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there is no itching at all and nothing to look at - so im very confused as to whyy my skin feels like sunburn - sensitive and my clothes rubbing against skin feels odd and senstitive and just like when you have goose pimples and its kinda painful ish - anyone help?
It feels just like normal skin (not textured at all) except it is reddened, occasionally itches very mildly and is sensitive to hot water when I wash my hands. Here is a link to a couple of pictures: Thanks for your input.
it feels more like a sunburn. Around my eyes it feels more like I have pieces of glass in my skin. Does it also make your skin more sensitive...while washing in the shower I started bleeding due to the loofah sponge thingy that I use.... Is any of this 'normal' (who the heck knows what normal is anymore) =) Thanks for any input... FYI: the carbatrol has been helping with the TN...Thank goodness!
Clothing brushing up against it is very painful..feels like a sunburn...PLEASE HELP! There is no rash or anything visible, the pain is sistributed evenly on both sides, i also have a mild cough which started about the same time.....any ideas? is this diabetes related???? i'm so lost.... and pls don't tell me i mite be pregnant cause i'm not.
For about 2 weeks now, I've had 2 spots on my body where the skin is very sensitive to the touch. The best way to describe it, is that I almost feels like a sunburn. There is no rash, no redness, or anything else. The skin looks completely normal. It started in my left armpit, shortly after shaving, so I ignored it at first assuming it was razor burn. The area has spread now and covers the full armpit, and works its way into my arm, and around the back to my shoulder blade.
For about two weeks now, my chest region and my back direcly behind my chest feels like its on fire. It feels like a sunburn, and is extremly more sensitive to the touch. I can feel my shirt brushing up against my chest and back area and that is even painfull. I have NO visable rash, redness, bumps.. nothing.. My doctors don't even really know what to say. Since there isnt a visable rash, or redness or anything I'm not even sure they really believe me. It is very irratating.
type pains that lasted only a second or so, all over my body; skin was extra sensitive to clothing, especially on my legs (felt as if the hairs on my legs were being pulled, occasionally) and the feeling of my skin being sunburned, especially on my neck, upper back, sometimes the tops of my arms, and tops of my legs. This last symptom often lasted for hours.
I came on the internet to search more for this condition, because my husband just started to complain of the same symptoms; sunburn like sensitive skin but no rash or redness.
The pain is only on the surface of the skin and not deep, and all i can describe the pain is like a sunburn/ache. Could it be a mosquito bite/Spider bite that i dont know about?? so confused Any Help please????
Actually, it feels, looks and hurts just like regular sunburn. Also, the day I got the sunburn was only a sunny 72 degreesF (no sweating involved).
Hi, I get that too.It feels like a sunburn from the indside out.I get it on my neck,shoulders,back and face.It is definatly neurological in origin. I too have Raynauds but it mostly affects my handsI also have Allodynia .Pain from stimuli which are not normally painful. The pain may occur other than in the area stimulated. You need to see a Neurologists and a Rheumatologists asap.
My skin feels like it's on fire, sometimes it's all over, but at this moment, it is around my upper shoulder region on my backside and also partly on my arms as well. I had this just recently too and it was a bit worse. The last time I had this, was years ago (2004) and it REALLY felt like it was on fire then! I was wondering, could this be due to my nerves being on edge?
you know i got a little burn on my shoulders too, not too bad but i have been putting my palmers massage lotion on it and it feels so much better. my sons burn healed faster with it too. if you google sunburn you will find many different ways that you might relieve your burn. i think time is what is going to do the trick sorry!
I used it 2 a day for 1 week and my skin felt a little better, but not much. My texture is rough and my skin feels hot. I look like I have a sunburn all over my face. It is really red and I have breakouts all over my chin and in the areas next to my nose and on my nose and forehead too. Not to mention, my skin is still dry and flaky. Everyone keeps asking me if I have a sunburn (I never go in the sun).
It just scares me cause I don't see really anyone on here talking about hot sunburn sensitive feeling skin. There is no redness and no irritation just the feeling and it's driving me nuts! I figured by day 7 if it was the withdrawals it would have stopped by now, I don't know! I thought it was maybe just my nerves waking up from 3 years of numbness ( 3-4 10/500mg a day) But it's day 7 now I would think that they would have waken up by now!!! Does anyone have any input on this???
