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Avatar m tn A friend of mine in his early 20's has had 'blackening' of his knuckles over ~6 weeks. They are also thick, like a callous, but no boxing, or other trauma, and no pigmentation or rash anywhere else, including elbows, knees, etc. This is not itchy or painful.
Avatar n tn When i woke up in the morning i looked at it and a rash, consisting of small, itchy, red bumps, had appeared on the knuckles of both my pointer fingers. It has been about 4 days now and the rash has spread up my pointer fingers, to the next knuckles, down the side of my hands and to my elbows. I have had a slight history of eczema, however, it was on my neck area and i have not had a flare up in about 3 years.
Avatar f tn are kind of regionalized not spread out all over. (i.e., only on knuckles of hands not on other skin on back of hands and only on knees not on legs at all, only on elbows not on arms at all). This discussion is related to <a href=''>2 yr. old with reoccuring rash on knees, elbows and knuckles</a>.
Avatar m tn I live in a tropical climate but have recently moved to a very cold climate and have developed an itchy rash on my knuckles. It is only on one of my knuckles on my left hand, but on all of the knuckles on my right hand. The skin is swollen and itches a lot. There is not much pain. I'm not sure if its a reaction to the cold or what. It started about 12 days ago and has gotten worse progressively. Any idea what this is or if I should see a dermatologist? What about remedies?
999891 tn?1407279676 and my palms and knuckles have hardened skin on them from the repeated occurences... I have had several cases of cellulitis in the past too but it is usually b/c of the poor condition of my is easily broken and there are aways cracks in it. I know I have to get to a DR asap when I see a red line going away from the area. Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Avatar m tn I have a sensitive skin and most skin products causes my rash on my skin. Presently, i have been using 'Dove pink/rosa' soap and 'fair n white' body lotion mixed with serum. I only use funbact-A on my face whenever i feel like am having too much of pimples or rash. I have had dark knuckles for a very long time but its getting darker and its beginning to worry me. let me include my addiction for 'Pears baby lotion'.
Avatar n tn Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related. When I was 13 - 15, I was tested for all the autoimmune diseases.
Avatar m tn For the last few weeks a rash appeared on my knuckles and forehead, my GP is none the wise I have some cream but doesn’t seem to work, I would appreciate your thoughts. Pls see the picture,hope it helps.
Avatar m tn I also have a skin rash for a few months on my hands (knuckles, joints), which looks like eczema. The skin rash has not been getting worse on its own, but it refuses to clear. I've also had cough for a long time, which is gone now. I had a chest X-ray done and nothing was found. I was on ciprofloxacin for a week for a urinary tract infection when this all started happening. I also had bacterial eye infection.
Avatar n tn My thumb knuckle had a round red rash that severely itches and is painful. If I scratch the skin appears dead, white and peels off. My thumbs are red and swollen. This has been going on since October 2008. I've never had skin issues, I've always had very healthy skin. I think I caught something at the Beauty Salon because it wasn't until after that I had the issues.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I have the exact same problem, skin colored bumps on knuckles and slightly raised. Need to visit a doc on this. I hope this is nothing. Does anyone know what it is? Alive and well 87 how was your visit to the doc ?
Avatar f tn You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also wear gloves while doing any household work. If the symptoms persist then get an evaluation done from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Try to find out the cause of your symptoms or any factors that aggravate the rash. Consult a skin specialist for a clinical examination. Let us know about how you are doing and what your doctor advises. Regards.
Avatar n tn As I'm sure you realize, arthritis refers to swelling of the joints. A rash on the skin on top of the joints does not imply or suggest arthritis. Although I'm not sure exactly what this rash is, I doubt it has any systemic significance. (I assume your son is otherwise healthy.) My advice is to set up an appointment with a skin doctor. If possible, take photos of the rash when it's in full bloom, in case it isn't there when you see the doctor.
1077961 tn?1279585349 Then when I was 18, it was a hot summer and they exploded over my entire body, favouring anywhere that skin would naturally fold, knuckles knees, even into my pubic area. I had to take 3 weeks off work it looked like an extreme dose of chicken pocks I was absolutely riddled with them. My doctor never took tests of my skin but asked me to preform a few tests myself. Not showering to see was soap the cause, exposing skin to sun for extended periods of time.
