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Avatar f tn I have incredibly sensitive skin. nearly ever sunscreen I have ever tried has caused a fine, itchy rash that makes my skin feel tight. It takes 3-5 days of using the product for the rash to appear. Upon stopping the sunscreen, it takes about 2 weeks for the rash to go away. There are very few sunscreens that my face seems to tolerate. They are the "natural" sunscreens (Origins and Burt's Bees, JASON). However, I am indian and they make me look sickly, grey.
Avatar f tn It does make skin more sensitive to sun. How sensitive probably depends on how well it's doing what it's supposed to do, which is cause part of your skin protection to peel off so you have less acne. It's a tradeoff. If you believe this tradeoff is worth it, then use sunscreen. How this will affect Vitamin D absorption I don't know, you might want to find out if you need to supplement with it.
Avatar f tn I don't use sunscreen I never burn... But I would maybe use children's or ask a doctor.
8793709 tn?1409594060 Sunscreen is a must. With insect repellent you can apply it to the skin as long as it does not contain deet.
Avatar m tn My biggest problem is that I have extremely sensitive skin and so a lot of products are too harsh. I was told that even proactive was too rough on my skin. The acne is all over my face, especially around my hairline. Generally, it is in large patches of small pimples rather than individual large pimples, although I do get those as well. Do you have any suggestions for over the counter products that would work for this kind of acne and very sensitive skin?
Avatar f tn Wail normally it may not cause this reaction when ur burned up ur skin is more sensitive.
Avatar f tn Your skin is more sensitive now. Drink lots of water. You can easily become dehydrated. Bring a healthy snack to keep your blood sugar up.
Avatar f tn Any sunscreen is okay, however U need it to be SPF 35 or higher. Also just FYI when Ur prego Ur skin is more sensitive to the sun, so U can burn very easily. I was at the pool this last wkend out for 4 hrs, I applied & reapplied my sunscreen several times & I still got a slight sunburn. Also drink LOTS of water, to keep hydrated. U don't want to get too hot (so take breaks cooling off in the water & shade). Getting too hot can effect the baby. But have fun & relax.
Avatar n tn My skin gets unbearably itchy every time I get even the slightest sun burn or even just lay out in the sun. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent this on vacation in Florida?
Avatar n tn The skin on my legs is more sensitive than my skin everywhere else. On those few times in my life when I went to the beach, my legs burned, but the rest of me didn't. I note that I have relatively oily skin, except on my legs. This may be true of you too.
Avatar f tn Every burn increases your chances of contracting skin cancer. Pregnancy makes your skin even more sensitive than other times in life. Sunscreen, shade, hydration, and proper preparation are incredibly important before putting yourself into that kind of situation.
1713150 tn?1314467342 Faster tanning and tanning in unexposed areas can be a sign of Addison's Disease. You should mention this to your doctor. This falls under the heading of "Just because you have MS doesn't mean there isn't something else going on.
1327032 tn?1288840755 Hi there, the meds can certainly make you much more sensitive to the sun. When I was on treatment I absolutely could not sit in the sun at all, even 5 minutes was too much for me. My hands would sting when I was driving my car and I had to wear long sleeves and long pants all through the hot NZ summer. Eventually I became afraid of the sun and to be honest have never really recovered from that although at least now (14 months post) I no longer have to avoid it completely.
Avatar f tn May be some antiseptic applied during surgery made your skin sensitive to sun.It should settle down.Just apply some good sunscreen.
Avatar m tn Proceeding this increase I undertook a course of isotretinoin for acne and then had some mild scarring resurfaced using a laser. Knowing this would leave my skin sensitive to the sun I took to using sunscreen. It could just be a coincidence but I cannot help but be suspicious that either the isotretinoin or the suncreen is associated with the surge in new moles.
Avatar f tn I felt myself burning faster then usual so i got out of the sun (no more than 15 min) and igot a pretty bad burn. Is skin more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy? Are there any sunscreens i should avoid?
Avatar f tn Yes. Your skin is more sensitive when prego so U will burn much easier. Use lots of sunscreen 30spf or higher.
171768 tn?1324230099 With my first dd, I used the coppertone waterbabies one. She never had a reaction to it, and never burned. However, she doesn't have sensitive skin when it comes to products, and she also has a little darker skin from my side of the family. She has never had a sunburn. I made sure to put it on her head also, because she hated wearing hats, and was always pulling them off. With my 8 month old now, I think I'm going to try something else.
455126 tn?1212432198 t getting snow like the west. I had my surgery in May and used sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen as soon as the incision healed. I also used a lotion called Glaxal Base which I found very good. Enjoy the nice weather.
Avatar n tn However, at this point I would advise that you refrain from prolonged sun exposure. The skin over the nose is the area most vulnerable to sunburn. Change the brand of your sunscreen and use a milder brand with adequate SPF. Apply evenly on the face (at least 1 teaspoon). It is necessary to note though that you have no form of photosensitivity whatsoever. At this point, I would advise that you have a baseline consult with a dermatologist first prior to applying anything on the face.
Avatar f tn For everyday use I wear Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25, and when I run I use Vanicream Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 30. Both have only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as active ingredients. I would also keep a log of everything you put on your skin. If I were you, I would hold off on the cremes etc. on the eyelids for awhile and just use the barrier creme as that seemed to be working for you. Also be careful with what you use to wash your face. Use something very gentle.