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Avatar m tn e I had performed oral sex on her. After that I ve been feeling tingling, pricking, sensitive skin. This happens all over the body but no physical scars etc are there. This encounter happened 62 days ago, I ve had fever once i.e at day 53. Am I at risk of any STD/ HIV , are these symptoms it. I had tested at day 32, it was negative. Should I test again. I am extremely worried and stressed.
Avatar m tn my skin has been sensitive for about 2 weeks now. started on right hip, to left tummy area, moved around to left side, across lower back, to right side, right side of tummy, started down right leg, stopped and is now up right side of rib cage and across lower back. It is strange because there is No RASH, no bruising, no bumps like shingles (which I had at 28), it hurts to wear clothing, to be touched, lay in bed anything. I've read many possible answers..
Avatar n tn I can touch it (placing pressure on skin) but any friction and it's sensitive and uncomfortable. Now, I'm 29, not stressed (in fact, I meditate often), but I have knots in my back (from dancing/doing theatre) and quite possibly have carpal tunnel coming back to my right arm (I have knots in the muscles surrounding my elbows, and down my lower arm) - to me, I'm considering that I have a pinched nerve which is creating this sensitivity.
Avatar n tn About a month after the sex my penis head became sensitive when i touch it in certain spots it feels like a burn, and there seems to be small divots that are skin colored on my head where i think the pain is coming from. The pain has been getting a little better over the past 2 weeks that ive had it, but im still nervous. It doesnt seem to bother me when i dont have an erection or if im working out. could this possibly be a bacteria or a std?
Avatar m tn Last two weeks i suffering from fever in the evening time only that also from 6 pm to 9.30 pm, after that time my body temperature goes down automatically to normal i have taken medicine as per doctor advice no improvement, no problem found in blood report too. what could be solution for this?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a person with a very sensitive body and I fall sick so easily. Also, My skin is very sensitive for example: when I brush my teeth, they bleed a little bit, and my lips are thin and they have little cuts so when I suck my lips or bite them softly I feel they bleed a little bit as well. On Thursday (27.10.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
Avatar m tn She had no sores visible on her lips, but I've been freaked about it since, and noticed that I was sensitive at the very tip of my penis. I also was sore around the shaft a little, but I had masturbated into a rough sock and thought I might have roughed the skin up. About a week/week and a half later I started urinating very frequently. No burning, very clear, no smell, no visible lesions etc, short of what i mentioned earlier.
Avatar m tn As far as dermography, I react when scratched in the sensitive/infected areas. I do not in other areas (like my arms, etc.). I wonder if the fever could be indicative of an underlying infection that is triggering the rash. Prior to getting the rash, I had done some international travel, including Egypt, Spain, and Turkey. My PCP has dismissed the fever because it is relatively low (~99.4, my normal body temperature is ~97.3). Can the experts on this board recommend a course of action?
Avatar f tn I am acutely sensitive to cold air conditioner. The effects are immediate and the colder the air the worse things are. This is followed by a thumping headache and painful soreness in the eyes and nostrils. Further exposure can result in heavy nasal congestion and pain spreading all around my eyes, jaws , teeth, And headache. The problem started after my open heart surgery for an aorotic valve replacement, and I am on coumadin therapy for life time. With my primary Dr.
Avatar f tn I'm in 10th week and have have had such nausea for over a week that I can't keep anything down. I have also been running a fever. Because of th dehydration and other dire consequences from that my doctor thinks I may have to stop incivik. All blood tests have been good, even one a week ago. Has anyone faced this and what did you do?
237053 tn?1258832026 It's just the outer layer of skin and it almost feels like when you run a fever and your skin hurts. Very uncomfortable. I have it really bad today on my right for arm underneath. Is this a Fibro sx or something else?
4760166 tn?1398360913 But now that I am older at 61, I can go for weeks with sore skin without a fever. My temp is usually too low, like 97 or lower due to thyroid problems. I think it is because I'm not well because of the chiari or the low CSF flow or EDS. I am pretty certain I would not be able to handle a synthetic patch, so I am incredibly grateful for the information here. Hope your shunt surgery goes well. I will be thinking about you.
1917408 tn?1421955640 She got it in '04 after an allergic reaction and it has never served a purpose in 8 years but now she can't feel it under her skin and she is getting periodic sharp pains in her abdomen. We are hoping it is not dangling by a wire or something, but it seems kind of suspicious.
