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Avatar f tn just started treatment 5 days ago (it already feels like forever). I have many symptoms, but the latest and greatest is my skin is so sensitive!! I have a rash on my torso, but it's not so much itchy as incredibly sensitive. Trying to dress for work everyday is awful, does anyone have any good tips on managing this?? Is everyone else working through their treatment?
Avatar f tn Of late I came across the Sakare store at Neal Street and tried its solutions for sensitive skin. Of those available, the Problematik Skin Mask did the job for me. After using it for few days I can see visible difference in my skin and it looks way better than before.
Avatar n tn I am using a product called Aveno they carry everything from shaving Gel to bath soak. I really like there skin cream and the shaving Gel. All of there produces contain Colloidal oatmeal. I also found that using baby oil apply during my shower helps with dry itchy skin. The wrinkles should go away after tx as they are cause more so by dehydration of the skin cell, from what I have been told. Again drink lotsa water and try the Aveno.
Avatar n tn I can touch it (placing pressure on skin) but any friction and it's sensitive and uncomfortable. Now, I'm 29, not stressed (in fact, I meditate often), but I have knots in my back (from dancing/doing theatre) and quite possibly have carpal tunnel coming back to my right arm (I have knots in the muscles surrounding my elbows, and down my lower arm) - to me, I'm considering that I have a pinched nerve which is creating this sensitivity.
Avatar n tn I did some Internet research on the cream and I read that using steroid creams on your eyelids and the skin around the eyes can cause ocular hypertension and glaucoma. Is it safe to use this cream around my eyes? If my eye pressure goes up, will it go back down once I stop using the cream? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I used to have phimosis which a visit to the doctor a couple of years ago has resolved thanks to some steroid cream. However once the foreskin problem had been resolved I found that the glans of my penis were hyper sensitive and very painful to the touch. Applying pressure to the glans is not painful but even a slight rub or any friction is extremly painful.
Avatar m tn Stop using it which u have it may of thinned as skin in that area rubs against other skin making the cream penetrate the skin more. If I were you'd I'd keep using the anti fungal and be patient it'll heal up.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
Avatar m tn Bella Gold is definitely an amazing age-defying serum that stimulates collagen production thus, reduces appearance of wrinkles, and diminishes skin roughness and wrinkle density, leaving the skin smooth, young and flawless. This quick-absorbing skincare product contains substances that tighten the skin when they make contact and it also visibly reduces the look of facial lines, crow feet, under-eye bags and puffiness.
Avatar m tn Ok. So to the naked eye. All is fine. Very happy with progress. However, this is a major update a day will explain something I wasn't sure of. Can't name names obviously but different condoms bring me out in different rashes; except one. I think ? Have to check. This particular condom brand was fine at first. But after I used it in felt a burning sensation. I washed it off and noticed those red marks again ! These red marks have persisted. The skin is new I guess and still recovering .
Avatar m tn * some days get dry skin. Hopefully old skin cells being replaced. *if I squeeze the glans gently a fine film of skin can be apparent. The skin was thinned and therefore stretched from its normal elasticity. Will it get its tightness back. So far it repaired to a great extent. Looking like it did most of the time. But this fine film can show and leave a slight ruffled appearance if gently squeezed all over the head. More evidence the skin was stretched.
Avatar f tn I have very sensitive eyes and very often I have single, not numerous staph epidermis recorded in cultures taken. I cannot use any facial cream, make-up or any chemicals as immediately afterwards I get an eye infection. I just use sterile saline solution. I also have some dandruff like particles gathering on eyelid margins. I was wondering about the contents of Sterilid which I could not find anywhere online. Would not Sterilid irritate my eyes further ?
Avatar f tn Stuffy nose, congested throat, routine bloody nose, headaches, itching/burning skin, itchy/puffy/watery eyes. Sometimes my eyes get so bad it turns to pink-eye. Many times co-workers think I'm crying. I've actually been written up for being too emotional. I just get so used to feeling horrible, I don't realize how bad I look to others. I get pink eye at least 4 - 6 times a year. My previous job did not have air conditioning and I did not have a problem.
Avatar f tn Well, its obvious that your skin is truly sensitive. Before you throw out the "Clean Start" skin products, make a note of its main ingredients and steer clear of those ingredients in the future. For starters, seek products that aren't based with any alcohol or acids. If your skin was beautiful, you don't need these. Can you return to your prior regimen? Cetaphil makes the most mild facial cream cleanser.
232264 tn?1191252080 wash your face with the cleanser, apply eye cream with your ring finger and just dab it under your eye and out to the corner (do not rub it just dab) then apply moisturizer both morning and night or after a work out. if you really wanna get fancy... as my hubby has, a scrub that exfoiliates dead skin once a week would also benefit or even treating yourself to a facial. many spas and salons offer "gentlemens facials' that are designed to benefits a man's skin.
