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Avatar f tn Use sunblock even if you don't normally because your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. I got fried over a month ago and I honestly think it was the worst burm I've ever had on my face and I was only outside an hour and a half.
Avatar f tn I know tanning is bad for u in general. I have fair skin and my hubby and I are going on a vaca next month. I usually go tanning a few times so I dont get burnt. U think its ok to go a few times before we go?
Avatar f tn Then I noticed on the door a list of meds not to use the bed if you were on. Introns of all types. Great idiot. From them on I used Jergens Self Tanning lotion. Just enough to get a bit of the grey out of my skin. It worked fine. Plus it will HYDRATE you rather than dry you out like the tanning bed. Helps the sand paper be less sandy!
Avatar f tn Based on how my mother-in-law's arms looked, tanning a lot early in life gives you cooked-turkey looking skin later in life, and at 19 you look beautiful enough without the help of tanning. You need the help of undamaged skin more when you're 39 than you need tan skin at 19.
Avatar n tn Even the new Jergens product works pretty darn well - in 3 days it gives you a really nice tan and it's NOT expensive. Jergens Natural Glow Express is under $10 and works FAST.
Avatar n tn Maybe trying a tanning bed in small increments and see how it does on your skin would be a good idea with lots of extra lotion afterwards and of course,,,water! I tried it while on my tx but it did break me out more so with the riba rash!
Avatar n tn I also read that your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy so when you go out in the sun or tan you are more likely to burn being in the sun for an hour rather than it taking all day. I know this b/c I live in Florida and it has been really pretty here lately and so I have gone to the beach several times. I tan really well, but now I burn. I usually stay out in the sun all day and don't get burnt, but now I can only stay for one hour and I get fried.
Avatar n tn I'm glad to know that it's common for skin that is sensitive to the UV rays. It's also common for ANYONE to get their heels burned,itchy and irritated from laying in the tanning beds.
Avatar n tn If you get a rash from tanning your skin is too sensitive for it and you probably shouldn't go tanning. But if you must I would say go fo shorter times, wipe the sweat during,move around more, and most importantly once you feel the heat starting to sizzle the pores of your skin get out.
1730786 tn?1310096414 Hi all, So I have tanned before and I have fairly sensitive skin with lots of freckles, but usually after I continue tanning in the bed and slowly building up my time, my skin gets use to the UV rays. It takes time but I can usually get there. Until now.. It all started a few months ago when I was trying to build up a base tan before summer and after about a week or so of tanning I noticed that I was getting this rash looking thing on my chest.
Avatar f tn Avoid the use of tanning lamps. Be aware that certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. Consult your doctor if you have questions about your medication. ref:The best way to detect skin cancer in its early stages is to examine your skin often. See your doctor right away if you notice any of the following: abnormally dark or discoloured patches or spots; or bleeding, crusting or change in the colour, size, or shape of a mole. http://www.hc-sc.gc.
Avatar n tn Could it just be adult acne, I dont have oily skin and I never really had acne as a kid. I'm thinking it was caused from the tanning bed or gym. At the time of developing the rash I was on a very high protein diet for about 3 weeks prior to the rash. also the rest of my body is acne and rash free.
168246 tn?1212066854 i am no doctor, but i know that there have been a few times on vacation (in a sunny,hot place) where i developed bumps. for me it was (i think) using tanning lotion/oil and then sweating and perhaps the sun. they went away after a few days and i don't recall them itching. i wasn't on tx. also about 8 yrs ago, i developed bumps on my legs and arms that were very itchy and i went to the doctors and no one could figure it out. they gave me an antihistimine and it helped with the itching.
Avatar f tn I have gone to my dermatologist for help and he told me to use the DML lotion and cetaphil gentle cleanser. My skin is so sensitive that it doesnt respond well to a lot of products i have tried. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what is wrong!
Avatar m tn I have experienced this with using tanning beds and it really is that the skin gets dry really fast from fast tanning. You should apply lotion as soon as you get out of the shower and dry off also.
Avatar f tn I would suggest lowering the heat a little and getting a humidifier or filling a large bowl with water and putting it near a heat source. Also, are you getting enough rest? I find that my skin is sensitive when I have not had enough rest. Also, take warm showers instead of hot in the winter so your skin doesn't dry out as much. Those are just a few ideas that may help you.
