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Avatar n tn It came in as undetermined, but showed a positive in two bands. Since this time, I have had many different types of hiv test such as the antibody and the pcr test (all have been nagative) from id's. As time passes, my symptoms have become worst and I have had a complete workup in the area of immunology, but nothing has panned out. Could these symptoms be caused by an hiv strain not being picked up in the test? Should I still be worried about hiv, eventhough I am becoming sicker?
Avatar f tn I had a blood test for HIV at 4 weeks and tested negative. Than i got 2 yeast infections, so I used the Home Access test at 16 weeks and that came back negative, but I got another yeast infection andd I just took another test today at 20 weeks and am waiting for the results. Should I worry or is the test at 16 weeks conclusive even though I keep getting yeast infections?
Avatar f tn t be back in a week and for the pass few days i have been stressed out that am a victim of HIV i have no other symptoms no swollen lymph nodes no other symptoms of any kind also the person i had sex with is taking some medication to get pregnant cause she doesn't know if she has gonorrhea she is taking provera clomid and metformin can you tell me what is the main purpose of those medication please and she also said someone is donating the sperm to her and very worried and seeking for answers
Avatar m tn I told myslef i shouldnt goto school today, but i have a quiz to complete. I am concerned because ive ne been to a stage in my life where the day after ive comsumed that large amount, i wouldnt be able to sleep. Is their somethin seriously wrong, or m i jut overreacting?
Avatar f tn I took a quiz and it said somewhere about 94% positive I was depressed I have also taken a quiz and it said I was bipolar and that I have a mental illness causing me to have multiple personalities. I don't know what to do my mom will just say its hormones and everything but I don't know how much longer I can take this. I don't cut but have thought about it and I have also thought about what people would do if I committed suicide.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a guy 55 days ago who at the time I know was HIV negative. He slept with a guy 4 weeks ago and was tested 2 weeks ago and diagosed as positive 4 days ago. As he tells me that the guy he slept with 4 weeks ago was safe sex, my question is Did I give him HIV? I was tested yesterday by the doctor with a 1 minute result test with a 28 day window period and my result was negative.
Avatar n tn I did an hiv test 2 test were used hiv-1 and hiv-2 for confimation and hiv 1 was clearly negative but the councellor said there is something suspicious on hiv 2,so we repeated the test with hiv 1 and hiv 2 both results were negative but does this mean I'm hiv positive?
Avatar n tn However, he did rub his penis on my vagina 2/3 times. I am not sure of his HIV status but say he is HIV positive, does that mean I am too? how high are the chances of me being HIV positive too? I also researched the symptoms of HIV and the site stated that they are: •Fever (this is the most common symptom) •Swollen glands •Sore throat •Rash •Fatigue •Muscle and joint aches and pains •Headache and they will be experienced within 2-4weeks of exposure.
Avatar m tn do these symptoms mean i am hiv positive. i was told to come for a test at 6 weeks, i cant stand the stress from day 1, today is day 22.
Avatar m tn my utmost gratitude dr. hook. i am also me813 i just forgot my password that's why i made another profile... sorry for the confusion. the unprotected sex that i had 2years ago was that of a different woman and not my girlfriend at present. The girlfriend came into the scene after 6mons. after my unprotected sex...does it make any sense now.?
Avatar m tn I had an hiv test after 30 and 54 days (during the symptoms) that returns negative, now after 75 day I still feeling pain in my feet and hands I am worried about hiv and I want to know if iam in high risk.
Avatar f tn Hi I recently had sex with my boyfriend n he pulled out and since about Monday my boobs have been really sore and I've been cramping a little bit and feeling queasy off and on. I've also had headaches and been feeling tired bit figured they were period is due in 8 days so waiting on doing a test but a few apps or quiz type things I've done have said I could be pregnant....
1137842 tn?1260750854 ve noticed I can be sometimes almost emotionless and feeling mindless, and then I can also be overly emotional to the point where I am holding back tears... and most of the time these aren't caused by immediate outside influences. I don't really hear voices.. though sometimes I feel like my personality changes depending on the mood I'm in ..
Avatar m tn I need to know my result but I am so scared I have hiv. I was wondering the probability of me contracting it..