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Avatar f tn I use pure vegetable glycerin as a body lotion with good results, and I have severe skin sensitivities. If you want a more mainstream product, try Lubriderm Sensitive Skin formula (the aqua label). It's lanolin free, too. If you're allergic to wool, you should avoid lanolin. Shampoos, lotions, deodorants, etc., should have no ADDED fragrance, which includes masking fragrance.
Avatar f tn Absolutely, I have had a very similar experience with a new type of hairspray. My skin (especially on my face/scalp) is very dry and sensitive. I bought a new brand of hair spray and I accidentally got a bit on the skin right above my ear and on my cheek. I rinsed it off but probably not well enough. I then had to have a very long phone conversation for work and the area that the phone was against (I was on a cell phone that was plugged in so it was very warm) got very irritated, itchy and red.
Avatar f tn Do you think it is okay to use hairspray while pregnant ? i always hold my breath while spraying then walk out of the room but still dont know if its safe?
Avatar f tn Also the moisturizer may seem unnecessary if your skin is already oily but if your skin is not getting the moisture it needs, your body tells your oil producing skin cells to work overtime and produce more, therefore causing oily skin. So giving your skin proper moisture will actually cause your skin to have to produce less oils making your skin not as oily. Now that goes for your hair too.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms can be due to any number of things including but not limited to dermatitis, allergies (allergens, medications, foods, etc), irritation, infections (skin or cartilage), temperature, stress, trauma, autoimmune disorders. If you have difficulty, get an evaluation by a physician. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I notice a very small difference. My question is when the skin does lighten, should I stop using the cream to avoid lightening too much? Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Hypopigmentation After Pityriasis Rosea</a>.
Avatar f tn I can tell you that I cannot blow dry it as the heat hurts it, as does warm or hot water. Shampoo burns it, and hairspray makes it worse. If I itch it, and its hard not to it hurts worse. Also it seems to burn,and itch more at night when I am laying on it (my pillow is my same old pillow) it just seems the pressure makes it worse. I have tried T/Gel shampoo which is coal tar, and another medicated shampoo, as well as head and shoulders dry scalp conditioner, and scalpicin for itching.
Avatar f tn Does anyone no what to do about sensitive skin. My face is extremely sensitive right now and it hurts just to pull on it a little. Does this last long ? Or what can i do about it.
Avatar f tn My skin peeled like a sunburn about a week later. I never turned red. My skin became sensitive and whelped in the bend of my elbows and under my arms. Now it just hurts and itches. What is the problem? I now use an umbrella when I am in the sun, but the sensitivity has remained.
Avatar f tn I have an oily & sensitive skin. What kind of cleanser, moisturizer and night cream should i use? I want to use a lightening cream, is it save for my sensitive skin?
4936507 tn?1365361667 Hi everyone. I have what I have chalked up to be just extremely sensitive skin, but only in certain areas. It started a couple of years ago when moisturizers I was using around my eyes and eyelids suddenly started causing a weird rash just under my eyebrows. It feels like it has been scratched and it itches and burns like crazy if I put anything on it. I started trying all different kinds of all natural, hypoallergenic, organic, etc types of moisturizers, all with the same affect.
Avatar f tn Normally I don't have that bad of sensitive skin, but since the past few weeks I have noticed that when I take a shower and use my loofa sponge and coco butter body wash (which I have used for about a year now) I break out with a rash on my stomach. Also I took a bath tonight, just plain water, not hot of course and noticed that I broke out with a rash on my stomach AND my chest. What is going on? Is this normal?
Avatar f tn just started treatment 5 days ago (it already feels like forever). I have many symptoms, but the latest and greatest is my skin is so sensitive!! I have a rash on my torso, but it's not so much itchy as incredibly sensitive. Trying to dress for work everyday is awful, does anyone have any good tips on managing this?? Is everyone else working through their treatment?
Avatar m tn hello, can hiv be transmitted through the encounter of verginal fluids with sensitive skin. By sensitive i mean that no blood can be observed but the upper layer may have been ripped off so if salt is sprinkled it hurts but there are no signs of blood or a cut only the upper layer of skin may be ripped off. secondly if the fluids are completely dry or at best slightly sticky what difference does this make.
Avatar n tn s natural to be sensitive in this area. Tampons can be drying and irritating to the skin, so you may want to try just pads for your next cycle and see if that makes any difference. You could try a company called Glad Rags that makes all cotton pads that you wash and reuse. They explain more thoroughly on their website.
1394262 tn?1369625192 Hi mummies I am breastfeeding my dd and I found that ever since I gave birth last mid-December, my skin has become very, very sensitive. As soon as I start to perspire even a little, red patches and red rashes appear on my body-hands, armd, calves, thighs and body. I have it every day that's for sure. And i find the discomfort unbearable. Is anyone suffering from the same problem too??? Is this due to hormonal changes OR due to some herbs that I have been taking? Please share.
Avatar f tn d avoid any topical products (shampoos, hairspray) that use wheat or oats just because so many people are sensitive to it.
Avatar f tn They come and go but start out as just a sensitive area on my scalp that I notice when combing my hair. My husband often tells me that he cannot even see anything until a few days later. They get quite painful to the touch and have recently begun to accompany a burning feeling. When I look at my scalp it looks slightly red, but not terribly. The burning sensation also sweeps across the upper part of my forehead and hairline, but no reddness or bumps are present.
Avatar f tn I do use alot of hairspray, however i've tried cutting down and have changed the hairspray i was using to a less strong one. I no longer i have any signs of flakey skin dandruff etc. But very recently there are small tiny even clear not really visable itchy spots mostly behind my ears? im confused?
Avatar f tn I would discontinue anything...even scented candles/hairspray/room freshners, floor cleaners...USE VINEGAR AND WATER TO CLEAN ONLY. a new laundry detergent?? New rugs or furniture within the last 2-3 months? they spray these fabrics with water repellants and chemicals, that are caustic to pets...and some sensitive people as well start with eliminating as many chemicals as possible in your home.... slowly transition her over to wet GRAIN free food...this you have to do slowly..
Avatar n tn m just freaking out today because I read online that using hairspray or shampoo with phthalates in it can cause reproductive deformities in boys. I just went crazy replacing all my stuff with phthalate free products.