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Avatar f tn Just keep your child out from the sun as much as possible. Observe if the rash persists only when there is sun exposure. Other triggers such as food, dust and change in temperatures may cause this. If rash is present in other parts of the body, then we have to consider sweat rash. Any history of flu or cough?
Avatar n tn Typically there is initial redness (erythema), followed by varying degrees of pain, proportional in severity to both the duration and intensity of exposure. Other symptoms are edema(swelling), itching, red and/or peeling skin, rash, nausea and fever. Also, a small amount of heat is given off from the burn caused by the concentration of blood in the healing process, giving a warm feeling to the affected area. Sunburns may be first- or second-degree burns.
Avatar f tn My husband has had a pretty strong reaction to the sun, made his rash much worse. Stinks because we live at the beach. Be careful.
793693 tn?1237074966 Hi, Sun rash or usually appears after minutes exposure to the sun and can be extremely itchy. This is common in children and young women and tends to be recurrent. It is important to have a sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent this from occurring. You may try over- the-counter anti-histamine medications to provide relief for the itching or stronger prescription medications from your doctor. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight especially during midday where it is the strongest.
Avatar n tn Hi, For some people, their skin can be very sensitive to the sun. Exposure to sunlight results in a rash which may recur throughout the summer. A sun rash or solar dermatitis is seen as small, reddish blisters or small or large spots in areas that have been exposed to sunlight. This rash usually appears after minutes' or hours' exposure to the sun and can be very itchy. This is commonly seen in children and young women and tends to be recurrent.
Avatar f tn The rash typically develops within a few minutes of a rise in body temperature but can take longer to appear visibly on the skin. The visible rash is often preceded by a general warming of the skin or itchiness. The hives last from a half an hour to several hours. Cholinergic urticaria can be very difficult to treat.Drug treatment is typically in the form of antihistamines such as loratadine (Claritin), hydroxyzine, cetirizine and other H1 receptor antagonists. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Twice now this summer after prolonged exposure to the sun I have developed a rash on my upper arms and shoulders. The rash is red, slightly raised, and itchy. I have a very fair complexion, and use sun screen always when in the sun. I even switched sunscreens to be sure it wasn't caused by that. I have no sun burn, and the rash and itch have gotten better from use of hydrocortisone. I'm worried that I might be causing my self damage by being in the sun, any in site would be helpful.
Avatar f tn I seem to get the rash on my arms. It's only come on or get worse when i'm in the sun. It stay on from spring through the summer. it itchy bad. It seem like get's worse when I'm driving and hanging my arm out the window. I don't go outside much and it's not that hot out yet. It's not from sweat because I'm sweating. could you help me I'm going to see an allergist in few week.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from red itchy skin with little bumps, mostly on my chest after sun exposure. It will go away once you get a base tan! Just get your tan slowly. In the mean time when I am trying to get tan I use lysine its an herb you can get at the grocery store in a pill form, it is supposed to be for blisters or cold sores but it works great for my problem.It took me years before someone told me about it. You only take it right before you go out in the sun.
Avatar n tn I noticed that many people are having the same problem as I am regarding sun rashes; where it is extremely itchy and turns red! A few years back I went to Italy and I got this rash again ..this year I went to Punta Cana..and i almost got the rash until i discovered why it was reacting like this. I do have sensitive skin, although over time your skin becomes more sensitive. I got rashes when I used tanning oil ...and it was bad...
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Avatar n tn the spots get slightly bigger and they start turning red and become very itchy as soon as im exposed to the sun! even when i have a 100spf sun block i do feel the itch! after my sun exposure id done and i shower i feel the itch for a couple of hours later, but by the time i go to bed it is all gone! please advice what could i do? i love the beach specially in the summer when its atleast 47 degrees Celcius..
149675 tn?1416676733 I noticed it when on treatment. Only needed to be in sun 30 minutes and exposed skin turned red. From Roche...
