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1485713 tn?1287979901 There are, at least, several diseases as differential diagnoses including Granuloma annulare, Sarcoidosis, Tinea corporis, Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, Erythema marginatum, Erythema migrans. Therefore, certain diagnostic tools are recommended such as skin biopsy, skin culture (to exclude fungal infection), serology test for Borrelia burgdorferi, CBC, SE & CRP, just to name a few. Thank you for your question. Wishing You Optimal Health, Dr.
Avatar n tn My mother has been diagnosed with erythema multiforme. She has a rash (bump like bites on her legs). But nothing I see talks about swelling of hands as a symptom - which she also has (no rash on hands). On a sidenote she was recently diagnosed with renal artery stenosis, so I wonder if this isn't a vascular issue.
Avatar n tn Are you on any meds? Could be erythema multiforme, which is a circular red rash with a white center, often causes by an allergic reaction or infection. however, Some classic circular rashes are ringworm and Lyme, so it would be a good idea to have a doctor look at it.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it's an obvious allergic reaction, other times the cause is unknown. This is one of those skin conditions that falls into what I call the "mysterious itchy rash" category. This, unfortunately, is a pretty common thing. You suddenly get an itchy rash, go to the doc and expect a diagnosis, But he or she just mumbles something, prescribes some cortisone cream, and hopes you don't come back.
Avatar m tn One of the lesions remind me about erythema Marginatum of lyme borreliosis.Since you complain of arhraligias more the reason for getting tested,being eminently tratable. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a person that has HSV, but along with that came a skin condition called Erythema Multiforme. It is basically a terrible rash that I get whenever I have an outbreak. My outbreaks are caused by hormone issues related to my monthly period as well as a thyroid condition that I have. When my hormones are out of whack, I can usually count on this rash coming out. Does anyone else have this condition? I take acyclovir, but it doesn't really seem to be doing the trick.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my chest that won't go away, it has been there for at least two years. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have a strange rash that has formed on my stomach, back and top of my legs. It doesn't itch at all, i cant feel anything- doesnt feel dry or irritated in any way, infact if I was blind, i'd have no idea it was there.
Avatar f tn Hello, Since the rash on breast is spreading it can be due to dermatitis skin or cellulitis skin. Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth.It usually follows a break in the skin, such as a fissure, cut, laceration, insect bite, or puncture wound. I suggest you an immediate dermatologist’s evaluation and get the skin biopsied to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi, Accutane is an isotretinoin, may indeed cause such rash (including facial erythema, seborrhea, and eczema) as a side effect. Effects are usually dose related ( dependent on the dosage applied). Aside from the rash, other observed side effects include: alopecia , bruising, dry mouth, dry skin, flushing, fragility of skin, hair abnormalities, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, pruritus, abnormal wound healing ( ref:
Avatar n tn It is a form of vasculitis in which there is inflammation of the small arterial vessels in the skin, kidneys, and intestinal tract and purple spotted skin rash. It often develops after a recent viral or bacterial infection of the respiratory tract and may be an abnormal reaction of the immune system to the infection. The other possibility is Lyme disease. In this condition there may be rash before the onset of fever. The rash is circular and called erythema migrans.
Avatar f tn nearly ever sunscreen I have ever tried has caused a fine, itchy rash that makes my skin feel tight. It takes 3-5 days of using the product for the rash to appear. Upon stopping the sunscreen, it takes about 2 weeks for the rash to go away. There are very few sunscreens that my face seems to tolerate. They are the "natural" sunscreens (Origins and Burt's Bees, JASON). However, I am indian and they make me look sickly, grey. I am a professional and need to look presentable.
Avatar n tn Erythema nodosum is a type of skin inflammation that is located in a certain portion of the fatty layer of skin. Erythema nodosum (also called EN) results in reddish, painful, tender lumps most commonly located in the front of the legs below the knees. The tender lumps, or nodules, of erythema nodosum range in size from 1 to 5 centimeters. The nodular swelling is caused by a special pattern of inflammation in the fatty layer of skin.-This has nothing to do with syphilis.
Avatar n tn I say this because I had the same thing like 5-6 years ago. I got Erythema multiforme- its like a rash that I got from eating 1 flintstones(lol) vitamin. The rash wouldnt look as bad as poison ivy but it would ITCH just as bad! And the rashes would appear only to disapear in 15-30 minutes. All over my body, I went to multiple doctors, but 3 of them were stumpped to what this was an what had caused this.
Avatar m tn Your physician may be able to diagnose this after a complete physical examination. In some cases, a microscopic evaluation of a skin scraping to differentiate this rash from a fungal infection may be done. Just keep the area dry and clean. Do not wear tight underpants .Wear underpants of light and cool material. Here is a suggested article for your case: http://www.cirp.
Avatar f tn The classic sign of early local infection is a circular, outwardly expanding rash called erythema chronicum migrans (also erythema migrans or EM), which occurs at the site of the tick bite 3 to 32 days after being bitten. The rash is red, and may be warm, but is generally painless. Classically, the innermost portion remains dark red and becomes indurated; the outer edge remains red; and the portion in between clears – giving the appearance of a bullseye.
Avatar f tn What can this mean? From ILADS guidelines: EM (bulls eye rash) and it's significance: " The patient may relapse in the absence of another tickbite or erythema migrans rash (recurrent Lyme disease), or be poorly responsive to antibiotic treatment (refractory Lyme disease)." Does this mean that relapse CAN occur if another EM appears with no new tick bite? Does this confer a greater significance to the EM than just a symptom of infection? Or what? I'm confused, again.
Avatar n tn Symptoms includea typical rash(erythema migrans), migrating pain in muscles, joint, and tendons, severe headaches, neck stiffness, and sensitivity to light. I sincerely advise you to consult an infectious diseases specialist and get tests like Western blot and ELISA done as it is very difficult to culture borrelia bacteria.Treatment will depend on the confirmation of diagnosis. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how your son is doing or if you have any additional queries.
Avatar f tn Do an image search on Palmar Erythema to see what it looks like. While not a rash, it appears as redness of the palms and is associated with liver disease. It can sometimes take on a blotchy appearance that may be mistaken for a rash.