Skin rash looks like pimples

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Avatar m tn I have seveal sexual partners and there is one girl I am with who I see a handful of times a year. She is not with anyone else right now and hasn't been for several years. The last few times we have been together I breakout in a rash in my pubic hair area after we are together. Looks like a diaper rash at first then small pimples form. It goes away a in a week's time.
Avatar n tn and im also getting what looks like pimples on my legs but dont know if the are really pimples. please can any one here tell me what this is if it could be hiv or not. please im really worried, really worried. please people help me !
Avatar n tn This develops when your sweat ducts become blocked and perspiration is trapped under your skin. Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or small blisters that maybe associated with itching. It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases. Adults usually develop heat rash in skin folds and wherever clothing causes friction. Most often, heat rash goes away on its own.
Avatar f tn After someone kissed and sucked on my beck a few weeks later I got red bumps that lool like pimples but are NOT pimples....and they DO NOT itch. What could that be? ARS rash from HIV?
Avatar f tn A couple of days ago she started getting these little like pimples but not really pimples- I know its not acne since I've seen pics online and they look worse than what she has. Can it be milia?
Avatar f tn Hi Doc, Thank you for your response,my eczema rash has gone away with the help of the melaleuca products,oil,n renew lotion,its a miracle to me,i just have the "pimples"which used to have pus like fluid exactly like a acne pimple,not big but there,however it doesnt have that now,n looks to be drying up,but but seems it has scarred the little red bumps on my skin.As for the rash its now gone so no itch,scaling,dryness,all gone.
Avatar f tn The rash spread, was extremely itchy and dried up my skin. It eventually felt almost like leather at one point. After i used the cream the rash finally began to disappear. About a week ago i got a different type of rash on my arms. This time the bottom, more sensitive part of my arms had fungal rashes and the top had small pimple like rashes. ( Oh and before this allergic reaction, i've never had pimples of allergies in my life ) This rash how ever did not itch at all.
Avatar m tn I have started to get a rash on my inner thigh and on my pubic bone. The rash looks like separate large pimples and it is sensitive to the touch but otherwise not painful. It is not itchy, although a few weeks ago the area between my thigh and scrotum was itchy. I do not think this is an std because I have been very careful with who i sleep with, and have only had one partner in the past year and a half. I think it may be some sort of fungal infection but I am not sure.
Avatar m tn It looks like a patch of red skin, with tiny itchy pimples inside. One thigh is worse. There were no blisters, just these tiny itchy pimples, but they itch like hell. So, could this be herpes? I am seeing a doctor in a few weeks, but decided to ask here anyway, because my anxiety is killing me. Also, too much info, but it is because I read somewhere that eczema can trigger a herpes outbreak. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have recently (in the last couple weeks) noticed some bumps that have formed around my belly button. They look like pimples and they are located below and to the sides of my belly button mostly. They almost look like small pimples. There is no pain or itching sensation, and they cannot be popped. Can someone tell me what this could be.
Avatar n tn This rash consists of small red bumps, the size of little pimples- but they are not whiteheads. They do not itch nor do they hurt. I am not sure what has caused this or what I should do to counter the outbreak. I have no history of body acne or really any acne for that matter. I am a 28 year old, healthy female.
Avatar n tn They were on the back of her hands and forearm. They looked like a bunch (like hundreds) of tiny bumps (practically looked like goosebumps). The color of the rash was normal flesh color; as I said, they were like goosebumps except they lasted for a whole week. They're completely gone now. I guess my question is, is it possible that her rash was caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus (because she got a blood test, IGG/IGM, and it was positive).
Avatar n tn For many years I have had, what looks like, Ring Worm in my groin area where the elastic from Jockey Shorts touch the skin. It normally starts in the crease between the inside of my thigh and the and scrotum area, as well as the top sides of the pubic. It basically follows the area the jockey shorts follow.The ring starts small and then after a week or so enlarges till it disappears. It is never itchy. It has never spread any further than inside the crease of the scrotum and thigh.
Avatar n tn I HAVE A RASH LIKE THAT I CAN SEN YOU A PIC IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT IT IS This discussion is related to <a href=''>rash that looks like scratches</a>.
Avatar n tn they have little white heads to be pimples with no abnormal shape, scarring, or pus. they pop like pimples and looks similar to a rash would, and is also sensitive to the touch. (theres about 16 little pimples in a clustered area mid-thigh) i have no bumps or pimples or anything out of sorts in my vagina area, and i am prone to have body acne and acne on my face and tend to have sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your comment. The biotin I take is 10,000 mcg daily. The rash looks like heat rash or miliaria. I feel hot now. I'm sure the best way is to have a test but what are the typical HIV rashes are? How do they typically appear?
Avatar m tn I read about overworking the the muscles around the sperm ducts. The rash and the pain is still there. What does this sound like? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/708821'>Forum Disclaimer - Please Read before Posting</a>.
Avatar n tn I have only just noticed the rash in the last few hours and basiclly it looks like a rush but they pimples are slightly raised on my foot..... some of them being red and some the same colour as skin and slightly shiny (how I can see the skin coloured ones). As far as I am aware I am not allergic to anything that has been on the affected area of my skin.
Avatar n tn I do not have any fevers, nor redness in that area... it just looks like a patch of pimples on my thigh and some along the knee, shin area.
Avatar f tn Im beyond fustrated being this rash is itchy aggravating and UGLY. It looks like i have bad acne, which ive had pimples here and there otherwise clear skin. ANY ANSWER would help!
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago I got some sort of contact dermatitis (or so the doctor says). He was convinced I was in poison ivy, I was positive it was a bite since I wasn't near poison ivy, and it started as three small dots that I found when I woke up. Long story short, it exploded into a disgusting, pussing mess, and spread violently, so after steroid creams did nothing, I was put on prednisone, 50mg x 5 days.
Avatar m tn What do you mean by pimples is it an itchy rash as it could be an allergy, change your shampoo to a non allergic one, there is something called scalpitch out there that soothes you can get it from most drug stores.
Avatar f tn Hello, Since the rash is non itchy hence it looks less likely to be due to allergies. It looks like due to sun burns. Apply cool compresses on the area and take bath with cool(not very cold) water. Do not scrub your skin or shave your skin and use a soft towel and gently pat your skin dry.Also use a sunburn Over-The-Counter remedy containing aloe vera and a light moisturizer or a dusting powder to relieve chafing.
Avatar f tn A few days ago me and my husband noticed that he has a rash on the head of his pennis. It sort of small very small pimples, looks like a rash, but on some of them, on the edge of the little pimples it has the whit color. Never like that has had happened to him before. It does not itch or burn or feel any kind of pain. Can it be from the condom he used? Or what can it be? I am really worried..could you please help us?
Avatar m tn I noticed a light red rash on BOTH sides of my inner groin (did not itch nor was it painful) and a few pimple-like bumps near the base of the penis and scrotum (were not clustered together, but were in the same general area. Also, they weren't located on the surface of the rash). These pimples closely resembled a white-head and upon close inspection every pimple had a hair growing out of it. They did not itch nor were they painful to touch.
Avatar m tn I noticed a light red rash on BOTH sides of my inner groin (did not itch nor was it painful) and a few pimple-like bumps near the base of the penis and scrotum (were not clustered together, but were in the same general area. Also, they weren't located on the surface of the rash). These pimples closely resembled a white-head and upon close inspection every pimple had a hair growing out of it. They did not itch nor were they painful to touch.