Avatar f tn Dear Doc, My name is Katina and I am 27 years old overall healthy but recently i have noticed that i get dry red skin that is also warm on both of my hands on my knuckles only. I have also noticed that it is more predominate at night. the weather is cold, but i dont think it has to do with the weather. I am a little frieghtened because i am studying for my step 1 boards and am a little worried that it can be dermatomyositis. I dont have any peripheral muscle weakness.
Avatar m tn I have developed brown, leathery spots on the middle knuckels of both of my hands. Recently it has begun to develope on the index knuckles and this week they became red and painful as though I had scraped or chaffed them? What is this? I have been treating them with a Burt's Bees Rescue balm which is soothing the red and soreness, however the leathery ovals remain.
209987 tn?1451939065 which do nothing but cause a rash. Aloe-Vera burns my skin. Allergic to something in Noxzema...causes me to stop breathing. I have very sensitive skin as you can see. lol Have tied that Bio oil, but it stings my eyes when I put it anywhere near my face. I have suffered with eczema my entire life...and winter skin that is so bad that if I wash my hands too many times a day my knuckles crack and bleed.
Avatar f tn he had no signs at the time. Less than 2 days later I developed a rash on both thighs, (slightly red raised bumps) Over the next 2 days it travelled to the crease of my elbow, then my neck and over my knuckles. It was slightly itchy, especially on the hands and neck but never developed into anything more. There were no vesicles, symptomatic other signs. Should I be concerned about the rash?
Avatar n tn I have a itchy rash that itches first then welts up in lines then it goes away it usually occurs on my hands from the wrist area to my knuckles, my torso usually back area, and as a strong itchy tingling on the tip of my toes, but is not limited to these certain areas. I have had itching inside my ears, between my fingers, on my legs and feet.
4437866 tn?1388123224 My cuticles are also sooo sore the now bleed. My knuckles look like I beat a brick wall up. And burns every time I wash or dry them... I use coco butter lotion. And it works sooo good. But what's going on with my hands? the tops hurt soon much. And they are red. Its not a rash they are just dry.. like I said I moisturize 4-5 times daily.. Help!!!
Avatar n tn I only developed this about 2 months ago when it started as bumps on my fingers and knuckles and dismissed it as a heat rash that I get every so often. I've gone to the Doctors twice about it and he can't diagnose what it actually is, he just gives me steroid creams to apply thinly 3 times a day. Not only does it look horrible it is very uncomfortable and at my wits end with what to do about it.
Avatar n tn I have very dry skin and my knuckles usually start to bleed before the winter is over. I live in a dry, desert climate. I have never heard of family members having similar problems. My mother (takes care of elderly) is worried it could be a staph infection. I personally do not feel it's ringworm. My husband, nor anyone else that I know, have not developed similar symptoms. None of my animals seem to be having skin issues at this time.
190559 tn?1280615967 She has been complaining of ichy bumps on various places on her skin (knuckles, back, arms, back of knees, etc.) as well as swollen fingers since late Tuesday night. In fact, my daughter had to use olive oil to get her class ring off her finger this morning because her hands were even more swollen after waking up (which I told her was odd, since I thought swelling problems usually improve after sleeping). She has no history of rashes or allergies to anything. I know it may be a mild virus.
1654177 tn?1319842094 For those of you on TX, any advice on how to controll the rash. It just started 2 days ago. I am not on Teleprevir, just Riba and Pegasys, I will start Boceprevir at week 5. I have a rash on my elbows, hands, and back. I hope it doesn't travel to my face :(... I got Aveno bath shower gel and mild Cetaphil lotion.
7469840 tn?1409849436 It is not recommended to use steroid creams if you have no rash. Steroid creams thin the skin and one is not really supposed to use them for long periods of time. One should have breaks from them. Usually, if people get on top of the rashes right away when they appear, with effective steroid creams or ointments and prescription antihistamines, the rash can be controlled. The problem arises when the rashes are ignored and not treated aggressively.
190559 tn?1280615967 She has been complaining of ichy bumps on various places on her skin (knuckles, back, arms, back of knees, etc.) as well as swollen fingers since yesterday. She has no history of rashes or allergies to anything. I know it may be a mild virus. I was wondering if any other Graves people have experienced any sypmtoms like these. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Alright, so this all started a little over a month ago after a camping trip. Two days after, I noticed a red and welted rash under my arm and along my elbow. I found it strange since lately I'd been getting a lot of mosquito bites but these were just too close together to be mosquito bites. So I was taken to a docter and he diagnosed me with having poison ivy. He gave me a topical called Triamcinalon I think it is called and a oral pill called Hydroxine to help the itching.