we'll actually find something that gets rid of this soon...
965737 tn?1250298055 I hope maybe there will be a new treatment I can use later on or my health improves so I can try again later..I am 45. My last biopsy was 2 yrs ago, it was mild -one I'm not sure what I want to do about my Hep C now, It was Dec. 2008 when I tried treatment...since I stopped I do see a GP and have bloodwork done. He is treating me for Lyme also, I first got lyme when I was 19. He thinks my mental /emotional probelms may be caused by the lyme. I'm not so sure.
Avatar n tn I am having the same symptoms, and I am currently taking an antibiotic - I am not having any discharge or abnormal smells, just the crazy itching & the burning from the scratching. Please tell us what you've discovered!
Avatar n tn I know it stinks. I am a stage 3 too. My doctor was ADAMENT that I did not have time to wait at all. I had already decided before my biopsy that I was going to treat regardless but when I found out I was that far along.........I started ASAP. Good luck, with all the different things that you have going against you right now (fatty liver, diabetes) I hope you seriously speak to a doctor about getting on the Infergen FAST.
Avatar n tn If I had my choice over again I would not have gotten involved with porn, I feel that it is to late for me now, I must admit looking at porn helps me to achieve orgasm easier and I do enjoy it so I dont expect to stop in the near future, from what I have read I guess I am lucky I can still reach orgasm at my age.