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Avatar f tn I know that they will provide diapers at the hospital, but my skin in outrageously sensitive, so I'm planing for the worst that the baby will be as sensitive as I am. Since I'm using brand specific diapers how many should I bring?
Avatar f tn Anybody have any recomondations for a good diaper for sensitive skin ? I heard pampers sensative weeny very good but havnt tried them . Idk just thought id ask . Anybody else had a problem with diapers & rashes ? What works for you ?!
Avatar f tn Pampers swaddlers are great and the pampers sensitive wipes are great for newborns sensitive skin the have aloe and chamomile
Avatar f tn I prefer papers swaddlers, they are extremely soft, great for sensitive skin and has a wet indicator. Most large brands will send you samples if you sign up on their website.
Avatar f tn I wanted to try the huggies because of that convinient stripe that changes color when they pee but i was told they werent very good and not good with sensitive skin thanks so much luvs is what i will try (:
Avatar f tn never cared for name brand diapers, was always one thing or another. Target is cheap and has great coverage. Worked well for my son's sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn Target brand give my babies rashes they have very sensitive skin absolutely no fragrance what so ever. Amd there were a couple other like cheap brands I cant even remeber now that ppl gave at shower but they too were crap.
Avatar f tn Yes all are right it depends on your baby some babys are sensitive to everything my kids used luvs i actually like luvs bttr cuz they have a clean powder smell...
Avatar f tn Some babies have more sensitive skin. Good luck. You can buy small amounts of different types of diapers and see what works. Keep receipts And you can always exchange them for a different brand.
8689028 tn?1399350942 I personally prefer Pampers Swaddlers with my two older children, so I am gonna use them with my third. My kids tend to have very sensitive skin (even noe at 5 & 9) and with other brands they would break out. They are a bit more expensive and rarely have coupons. But Target has offers that include getting a gift card with a certain number of packs/boxes.
6710217 tn?1386114492 What we have liked and used and will always continue for more children (pregnant with #3) is Pampers Sensitive diapers and Pampers cruisers. The cruisers last a long time. I loved the pampers sensitive when they were so little because babies have such sensitive skin. You could also look into cloth diapering.
Avatar f tn i was using the huggies naturals in the newborn size and i LOVED them but my stupid walmart doesnt carry them (i got them as a shower gift we had a diaper raffle) so i bought the pampers swaddlers and they are the max dry kind and so far we havent had any issues and he has sensitive skin...since he was born he's gotten red blotches and is totally peeling like crazy and now has quite the case of baby acne but he doesnt have a diaper rash LOL! his bottom is as clean and soft as can be!
7602238 tn?1392494275 we have started to stock up on pampers. Parents with kids with really sensitive skin tend to use them. They have a line that changes color when they are wet. I think that would be helpful to new parents or even people who haven't worked with babies a lot.
Avatar f tn As long as your baby doesn't require diapers for sensitive skin, get whatever works best for you! Every baby is different. I have decided but I might just go with whatever is cheapest. Have to save money where you can because you go through so many diapers.
12505673 tn?1427159598 I use Pampers for the first couple months, just because a newborn's skin is so sensitive. After that I use Target's up&up brand, they're great and way cheaper.
Avatar f tn Well itd be hard, I asked for fiapers and got a bunch of pampers , I plan to use them but dont know how babys skin will react. Then maybe dont ask for diapers, and if you do ask the ppl youre close with so you can be like hey no cheap branded diapers.
Avatar f tn I'm Planning On Cloth This Time Around. I Used Costco Brand With My First, Hr Didn't Have Sensitive Skin .
Avatar f tn Mom of three now so I'm confidant that I know my stuff lol Huggies are more expensive but this is one of those quality things where you absolutely get what you pay for.
Avatar n tn You also should consider the babys skin being sensitive to certain brands. Dont buy too many of until you see the skins response.
1454858 tn?1306787978 I asked around and heard universally huggies plus they make natural ones without bleach and nasty chemicals in it. I have VERY sensitive skin so I wouldn't be surprised if baby does too so I wanted no chemicals if possible.
Avatar f tn Does anyone here know what the best disposable diapers are for kiddos with sensitive skin are? I don't lime pampers and are currently trying luvs....any suggestions?
10821765 tn?1427315186 Im just wondering what the benifits/down falls are to using cloth diapers. What is a good brand and how would it work with washing them?
Avatar f tn Why dont yu try Pampers swaddlers Sensitive diapers?? They are hard to find in store but you can look online I know sells them.
492921 tn?1321293496 I use huggies supremes. If your LO has sensitive skin huggie supremes are one of the only fragrence free diapers and the only diaper my daughter doesnt get a red bum with. I use pampers sensitive wipes.
Avatar f tn Cloth is obviously better for the environment but disposable have great lock away cores which I personally believe are a must for a new borns bottom and bits. One of mine had sensitive skin and oh my word the rash and sores he'd get were awful. I swear by pampers in the UK.
5606564 tn?1370822085 I got newborn pampers 240 for only $30 with free shipping from Amazon ....
Avatar f tn I soak the dirty in borax and tide free. I believe try save my thousands. My children have all inherited my sensitive skin and all have eczema the cloth diapers have been better for their skin. I see a lot less irritations with them.
Avatar f tn Im a stay at home mommy and use cloth diapers. Pros.. Our babies have very sensitive skin so saves us there. Saves us a ton of money. keeps all the nasty chemicals from diapers and wipes off their skin. No smelly trash and nasty diapers going to the landfill. Much more efficient. With disposables you have be careful of leaks and blowouts esp with Huggies. Cons.. they are more time consuming and make a bit more laundry. I wash every days.