Avatar n tn My skin felt irritated, then became worse, goosebumps radiated on my body if my skin was touched. No rash, no bumps, nothing visible. It feels so sensitive to heat (showering or exercising) and clothing is the worst. Even soft clothing feels like wool on a sunburn, causing a horribly uncomfortable prickly feeling. I've been taking neurontin and klonopin, which seems to help at the time but it still persists.
Avatar n tn Mine do itch, and I don't lay out in the sun or do tanning beds, but if the skin on my legs or arms is exposed to the sun, my skin becomes itchy and they multiply. I hate the way they look. The Dr. told me that its skin damage from sunburns that I recieved in the past for laying out, and he let me know that they are never going to go away. Hes the second over the last 10 yrs to tell me....
Avatar m tn Only thing i could figure out was that it might be due to lack of sweat coming out of my body as i live in a cold place and here body doesn't sweat that much, moreover my skin i s very sensitive if i scratch my body the skin gets blood red. Blood reports show every thing normal. No idea what it might be. Need help if anyone has the same problem!!!!!!
Avatar f tn The dermatologist also said that as I am suffering from other allergies like hayfever and dustmites I am also more sensitive to general insect bites like mosquitos etc. this also means my skin in general is more sensitive and therefor the more severe case of bruising and rash. Am seeing the dermatologist again in 2 weeks and will post further update if I find out more.
Avatar n tn I've had 'sensitive' skin for the past 30 years - at least that's how my mother explained it and until I saw this site what I believed. It's hard to explain to someone what it's like to have spiderwebs brush across your skin willy-nilly. I get the sensations everywhere I have skin - sometimes I think it's where I don't have skin too! I suffer from allergies, crohns disease and depression. I'm on asacol & cipralex.
Avatar m tn (By the way, I'm hispanic and my skin looks like its constantly tanned) I have tried tanning lotion on the hypopigmented areas with no avail. I have NOT tried bleaching cream on any of the hyperpigmented areas yet (can't say I'm comfortable with the idea of applying bleach on my penis). I would appreciate your advice on how to get an even color on the skin of my penis again.
Avatar n tn I used Triple-Antibiotic ointment for a while and it slowly got better, then I started masturbating with eucerine lotion and it flared up and got really raw, itchy, and sensitive. In these other posts someone mentioned psoriasis, which I have had on my head and leg since a toddler. I am hoping it is and isn't that. I have a full battery of STD tests coming up which should all pass as negative since I just ended a marriage of 5 years.
Avatar n tn I've been using a new skin cleanser and lotion made by Sebamed for sensitive skin. It has decreased the redness on my neck and chest by several shades in just about one month. I'm hoping that over time the whole area will match the rest of my skin with continued use.
Avatar n tn and another idea - but a little bit more time occupying - but this is only for people with white skin - you can try some kind of a tanning spray or lotion. I don't have a good experience with tanning lotions, because you don't know what to expect and you see the results after a few days, but there is a good product (like I've heard on youtube). I don't know the exact name but it's St. Tropez tanning spray?
Avatar n tn The best temporary solution I have found is using extra strength gold bond lotion after showering. Instead of rubbing the lotion onto the skin i just lather the lotion on and let my skin absorb the lotion. From my personal experience it is soothing enough to let me make it through the day without any worries.
11970398 tn?1443138202 Gold bond powder worked to make it go away just don't forget spf next time!
Avatar n tn I have been told by doctors it is multiple things before, dry skin, sensitive skin, scabies, eczema, that I touched something that I'm allergic to. I have reicved different creams for the different things they thought it was. I reicved scabies cream a few times because they thought i had it again even though it never completely went away after using the scabies cream 3 times. *******The best soulution I have found is Vaseline, Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment, and anti itch cream.
Avatar n tn I have tanned in the past and when I used activator, I got this weird dry skin like rash on certain parts of my body. I have sensitive skin though also. I use a special dry skin lotion made by ShiKai and it helped heal it in a couple of days. Try using a lotion that moisturizes really well, one without all the smells, etc.(maybe Eucerin or something similar) If you use a lotions with lots of perfumes, etc, it will irritate it more.
Avatar n tn ( My sister has pretty bad allergies and sensitive skin (she can only use certain detergents and soaps) Maybe that's whats happening to me even though I haven't changed anything except my mascara.