Sensitive skin feels like sunburn

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Avatar f tn there is no itching at all and nothing to look at - so im very confused as to whyy my skin feels like sunburn - sensitive and my clothes rubbing against skin feels odd and senstitive and just like when you have goose pimples and its kinda painful ish - anyone help?
Avatar n tn s very sensitive to the touch and feels like a sunburn or rash. But, hurts only when touched. It is not red at all. Sometimes it aches, but maybe that's just in my mind because I'm so aware of it. This started about the same time I noticed some bug bites or it could have been a reaction from a plant, I don't know. But, they are on the same leg on the inside of the thigh and I feel it's connected in some way.
Avatar m tn About four days ago I developed what feels like a slightly burning skin sensitivity on my wait on the right side between the hip area and extending about 10" toward center. The skin is sensitive to the point that my clothes make the sensitivity worse, although it continues with nothing touching it at all. The pain I NOT intense. it is more in the realm of very uncomfortable and feels slightly warm. It feels like sunburn or abrasion.
Avatar f tn Since before I even knew I was pregnant my skin, especially my forehead,is extremely sensitive! When I scratch my forehead it feels like I have sunburn & I don't!! Anyone else get this?
Avatar m tn My skin feels raw.....burns like a sunburn. There is no rash.....can't stand clothes on it. The nerves just appear to be very sensitive and this has been going on (off and on) for years. Is there ANY treatment at all for this? Thanks!
Avatar n tn It feels just like normal skin (not textured at all) except it is reddened, occasionally itches very mildly and is sensitive to hot water when I wash my hands. Here is a link to a couple of pictures: Thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn Clothing brushing up against it is very painful..feels like a sunburn...PLEASE HELP! There is no rash or anything visible, the pain is sistributed evenly on both sides, i also have a mild cough which started about the same time.....any ideas? is this diabetes related???? i'm so lost.... and pls don't tell me i mite be pregnant cause i'm not.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that my skin is really sensitive. I'll be outside for 20 mins, and I'll get a sunburn even if I have sun screen on. Is this normal I usually don't burn at all.
Avatar f tn My skin peeled like a sunburn about a week later. I never turned red. My skin became sensitive and whelped in the bend of my elbows and under my arms. Now it just hurts and itches. What is the problem? I now use an umbrella when I am in the sun, but the sensitivity has remained.
Avatar n tn I came on the internet to search more for this condition, because my husband just started to complain of the same symptoms; sunburn like sensitive skin but no rash or redness.
Avatar m tn ve had 2 spots on my body where the skin is very sensitive to the touch. The best way to describe it, is that I almost feels like a sunburn. There is no rash, no redness, or anything else. The skin looks completely normal. It started in my left armpit, shortly after shaving, so I ignored it at first assuming it was razor burn. The area has spread now and covers the full armpit, and works its way into my arm, and around the back to my shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn This condition has come up in this forum with different variables but never exactly the same as mine, so I'm putting forth the question again. I have a patch on my back above my shoulder blade which feels like it's sunburned. I began to notice it about a month ago. It has not abated, but has remained constant this whole month. Nothing triggered it. There are no visible marks or redness on the area. It does not itch.
Avatar n tn hi just read a few posts on here , i have a sunburn like sensation in my right hand, right fore arm, upper right back ,neck and right ear ,i get stabbing pains in the two smaller fingers on my right hand too, i have not changed my wash powder or soap, i have no redness or rash or any evidence that anything is wrong on the outside, i have now had this for about 4 days , i have always suffered with my upper middle back it siezes up every now and then and my ribs crack and creak sometimes when i tw
Avatar f tn I have two sensitive parts of my skin (abdomen and upper left back ) that feels like I got sunburn but with no outward signs. There is no itch no redness no swelling no bumps just this sensitive feeling to touch these areas. It happened when I bought a new gym top and it had a vest inside with a band on the bottom which rubbed against my skin and it started to irritate. I think it is because of my tshirt but I need to know how to get rid of this.
Avatar f tn Clothing brushing up against it is very painful..feels like a sunburn...PLEASE HELP! There is no rash or anything visible, the pain is sistributed evenly on both sides, i also have a mild cough which started about the same time.....any ideas? is this diabetes related???? i'm so lost.... and pls don't tell me i mite be pregnant cause i'm not. Neuralgia? shingles? fibro? i don't think it is those...
Avatar n tn This happens once every couple of months so it's not that often. What happens is a patch of skin on my body hurts to touch, it's like sensitive and feels like a sunburn. Just the skin, throughout the day, the area of pain gets bigger. It is definitely a nerve thing, i know that much but I dont know why this would happen. SOmeone at work said it mgiht be cause I fell down on the road recently, and i hurt my spine but i dont know, I dont feel any pain in my spine lol, idk.
1132175 tn?1260286106 I wasn't sure where to post. I have a patch on my upper back (about 5 inches down and 2 across), just to the left of my spine, that feels like a sunburn but isn't. It's very sensitive. Ever so often I feel sharp pains from within the skin there. In the same area on my chest I have a sensitive area as well. It's in the same area as my back sensitive spot, so it's just to the left of my sternum.
Avatar f tn Babies kicks are starting to make my skin hurt and also is ending in sharp pains in my side and middle of my stomach. It feels like a really bad sunburn or like I scrapped my back on something but there is no redness or swelling. No visible sign of a problem. Has anybody had this?
Avatar n tn when i go to bed at night if i lay on my back ,it feels like i have a sunburn. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Skin feels like its on fire..</a>.
Avatar m tn Quick backstory - I'm 17 years old, I've always had sensitive pale skin in general and then I took accutane 2 years ago and my skin has been even more sensitive ever since. By sensitive I mean relatively dry, turns red or pink easily by touch or exfoliation, scars easily, seems like my skin is relatively 'thin', ect. So in October, roughly 4 months ago, I accidentally over exfoliated my nose while cleansing because I rubbed too hard.
1462830 tn?1286660371 Hey to all, I'm very excited to say today is my 5th day of being clean of a 3 year lortab addiction however I was wondering, I have been experiencing this annoying burning sensation for three days now!! It's driving me crazy it feels like a sunburn kinda and skin is sensitive to touch. It's mainly my arms,face, and the worst the top of my head. Has anyone felt this before?
Avatar n tn My skin felt irritated, then became worse, goosebumps radiated on my body if my skin was touched. No rash, no bumps, nothing visible. It feels so sensitive to heat (showering or exercising) and clothing is the worst. Even soft clothing feels like wool on a sunburn, causing a horribly uncomfortable prickly feeling. I've been taking neurontin and klonopin, which seems to help at the time but it still persists.