Avatar m tn In 2011 i developed splinter haemorring on three fingers on my left hand , subsequently i have an aortic valve replacement in July 2012 ,now in november i have developed lesions under the nail and on the side of my middle finger , the finger is inflamed and very sensitive to touch .
Avatar f tn small like insect bites on various parts of my trunk.Where the rash appeared on my skin also made my skin supper sensitive. Today is day 5 and I am writing to you. I also have a sore throat;but nothing too terrible.
Avatar m tn While frotting I was fingering the CSW with the finger which I was biting some time back and had a sensitive skin. (No bleeding but sensitive skin was visible). Now I am regretting like hell over this bad habit of biting fingers. I am scared like hell. I am around 32 hours over the incident. I want to ask if I should immediately rush for PEP? Thank you very much doctor for answering this.
Avatar n tn I have a skin condition that is very puziling. My skin feels as if I have a bruise or light sunburn. It is just an area that is very sensitive. It's kind of like when you have aches because of the flu but I don't have any other symptoms. The area is from the groin area up to above my waist. On the right side only. I am medicated for high blood pressure and wondered if this could be the problem. It is not a terrible pain but rather a mild ache but is tender to the touch.
Avatar m tn I've had an abscess or boil on my upper back between my spine and shoulder blade that doesn't seem to be coming to a head but instead drying up or being reabsorbed into the skin. It's about 1 - 2 cm in diameter, pink and a little soft (can feel some fluid inside) but not painful and not getting larger or smaller and I'm having what seems like muscular shooting pain up my neck and down my spine on that same side.
Avatar n tn ok i just got over having a fever of about 101-102 for the past 2 days and the skin on my back is REALLY sensitive. even having my shirt rub on it makes it feel like i have a sun burn. is that normal after having a fever?
Avatar f tn We see the dermotologist tomorrow I have uploaded pics on my profile if anyone has any ideas. It isnt chemical as he is not around any. He has sensitive skin so we do not use any harsh products. All laundry done in free & clear hypoalerginic products.
Avatar f tn The area of the skin that is affected by the rash or skin lesions caused by shingles can remain sensitive for several days, even after the rash and lesions have disappeared. The virus can lay dormant in the human body and can get reactivated when the immune system is weakened due to some other health condition(s). Tactile defensiveness is a neurological disorder that is caused by a neurological defect in the midbrain, which is concerned with evaluating and filtering different types of stimuli.
Avatar f tn My nephew is 32 and has had problems with high fever of approximately 104 for the last 10+ years. He has always been treated with antibiotics that may or may not have been a help. It seems the fever lasts about 3-4 days and the other symptoms are swollen glands in his neck and being very tired. He has seen ENT that performed CT scan and determined sinus was clear. He also was examined by infectious disease doctor that found no suspicious symptoms.
Avatar f tn Steriods have always worked for me other wise- I have very sensitive skin so I have allergic reactions to frangranced stuff sometimes or whatever, and I tend to have rashes or sometimes hives-that baffle doctors because of how they either look or where they're at.) Anyways, steriods have always worked for my random small break outs. I'm so sick of hearing "well, I've never seen this before." And yes ladies and gents, I GO TO HIGH QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED DOCTORS!! And yet still......
Avatar f tn (Anything from an abrasion to even trying clothes on at a store.... some people are really sensitive to the starches used by clothing companies). If after a day or two it's not declining or getting slowly worse, get thee to a doctor! They may scrape it and test to see what's causing it. He or she may also give you a topical cream to try and reduce any inflammation. Do you have any other symptoms? Cough, chest pain, fever, generally feeling ooky?
Avatar f tn Do any of you have problems with very delicate/sensitive skin? My son (16) has skin that tears, cuts really easily. For example, yesterday he opened a soda bottle. It left little shallow cuts all along his index finger where he put the pressure on the lid, and the whole rest of his hand was red and sore. It sort of looked like he had had some major friction on his hands rather than the simple action of just opening a soda. This has been going on for a couple of months with him....any ideas?
Avatar n tn Disconnected, slow, no energy, feverish but no fever. Spent the whole day this way.On July 4th, I woke with one these episodes.
Avatar f tn Hi Steve here I'm 37 and for the past 6 months I get like I have a fever. Skin hot cold chills, exhaustion, weakness and achy. Been having a lot of tests done. I finally had an episode yesterday close to the va so I stopped in to see what was different. The only thing was my oxygen levels were at 94%. If you have another episode can you check that? Maybe we can figure it out. I get so damn tired but can't sleep. Sweat while sleeping and normal room temp is 55 deg.