It is progressing and I am getting concerned. The pain feels like a bruise or sunburn. It is very sensitive to the touch and feels more painful when it is touched by hand or by clothing. I went to my doctor yesterday and she is puzzled. She said it may be a pinched nerve or shingles. She gave me a px for an anti-viral but I have no redness, sores or bumps associated with the painful areas. I will keep checking back on this thread. It is helpful to read what others are going through.
Hi all. The past couple of weeks - like turning on a tap - my skin has become super sensitive - almost like it's badly sunburnt. Moving into or out of the car, off a seat etc has become torture. I have had super sensitive teeth for the past year and my jaw is moving - and no one can tell me what has caused this. I'm wondering 1. if the sensitive skin - which I believe is menopause related - will de-sensitise soon or am I stuck with this for the rest of my life; and 2.
My husband has also been diagnosed with Addisons disease, and he has the dark red appearing skin on his neck. It also sometimes appears to have little bumps, like "chicken skin", but it does not ever itch. When he first saw his Dr., the Dr. said, "Hmm, I think we may need to check you for adrenal insufficiency"; with the Dr. saying that the dark red or "tan" appearing skin can be a sign/symptom of adrenal insufficiency.
I'm in the same boat as the rest of you and I'm a mostly-healthy 36-year-old male. I call it a "phantom sunburn" because it feels like my skin has been sunburned or rubbed raw, yet there is no rash or physical indication. It started on my left arm, moved down to my left hand, then started down my left back, side, and leg. As I type this, my left leg feels moderately uncomfortable - probably a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
I am concerned because my Mother has had several strokes, Bells Palsy, and Temporal artheritis. It occurs on my left temple, and feels like little bugs crawling under my skin. I scratch it and it goes away for a few seconds, but then it is back. I only have it on my temple and no where else. Anyone else experience this on their temple??
It's very sensitive to the touch and feels like a sunburn or rash. But, hurts only when touched. It is not red at all. Sometimes it aches, but maybe that's just in my mind because I'm so aware of it. This started about the same time I noticed some bug bites or it could have been a reaction from a plant, I don't know. But, they are on the same leg on the inside of the thigh and I feel it's connected in some way.
I have a skin condition that is very puziling. My skin feels as if I have a bruise or light sunburn. It is just an area that is very sensitive. It's kind of like when you have aches because of the flu but I don't have any other symptoms. The area is from the groin area up to above my waist. On the right side only. I am medicated for high blood pressure and wondered if this could be the problem. It is not a terrible pain but rather a mild ache but is tender to the touch.
I have two sensitive parts of my skin (abdomen and upper left back ) that feels like I got sunburn but with no outward signs. There is no itch no redness no swelling no bumps just this sensitive feeling to touch these areas. It happened when I bought a new gym top and it had a vest inside with a band on the bottom which rubbed against my skin and it started to irritate. I think it is because of my tshirt but I need to know how to get rid of this.
It's very sensitive to the touch and feels like a sunburn or rash. But, hurts only when touched. It is not red at all. Sometimes it aches, but maybe that's just in my mind because I'm so aware of it. This started about the same time I noticed some bug bites or it could have been a reaction from a plant, I don't know. But, they are on the same leg on the inside of the thigh and I feel it's connected in some way.
right now i have trouble sleeping because of burning sensation like a bad sunburn, if i touch the hairs on the back of my neck it drives me nuts, it just feels like bad sunburn and there seems to be two points that is the center of this( one about 2 inchs below my ear) and the other under my chin(like under my right side of my tongue). i went to ear and throat doctor because i was getting ear aches and pressure like infection but he found nothing wrong with ear.
I clarified that my problem was that my skin was sensitive, sore and feels like its burning after washing, and asked if differin would dry out my skin. She said that while it helped my "acne" it would also help with my eczma and that I should leave it on overnight. She said I should try to stop using my moisturiser too and just use the sunscreen, as this with the differin would be enough. I put my fears aside and trusted her and followed her advice.
I will have a patch of skin become very sensitive but the skin looks perfectly normal. The best I can explain is it's feels like I've been burned and it hurts for anything to touch the area. It's happened in my foot and through out the day it moved up the whole back of my calf muscle on that leg. I've had it one my sides. Today it's happening on my right shoulder blade and the pains has moved down the back of that arm and around the front of my chest.
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