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Avatar f tn //,-cracking-or-scaling%7Cskin-rash%7Cskin-redness&symptomids=129%7C260%7C185%7C209&locations=68%7C68%7C68%7C68 (copy and paste to your browser). We don't want to recommend anything if it is more than just dry skin. Let us know any more information and we will try to continue to help.
875426 tn?1325528416 There was a red thermometer on the page, where I typed in a symptom in search box, took me to Symptom Checker page. I shortened the URL, so type this into the address bar in another tab on your browser when you are logged in and you will get there right away--
10947 tn?1281404252 A Symptom Checker is coming soon to MedHelp. You'll be able to input a bunch of symptoms to help narrow down possible causes. If you're interested in this tool, leave us a comment below and we'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar f tn I used - Symptom Checker to see what conditions would cause your symptoms and these conditions were at the top of the list : Depression (Adult), Premenstrual Syndrome, Insomnia, Depression (Postpartum), and Fibromyalgia. In my opinion I'm thinking maybe your anemic (that's when your body doesn't have enough red blood cells which are important for carrying oxygen & nutrients through the body), but then again I'm not a doctor.
Avatar n tn Most likely not HEP B unless you had body fluids on your hand and you had a cut or some sort on your penis before hand.... If you want to check then you can and you can get your results back.
Avatar f tn I have very fair skin so I know it's important to limit my UV exposure. The problem is that my skin is very sensitive, and I've had an adverse reaction to every sunscreen/sunblock I've tried (including pure zinc-based ones). So I limit my sun exposure, and wear a big wide brim sun hat and long sleeves and pants when I'm out in the sun. I have a portable UV checker which detects the intensity of UVA/UVB rays. So that helps me know whether I'm getting much or any UV light.
Avatar n tn Examples of existing Symptom Checkers are WebMD, Medical Symptoms Database , Online Medical Symptom Checker , MSO Online Medical Symptom Checker , or Diagnosaurus, etc. 2. More home health tests and tools available openly on pharmacy shelves. Examples – Home General Health Diagnostic Tests (e.g. CBC), Stethoscopes, etc. - plus how to use instructions. 3.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the HIV forum. Most people who have symptoms of ARS/seroconversion have multiple symptoms. Fever is almost always present (80-90% of the time) and lymph node inflammation involves several areas of the body. A single enlarged node is rarely if ever seen. Diarrhea is not usually part of the picture. About half of affected people have a diffuse, uniform skin rash that doesn't itch --nothing like what you describe for the rash on your cheek.
Avatar n tn I have had a skin rash for over 2 months. Gave oral sex 4 months ago and swallowed semen. Would the duration of the rash indicate it is not hiv? I am seeing a doctor in 2 weeks and will ask for a test at that time.
Avatar f tn Also, you can scroll down on this post. Look in the right side of the page and find symptom checker. Type in a symptom and build on it. It will help you narrow down what might be going on.
Avatar f tn The prodrome stage lasts 1 - 5 days before the infection becomes active and the skin rash erupts. Occasionally, the pain can last weeks or even months before the rash erupts. Active Shingles. The rash that marks the active infection follows the same track of inflamed nerves as the prodrome pain. Between 50 - 60% of cases occur on the trunk. The second most common site is the head, particularly on one side of the face. It may also erupt on the neck or lower back.
Avatar f tn My Mother has had a skin issue going on for almost 2 years. She started with a rash on her hands and face, was given a high dose of erythromycin and became much worse after being out in the sun. She was taken off the antibiotics after going to Urgent Care and since then has visited her pcp, dermatologists, dermatopathologists (2) who took biopsies, rheumatologists, an endocrinologist and no one appears to know what is going on with her.
1831849 tn?1383228392 lol i had a go a while back with one of these symptom checker thingies (not this one) mainly out of curiosity and it told me i needed to be on a DMD i giggled my head off. I remember a friend at work doing this and it said 'he' was pregnant, oh wow they are soooooooo acurate, not lol Cheers.........
Avatar m tn I recently developed psoriasis, and became very worried that it maybe an ARS symptom (acute retroviral syndrome, HIV). Psoriasis is a type of rash, and because rash is one typical ARS symptom, my mind just can't stop linking them together.
Avatar f tn Were you able to see your doctor about this? Here is a symptom checker that may really help in these situations. Please let us know what the outcome to your situation was.
Avatar m tn m looking for a correlation - match up in time to your rash. Rash is usually a symptom of some external contact with an irritant or a reaction to something we ingest. Your English works fine coming this way, hope my return is understandable. Hope too you get something more specific and useful.
Avatar n tn rash which is a classic symptom of Lupus. The rash can be widespread and gets worse in sunlight. I suggest you make an appointment with your gp and bring up the possibility of Lupus. Good luck, Friend.
Avatar m tn at 3 weeks i noticed a rash of some sort on the back of my hand, small reddish spots (like freckels) and then two larger areas about 1 inch long and 3/4 inch long on my knuckle and between my index finger and thumb. is this common in early hiv rashes. what is my risk. This discussion is related to <a href=''>HIV RASH? - I am really worried -HELP</a>.
Avatar m tn I can still tell where the rash is as the skin is still red. Another symptom I have is that my skin appears to be more red than normal, mostly on my hands and knees. The surface of my skin is fine, it just seems that there is an increase in blood in these areas. When I press down on my skin for a few seconds and then lift up, my skin is white for a few seconds and then turns back to red. I noticed this symptom about a week after the encounter.