4896357 tn?1360674504 Although the sun can cause some skin reaction from exposure, the bigger issue for me was the heat and sweating. If you are beginning to develop any rashes, heat/sweating will likely trigger a worse reaction causing the rash to get worse and cover more of the skin's surface. It helps to keep your skin cool and dry. If you want to experiment with sun exposure, I'd suggest to do it in very small intervals. I used to cycle frequently during tx and would cover up in sunscreen.
Avatar m tn Anti-itch drugs, often antihistamine, may reduce the itch during a flare up of eczema, and the reduced scratching in turn reduces damage and irritation to the skin. Avoid sun exposure, wear lose comfortable, cotton clothes, eat a healthy balanced diet and use a medicated sunscreen whenever you go out. For mild-moderate eczema a weak steroid may be used (e.g. hydrocortisone or desonide), whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid (e.g. clobetasol propionate, fluocinonide).
1725147 tn?1309672947 Ever since I was little, I've gotten a rash (usually on my chest) after sun exposure. Whether I am in the sun for a minute or for 30, the rash always appears. It is itchy, red bumps appear, and starts to burn very quickly. I put sunscreen on every time I go out, and reapply 3 times (if say I was outside for 30 minutes, I would apply 3 times). I have fair skin that does not tan, if I get colour I burn. When I get the rash it lasts from one day to usually about 3.
Avatar n tn gov/pubmed/10804306 This type of photosensitivity may present with rash, hives and itchiness on sun exposed skin. Taking oral antihistamines prior to sun exposure may help. However in severe forms, you may need desensitization therapy. Applying sunscreen may help unless this also aggravates the flares. Does the rash resolve in a few hours?
Avatar f tn i had the issue since i was little and one time i did get a blister from the sun. i could be outside for 10 mins and start itching for the sun. when i do get sunburn i put the aloe on and it doesn't help i still itch all the time and since i have gotten some sun my skin now it very sensitive even to different soap i itch. i do live in Chicago suburbs. please help me im tried of itching all the time when ever am outside?
739294 tn?1235693267 I know folks can develop a sun sensitivity from some meds. I've never taken either of these you've mentioned. Years ago I did develop a sensitivity from BC pills. At work I noticed if I sat outside during lunch, by the time I came back in I had a rash all over my arms and face, tiny little bumps just where my skin was exposed.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be a condition called Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE), which is a hypersensitivity to the sun. This condition is most commonly triggered by springtime sun exposure. The rash only forms on sun-exposed parts of the body, usually 1 to 4 days after exposure. The sensitivity of the skin and the severity of the rash gradually lessen as spring changes into summer and the skin becomes adjusted to ultraviolet rays.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been getting tiny blisters/prickly heat type things on my face, lips and arms everytime my skin has prolonged exposure to the sun. I am not sure what these are? But, it mostly happens when its extremely cold, windy and specially in sun. My exposed skin turns red, my lips are swollen with allergy and its itchy everywhere. I underwent an allergy test and the dermatologist told that my body has atypical response to common allergens like dust mites and pollen.
1477811 tn?1321390053 By being reasonable with your sun exposure levels and properly protecting your skin from radiation, Hepatitis C treatment need not stop you from frolicking in the light." Thank goodness. No need to stop frolicking.
Avatar m tn You're right Pum, my skin doesn't really burn, but I figure sun protection is still important for skin cancer prevention right?
521344 tn?1212031189 It may be a reaction to the chemical (lotions, sunscreen) you have used it may also be a photosensitivity reaction caused by sun exposure. Allergic reactions usually present with a rash. A burning itchiness may be present, is this true in your case? Is there any visible rash? I suggest that you have this assessed by your dermatologist if the itchiness persists. I suggest that you avoid swimming in the same beach and observe any possible triggers for your condition.
Avatar f tn (i live in calgary alberta) It looks like a reguar rash, or dry skin. When i scratch it or rub it, it gets extreamly red and looks allmost like hives are forming. Ever since then, i have been applying think creams and essential oils to the rash. But for some reason it keeps getting bigger! It has spread from a small area of my neck to my whole neck and now its starting to go up to my chin and cheek bone area. It has shown up in my forarms too.