Avatar f tn I'm pn Armour and I was told Soy products shouldn't be used, I'd like to use wild yam cream, and I noticed it has soy oil in it, I'm not injesting it, you rub it on the skin, would this interfere with my Armour, I know its a dumb question, but i don't want to spend the money with the possiblility of not being able to use it.
Avatar m tn This is more when I have woken up from sleep. And due to constant itching the area has become quite sensitive and I believe I have this condition known as ""prurigo nodularis" (An eruption of hard nodules in the skin accompanied by intense itching). I am going to use the Bevason Cream for this. If you have any advice or help I would be extremely grateful.
Avatar f tn I use a shampoo specifically for Eczema that I buy off I use Dove sensitive skin bar soap (can't use the body wash) and Dove sensitive skin deodorant. At first, I could use ALL Free and Clear laundry detergent (only the ALL brand) but eventually developed an allergy to that, as well. Now I make my own laundry soap. I also cannot use any hair products. Since I couldn't use conditioners or products on my naturally-wavy mid-back length tresses, I chopped them off.
Avatar m tn My skin is also sensitive but I think it may be more sensitive now due to over washing. Can your nerves become more sensitive in your face from over washing and putting moisturizer on it?
Avatar f tn I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago because of cancer. I am experiencing dry skin all over and I get an itchy burning sensation around my nose. As trival as this sounds after what I've dealt with for the last two years, the itchy burning around my nose gets very uncomfortable, it drives me nuts to be blunt. This has been going on for about 3 months. I was wondering if this was a problem with my Synthoid or simply menopause.
Avatar f tn triamcinolone acetonide cream (prescribed previously for yeast skin infection), antibiotic cream, and Eucerin calming creme. Intend to call doctor no later than Tuesday if it hasn't improved by then. Any other suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you again for your response.
1632818 tn?1299944902 For the last two years since moving here though, my skin has become unbearably sensitive and I am completely at a loss at how to fix it. Whenever I wash my face, even with just water and no products, my face feels like its on fire or like I'm badly sunburn and gets really red, even if I haven't been outdoors and I usually wear sunscreen anyway. I've written the details below because I'm really hoping someone might be able to help...
Avatar f tn Steriods have always worked for me other wise- I have very sensitive skin so I have allergic reactions to frangranced stuff sometimes or whatever, and I tend to have rashes or sometimes hives-that baffle doctors because of how they either look or where they're at.) Anyways, steriods have always worked for my random small break outs. I'm so sick of hearing "well, I've never seen this before." And yes ladies and gents, I GO TO HIGH QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED DOCTORS!! And yet still......
Avatar f tn Plant oils can be common offenders. If the surface of the skin is intact and not raw, try some hydrocortisone cream 1% on it three times a day for 3 to 5 days and see if it gets better. If not, have a dermatologist look at it.
Avatar n tn ( My sister has pretty bad allergies and sensitive skin (she can only use certain detergents and soaps) Maybe that's whats happening to me even though I haven't changed anything except my mascara.
Avatar f tn The area of the skin that is affected by the rash or skin lesions caused by shingles can remain sensitive for several days, even after the rash and lesions have disappeared. The virus can lay dormant in the human body and can get reactivated when the immune system is weakened due to some other health condition(s). Tactile defensiveness is a neurological disorder that is caused by a neurological defect in the midbrain, which is concerned with evaluating and filtering different types of stimuli.
3891475 tn?1363677130 Dove unscented for sensitive skin or Alveeno sensitive skin facial wash may help. Be sure you are taking a fish oil supplement and a good supplement that is the whole-food type. I'm not sure what the best eye cream is, but maybe Oil of Olay eye cream.
Avatar n tn General creams are too irritating for the sensitive eye area......
Avatar n tn I have the same issue as you. I have very deep setted eyes, and the skin around them is very thin and sensitive. Is this a problem you have gotten recently or something you were born with? With me it's hereditary, and not much I can do. I use a heavy moisturizer, also a cream by Benefit called Eyecon it has a lightening agent in it. Also, tons of industrial strenght concealer. All seems to help and make me not look like a
Avatar f tn I really wanted to solve this issue so I purchased skin barrier repair cream (Ducray Ictyane HD cream with hydroxydecine) and religiously used it throughout the past 6 months. Thankfully, these past 6 months of rigorous moisturizing have definitely helped, now I can just apply a few pumps of the cream in the morning (and occasionally at night), with some sunblock and my skin looks fine throughout the day, even in very hot weather.