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Avatar n tn My daughter is eight, and she went on a field trip at school, and was in the sun all day. This was a week ago. Since then she has had this red leopard shaped rash. It seems to go a way a little bit when she is out of the sun. We were driving and the part on here leg that is getting sun from the window made here leg break out in that rash. it doesn't seem to be raised, but it is all over in the areas that get exposed. Does anyone know what this may be?
Avatar f tn My husband has had a pretty strong reaction to the sun, made his rash much worse. Stinks because we live at the beach. Be careful.
Avatar n tn gov/pubmed/10804306 This type of photosensitivity may present with rash, hives and itchiness on sun exposed skin. Taking oral antihistamines prior to sun exposure may help. However in severe forms, you may need desensitization therapy. Applying sunscreen may help unless this also aggravates the flares. Does the rash resolve in a few hours?
Avatar f tn hi i am 27 years old female with weatish to dark complexion i live in southeren part of india( Asia) i am very sensitive to sun i develop redish and very itchy rash with in no time to sun exposure even in mild winter sun.. i scratched the rash and the condition worsened .. i seeked medical help nothing really helped... please help me with this ...
Avatar n tn My skin gets unbearably itchy every time I get even the slightest sun burn or even just lay out in the sun. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent this on vacation in Florida?
Avatar f tn Just keep your child out from the sun as much as possible. Observe if the rash persists only when there is sun exposure. Other triggers such as food, dust and change in temperatures may cause this. If rash is present in other parts of the body, then we have to consider sweat rash. Any history of flu or cough?
Avatar f tn I am a red head with sensitive skin. I have a lot of outdoor allergies. I seem to get the rash on my arms. It's only come on or get worse when i'm in the sun. It stay on from spring through the summer. it itchy bad. It seem like get's worse when I'm driving and hanging my arm out the window. I don't go outside much and it's not that hot out yet. It's not from sweat because I'm sweating. could you help me I'm going to see an allergist in few week.
Avatar f tn Hi Heat rash or miliaria may occur after sweating or sun exposure .But the vesicles involved and the rash involved are due to trapping of keratin or dead skin and even bacteria in the sweat glands. In your case, you have noted the rash only on the legs. Sweat rash or heat rash is still a differential .However do you also note other similar rash in other parts of the body? If this is heat rash, avoiding hot and humid places is necessary .
Avatar n tn Solar urticaria may present with a rash few minutes after exposure to the sun. Chemical photosensitivity may present with skin rash after application of creams and lotions coupled with sun exposure. Which one applies in your case? Is your skin condition aggravated by certain lotions and creams applied on the skin? A sweat rash or miliaria is also a differential in your case. This however appears in covered areas of the body. A rash is usually present.
Avatar n tn its something related to exposure to when I was at home for two days the symptoms receeded but the day I went out the itching and burning sensation returned... As of now i have not applied any particilar Sun Screen..but would definately look forward to your advice on the same..Any particular cream or brand that would be best....
Avatar f tn it appears on my neck, chest, arms legs and face, or one of these areas and eventually spreads all over, especially in sunlight, seemingly in places where the majority of sun exposure has been previously, although i rarely go out into the sun. it is not itchy, raised or anything, just red patches which eventually merge together and can cover the majority of the mentioned areas.
Avatar f tn After moving from Australia to America, I had notice that my arms would get small bumps on them within a few hours of sun exposure that lasted anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on how intense the sun was on the day. These bumps are skin coloured, smaller in size than a dot made by a pen and would itch for a short period upon erupting on my skin but the bumps themselves wont resolve until weeks later.
739294 tn?1235689667 I know folks can develop a sun sensitivity from some meds. I've never taken either of these you've mentioned. Years ago I did develop a sensitivity from BC pills. At work I noticed if I sat outside during lunch, by the time I came back in I had a rash all over my arms and face, tiny little bumps just where my skin was exposed.
Avatar m tn Hi All, I seem to have developed some kind of heat or sun rash that i experience every time i go overseas. It normally appears within 15 minutes of exposure to sun. I've tried all different types of sunscreens that are meant to be very friendly with no luck. Once it's appeared pretty much nothing will calm it down including air con, antihystamines or steroid creams (which i don't like using).
4896357 tn?1360670904 Although the sun can cause some skin reaction from exposure, the bigger issue for me was the heat and sweating. If you are beginning to develop any rashes, heat/sweating will likely trigger a worse reaction causing the rash to get worse and cover more of the skin's surface. It helps to keep your skin cool and dry. If you want to experiment with sun exposure, I'd suggest to do it in very small intervals. I used to cycle frequently during tx and would cover up in sunscreen.
Avatar n tn This is not surprising since you mentioned that you are fair, and that implies you have less melanin in your skin to protect you from the sun. The only way forward for you is to protect yourself as much as possible. protective clothing and sunscreen lotions are the best help. Tanning in the sun would actually expose you to a lot of sun and if there are any areas which get undue exposure, you may get sun burns again.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been getting tiny blisters/prickly heat type things on my face, lips and arms everytime my skin has prolonged exposure to the sun. I am not sure what these are? But, it mostly happens when its extremely cold, windy and specially in sun. My exposed skin turns red, my lips are swollen with allergy and its itchy everywhere. I underwent an allergy test and the dermatologist told that my body has atypical response to common allergens like dust mites and pollen.
Avatar n tn Been gettin the same type of skin rash after exposure to the sun for about the last 2 years. It started to get really severe though after i cut out lots of different foods from my diet due to food intolerances (after having done a Yorktest Indicator test). For just over 1 year now i have cut out all dairy products, eggs, yeast and nuts.
Avatar n tn It could be sun poisoning or it could be a contact dermatitis that is activated only with sun exposure.
2059648 tn?1439766665 As an integral part of the prescribed treatment for Hepatitis C, some individuals develop a rash from ribavirin – and this side effect can be exacerbated by exposure to intense sunlight or other UV light, such as tanning beds. In addition, consumers are urged to be aware of the greater potential for a photosensitive reaction when combining ribavirin with one of the above listed drugs known for increasing sensitivity to the sun.
Avatar f tn Then when my skin gets hot the redness comes back in the same exact spots. I believe my skin is extra sensitive to the heat because if I go out in the sun and my rash is covered, it will flare up due to heat rather sun exposure. Also, the same bumps appear every time. This past vacation, my right thigh got the worst of it. My left thigh wasn't as bad and then my core and upper arms got the rash pretty bad too. It's so frustrating. Why does this happen and why now?!
Avatar n tn Hi, Are you talking about a malignant nodule in the lung? The exposure from the sun will place you at risk for cancers of the skin. While there are cancers of the skin that would have a tendency to metastasize the lung (melanoma), these would usually have a preliminary finding in the skin.